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  1. Blimey, what a lovely surprise in this cold damp crappy winter...fond memories and best campaigns ever in Cliffs. Cheers Reddog, your brave...again mate.
  2. Actually love the Mossie and want to get this sim just to fly her, I didn't actually like her in Il2, thought she was really heavy and sluggish. This is totally opposite to what I thought she'd fly like. I like the Osprey books and have them for the Spitfires, recommend any for the Mossie, Dave?
  3. Very nice, thanks for all the effort. Will add a nice touch of realism to the aeroplanes.
  4. Sounds really promising, thanks Jason. S!
  5. Dear Jason, please don't focus on the one negative comment when the rest of us, like you i'm sure, are so hopefully of more online campaigns. I'd rather hear more of your thought on your wish list for online campaign. (I was an old 777 member for a short while back in the day, pre 2002, if it was the same 777 US squad, the hay day of simming, that you're bringing on back)
  6. Anyone who remembers Hyperlobby and the online wars like Bellum, SEOW and CLOD's Storm of War, will know that having online campaigns is massive for this sim. I've found everything can flow from a campaign, Squadrons are built, new pilots join, training is planned, medals won and stories remembered - its what we're crying out for.
  7. This is what I do especially flying offline. I thought the "I" button which shows your plane on the map is server controller and so isn't usually enabled online. The Hud kills frames. Interestingly I find it does take up the majority of the screen for me and I can't navigate by looking out the window and having to keep flicking between the map. I wish they made the O map size adjustable and movable so you could have it as a Knee board type map. A small change but would add a lot to the VR missions imho.
  8. I like new and the old, both represent a different winter's day. The new is a beautiful day and the old version looks like the snow is in the air and reducing visibility. Having changeable weather would be an amazing feature and after the rain effects vid, I'm hoping this might be coming in some form and add another massive level of immersion. The dogfight was hard but trying to nav back in a snow storm and land in the crosswind might just kill you.
  9. Totally agree and I requested this as part of having a configurable hud thread in the Dev forum. Having a tick box to show the current mini map in expert settings when you display the Hud seem the simplest? A server admin can enable or disable this feature then. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/31261-discussion-how-improve-hud/
  10. That's how I understood it going from the above guide. I have AVX at 0, so no offset. Following the guide I went with adaptive vcore as recommended. I have to test to see if this does drop down when not playing. I've dropped down to 2.0 SS in steamVR (supersampling ticked) il2 -high, 4xaa, sharpen, 4x landscape, distant, normal grass, 1 gamma and now medium on shadows as I noticed as I going past the planes, geting a slight stutter on High shadow. I'm finding the controls very responsive and game smooth now. I did wonder if the skin of the f4 was a 4K one from one of my campaigns but I couldn't find it.
  11. It you choose normal settings you can see the mini map when the HUD is displayed. You can go into the hud settings and choose a couple of options of how big you want this map or turn it off. You can then press I to see your plane on the mini hud map and the main large map. ( this is the only map you can see in expert settings) Currently on Expert, you can display the compass from the hud but hopefully the devs will add the mini hud map as an option especially for the VR pilots who can't use a kneeboard or second monitor for the large map. I've asked.
  12. In expert settings servers, compass is available. Would it be possible to add an option to enable the minimap especially for VR users? Thanks.
  13. You can overclock your Ram but I went the easier XMP configured route as I've OC'ed the CPU and it would be another thing I'll have to worry about crashing the system. Usually its about changing timings and increasing the voltage and more testing. As you have 3200mhz I'd be tempted to leave it and maybe tweak the GPU with MSI afterburner if needed. I'm pushing another 50 on core and 300 on mem without adding any more volts (power 125%) and this is pretty conservative reading the forums.
  14. Thanks alot, its something a few of us in my Squad have been battling with in VR. Wish we could resize the ingame map.
  15. Can you interact with the map in game, moving it along as you fly with a mouse or do you choose a section of the map you are going to fly in and set that?
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