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  1. makes sense thanks for the reply. its to bad that 4 engine aircraft cant be supported though. :/ Keep reading the ref there is more about the B-17s in the operation there talks about the B-24s as well. either way it doesn't matter. They cant support 4 engine aircraft anyway
  2. B-17's were extensively used by the 8th AF during WWII and they crossed the channel to bomb the Germans and toward the end of the war the 8th AF had even launched attacks on Berlin itself. I just find it surprising that such an iconic aircraft much like the P-51 wouldn't be included. The B-17 could take a hell of a pounding and still make it back home. The 8th AF and the RAF played a huge role in the crippling of German infrastructure and their air power and between the night raids of the RAF and the day bombings of the US bombers they turned the tide of war. https://en.wikipedia.org/w
  3. found a better version 368.81 was found to work better for me then 372.90
  4. installed an earlier driver version 372.90 and ive yet to have an issue. if you have the 780 and are having problems start there and see if it solves your game crash issues. post here and let me know if it worked out for you.
  5. im also on the 780. Do you know of a fix or is it one of those hurry up and wait situations for a new driver update.
  6. Reinstalled game and DX11 still no good.
  7. Is anyone else having a game crash issue with the error message displayed being "DXBufferMan11::ib(..)DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED" just recently bought the game and for what little time ive been able to play it no more than 30 mins before crash though sometimes crashes the second I get into the campaign Stalingrad part 1. The shortest time played til crash was I hit P to unpause and the game crashed to desktop right there another time I was shooting at a Yak1 and the game crashed right before the rounds hit. That's been the extent of what ive played so far. Any help tips or tips would be greatly
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