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  1. I am of course excited about any new theater, or development, but I am also disappointed were not headed to the Pacific, or the CBI, since this means were likely not going to go there for another couple years...
  2. O- WoW that's looks interesting... Have u built with it yet ?
  3. I don’t frequent this forum, there is a lot of negative fead back at times, and I only check in to see what’s new from time to time so for me it’s new...
  4. Hmm, I would of course prefer the Pacific, but I am indifferent about it having aircraft carriers, New Gunie for instance and the Buka, Buna, Port Morsbey area would provide for a wealth of potential aircraft match ups or Burma, and given them a foot hold from which they could then add aircraft carriers and maps to support there operations on later. I think Normandy is to close to what bodenate offers or that it could be made to include with add on aircraft and that swings both ways, they could easily creat exotic add on planes like a Me 163 or Ar 234 for the map. If it neaded to be the west, BoF would be very appealing to me. Or anything involving Africa the earlier (40) the better imo
  5. I assume there are the usual rumblings and Rumors about what's coming next... ?
  6. Turet Controls, Ya I cant for the life of me see where I can assignee a device to control the turret movement, to lay the gun... ?
  7. BRADYS555


    I think we’re ignoring the Italian in the room, I love it though, it’s one of my favorites and I am very glad they added it, but there were only ever like two of them in Russia, the SBD is no 202, but I always assumed they did the 202 instead of the 200 because they were going to do a med match up they wanted it for in the future
  8. BRADYS555


    ‘In April 1945 each SBD-5 averaged three missions a day in the European theater.’ Referring to the French squadrons operating them, A24- is just the Army designation for SBD
  9. BRADYS555


    I think obviously it really depends on your point of view, personally for me the Pacific is simply code for something with Japan in it, and anything that involves building aircraft carriers and ships seems like a tremendous undertaking in and of its self, but I think it gets to the mindset of the average player or what they think the average consumer of their product is wanting, my guess is probably aircraft carriers, personally while I am interested in those things, I would like to see us get there sooner rather than later, and there are a lot of places where the allies fought the Japanese that had nothing to do with aircraft carriers, Burma I have over sold above, but New Gunie would be another way to go, or China, the solomons, DEI, lots of options some easer to build certainly than others but it’s the market analysis part investment versus reward...
  10. BRADYS555


    They already have, depending on what future map your fantasying about, Flying Tigers in Burma, we have The P40 but it’s not the H81, if they did the SBD now it would be the A24, not the SBD - (pick a model and a time frame), we have the P47D 28 , but for Okinawa it would be the N, there are many other examples, I think we can have our cake and eat it to, I would be surprised if they did the A24 now’ish, but thinking about it is fun
  11. BRADYS555


    That's not lost on me, but when we hear about the pacific it so far out largely because of the huge work load, the idea with the SBD, like a lot of the other extant planes that are transferable to the pacific, if not the current model a derivative, the H81 for example, it will just lighten there load when it comes to getting around to the Pacific, even if they go Japanese on the Cheep, and do a Burma map, at least at first, there are a lot of dual use types that can be done and used on current maps that they can make money on in the mean time
  12. Technical Japanese Translation Help, The Subject of Technical Japanese came up on the Axis History forum, and Akira Takizawa (Author/Historian) recommended this institution as a place to go for assistance on the subject of getting help with translations of Technical Japanese, they have apparently quiet an extensive data base at there disposal both in house and out: https://yamato-museum.com/eng/
  13. BRADYS555


    The SBD operated over Europe for a long time, all the way up till the end of the fighting in May of 45, the US Navy used them as you say above and the French used them as well, they were operating south of the Bodenplate map: F4F's also operated in NA, briefly, by the FAA from land bases in Egypt.
  14. It’s interesting that they’re going to rebuild the original engines and use them to fly it with, I wonder how many hours they expect to get out of them, using presumably contemporary materials one might think quite a lot, the cost of it though, wow, would really be something to see though
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