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  1. Thanks for the responses guys. Looks like Tangmere Pilots is a minority then. A pity really, as great fun can be had in coops
  2. Hi all, Just having a browse round the squadron forums, which don't have as much activity as I would imagine to be honest, I guess everyone is very well established πŸ˜€ I have a question though, do any of you squadrons out there do campaigns using missions designed and built in the squadron with your own host, or are you all pretty much carrying out your squad activities on public servers? Looking forward to some responses on this as it is something I am quite interested in at the moment. πŸ‘
  3. Good description of the mission Sparky 😁 I had a similar result to you, but did manage to make it to the emergency airfield gliding and land dead stick as I had just enough height to do it. A real sense of satisfaction when you manage to get to a safe base and land the aircraft intact and in one piece - even without an engine 😱
  4. Girlie swots? That can only be one person fro way back when. πŸ˜‰
  5. Yes, PWCG is what I have used in the past - and it is fantastic Thanks everyone - at least I now know I am not going mad, and I have found all there is to see as regards my virtual pilot's career
  6. Hi Sensei, thanks for the response. I am aware of the awards and where you can see these and the dates they were awarded. My primary question is about the promotions in rank. I get a notification after a mission completion if I have been promoted, and from that mission my rank is updated if I select it - but I cannot see a record anywhere of the dates I received promotions through the campaign - in a similar fashion to the way you can see a history of your awards. I was just wondering if there is a history of promotions as well and I am missing it - but to me it looks like their isn't, sadly
  7. Hi all, I suspect I know the answer to this, but thought I would ask as many of you are more knowledgeable about the game than I am I am really enjoying Career mode offline now and then at the moment, my question is - the game does not seem to keep a log/history of your career - so for example, I cannot check back on the history of my promotions or awards during the campaign - they appear obviously, and I can see my new rank, and the medals I have been awarded, but there doesnt seem to be anywhere where I can see the progress and check the dates of when I was promoted, when I was awarded each medal and so on. I assume that is because this isn't there and there is nowhere I can see this - or am I completely missing something that is obvious?
  8. You are joking surely? It is in the first post in this very thread. . . . .
  9. That is a little scary - and a little creepy that you have done that much watching of these guys today
  10. I have to admit, I am sitting here at work hitting F5 every few minutes - and it suddenly hit me, that I have not done this for a very long time. Obviously I must be looking forward to something - whatever it happens to be
  11. I keep getting it - and the wife thinks it is hilarious, she is often laughing at me when she sees me after a flying session
  12. Not to worry Halon, welcome to Tangmere, sadly I have not yet had any interaction with you as yet apart from e-mail due to the Christmas break, but I shall enjoy getting to meet and fly with you over the next few weeks. Thanks for the recommendation, Tangmere Pilots is definitely a great group, having been with them for over 14 years now, they feel like family
  13. Not much good for PC cooling either We used to do quite a bit of PVP type ops in IL2 - so I am sure most of the guys would be up for something organised in BOS. We may have a hard time persuading Tom that he isn't allowed to fly LW though
  14. Thanks Emil. Hopefully see some of the BOS community join us tonight, we usually have a blast on Fridays
  15. Well worth joining us to check these missions out guys and girls. Our mission designers really are top notch, and so far all of us are absolutely loving this campaign and the atmosphere and immersion they are managing to create. Have a go - what have you got to lose?
  16. Hi All, This is not a major issue as the game seems to run for me ok - however, It would be great to be able to sort it out once and for all and have everything work properly. Brief description: Error appears whenever closing game from main game menu. Detailed Description/Conditions: Every single time I end a mission and choose to "Exit Game" from the main game screen the game crashes, windows searches for a solution and finally displays this message. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Error screenshot. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows is 64 bit.
  17. Take the time to check out the whole site - I assure you it is all equally as stunning as the first page
  18. Praetor, we have been flying as RAF for many years - to break things up again and keep CLOD fresh after a few months of Battle of Britain, we are now flying a Battle of France Campaign as Axis as many of us fancied a break from Spits and Hurris all the time The honest answer to your question is - we haven't quite decided how we will move forward with the BOS release, we have decided 100% that we will move to BOS, the discussion of what to fly will come towards the end of our current campaign. These discussions are always had among Top Brass (Commanding Officers) of the group, options are then agreed and put forward to the Tangmere Pilots as a whole, usually via a poll. This helps us ensure that we are always moving in the direction that our members want to move in. Sorry I can't be more specific. I have been a member of TP of nearly 13 years now, it is a fantastic group of fantastic people, we have fantastic skinners, expert mission designers, some of who have been involved in providing aircraft models, campaigns and other things for IL2, CLOD and ROF, whatever we fly I can guarantee our campaigns will be second to none and any who join us will have a fantastic time.
  19. Hey all, Can't seem to find anyone else with this issue. I am running TS3, and it is set to push to talk. I have been having weird comms issues tonight, where my Teamspeak suddenly switches itself to permanently broadcast - as if it was voice activated. This only happens when I spawn in BOS.... I am push to talk only when I start the game, on the map selecting an airfield, as soon as I spawn on runway and use ptt it seems to "stick" and stay on permanently broadcasting. Very strange. Anyone have any ideas? I have already checked for key conflicts, none seem to exist in game - i.e. that my PTT key is not also set to something in game.
  20. Unbelieveable hours being put in here to get this to us as promised. Thank you for the effort
  21. Yes, we have a load of chaps who have pre-ordered, click on my signature to visit our site and see if we are what you are looking for. S!
  22. Well lets hope that the numbers keep going up and those of us that pre-ordered get to play with the alpha/beta soon :0)
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