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  1. Good description of the mission Sparky 😁 I had a similar result to you, but did manage to make it to the emergency airfield gliding and land dead stick as I had just enough height to do it. A real sense of satisfaction when you manage to get to a safe base and land the aircraft intact and in one piece - even without an engine 😱
  2. Yes, PWCG is what I have used in the past - and it is fantastic Thanks everyone - at least I now know I am not going mad, and I have found all there is to see as regards my virtual pilot's career
  3. Hi Sensei, thanks for the response. I am aware of the awards and where you can see these and the dates they were awarded. My primary question is about the promotions in rank. I get a notification after a mission completion if I have been promoted, and from that mission my rank is updated if I select it - but I cannot see a record anywhere of the dates I received promotions through the campaign - in a similar fashion to the way you can see a history of your awards. I was just wondering if there is a history of promotions as well and I am missing it - but to me it looks like their isn't, sadly
  4. Hi all, I suspect I know the answer to this, but thought I would ask as many of you are more knowledgeable about the game than I am I am really enjoying Career mode offline now and then at the moment, my question is - the game does not seem to keep a log/history of your career - so for example, I cannot check back on the history of my promotions or awards during the campaign - they appear obviously, and I can see my new rank, and the medals I have been awarded, but there doesnt seem to be anywhere where I can see the progress and check the dates of when I was promoted, when I was awarded each medal and so on. I assume that is because this isn't there and there is nowhere I can see this - or am I completely missing something that is obvious?
  5. You are joking surely? It is in the first post in this very thread. . . . .
  6. That is a little scary - and a little creepy that you have done that much watching of these guys today
  7. I have to admit, I am sitting here at work hitting F5 every few minutes - and it suddenly hit me, that I have not done this for a very long time. Obviously I must be looking forward to something - whatever it happens to be
  8. I keep getting it - and the wife thinks it is hilarious, she is often laughing at me when she sees me after a flying session
  9. Not to worry Halon, welcome to Tangmere, sadly I have not yet had any interaction with you as yet apart from e-mail due to the Christmas break, but I shall enjoy getting to meet and fly with you over the next few weeks. Thanks for the recommendation, Tangmere Pilots is definitely a great group, having been with them for over 14 years now, they feel like family
  10. Not much good for PC cooling either We used to do quite a bit of PVP type ops in IL2 - so I am sure most of the guys would be up for something organised in BOS. We may have a hard time persuading Tom that he isn't allowed to fly LW though
  11. Thanks Emil. Hopefully see some of the BOS community join us tonight, we usually have a blast on Fridays
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