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  1. Thank you much for the update and the free campaign,much appreciated,im in the Radeon bunch,lol so I'm having a few problems but nothing major,i was playing with that little plane i like the l16 i believe, i was just using it for testing,in the screen when the game starts and it shows the plane you used last, there was some flickering on the plane,not bad but there, i flew a mission where i started in the air and landed, when i landed i had these black squares around my plane,not big squares but they were there,obviously glitches of some kind. Game starts with no problems,i also played a little bit of that lighting campaign, thats gonna be fun (thanks again), while landing the little l16 the plane was shaking,not a glitch but really shaking, that was awesome,is that parts of the new patch? like a realism thing, its been awhile since i played with that little plane so i wasn't sure if it does that normally but i seem to remember it didn't before. I hate to add this here but i figured since i was already here, what causes bullets to hit the ground and bounce up kinda like a shotgun effect? Ive had this issue for months and i was wondering what it was,i have a feeling its a "Radeon thing", something when strafing and the bullets hit the ground they bounce up like a million sparklers, i dont think bullets are supposed to do that, its late now where i live but ill see whats happening tomorrow and what little things i might need to tweak,goodnight.
  2. 1. Your videocard model. Radeon 580 nitro 2. Your driver version. 26.20.15029.20013 3. Have you artefacts like on attached screenshots or not (answer "No, I haven't these glitches" - is very important to know too!). Yes. 4. Does FXAA to MSAA swithcing solving this issue for you completely? Havent tried tweaking anything. 5. Does driver settings reset to Factory settings with choosing default GAME profile after that helps? Haven't tried, my issues are kinda minor,will wait for maybe a fix,have some black squares around the plane when landing. 6. If you're using some kind of graphics mods (migoto, re-shade or something) does turning them off helps you? Not using any.
  3. Thank you very much for the codes,at my work we have some new guys that are not eligible for vacation time yet so us old hands are staying home for a bit due to the virus and letting them work so they wont lose money ,I'm a homebody so I'm having a blast being home, thanks again for the codes, much appreciated,hope everyone is ok and being safe, take care.
  4. You guys have great advice,i really appreciate it,eventually it will come to me but its nice to get other peoples input that have the same interest as me and like i said previously there is so much stuff in the market is get a little crazy even for me,lol
  5. Man when it comes to video cards they sure make a lot of models of them,i'm aware of this as Ive been gaming computers for 20 years but it never ceases to amaze me, the B and C and D and L and superduper and ultra ultra and extra extra extra, ha ha ha,crazy, they need to make 3 models,decent , good and extra good and make it simple. That 1660 super looks pretty nice, i thought i had a good size monitor but that one you have would dwarf mine. Lets say for the heck of it i wanted to buy a card right now that wasn't super expensive just to get my game running a little better, that 1660 super 6gb would fix me up till i decided to build a new rig? my game runs good right now but like i i said my FPS are not the greatest and i have a few stutters here and there but nothing gamebreaking
  6. Thank you guys for your input, means a lot to me,i think my next card will be a nvidia,seems to me every time i hear something related to hardware on this forum thats the first name that pops out so that must be for a reason and its good to change sometimes to something different just for the heck of it,I'm not buying a new car so if it doesn't work out and i'm not happy i can always go back to Radeon, no big loss, ill keep my eyes open and do a little more research and see what i come up with, thank you. I hear you also jaws on that corona virus,its really affecting everyone, i dont have Corona (thank god) but there are also satellite viruses that have been going on here recently,we had 10 people out at our work and we only employ 33,lol, i myself was sick for 3 weeks and I'm just now getting better and 2 of our guys were in the hospital with strep and the flu,just crazy. Sea wolf, is 1080p 1920x1080? thats the resolution my monitor has or what i play at, wasn't sure if thats what you were asking?
  7. Hey guys,hope everyone is doing good,been playing the sim since virtually it came out,i play single player,my game runs pretty good,i have most of all the updates including bodenplatte,had a issue recently with FPS and i solved it for the most part,i think my card is just getting old and slowly on its way out and or cant just keep up with the newer things in the game, i was interested in buying a new card,my computer is slightly old but nothing from 1999,lol, i am wanting to buy a card that i can use long term when i decide to buy or build a new PC sometime maybe next year, i can just include it in my new build,done that before many times. I also wanted to throw my specs out there and see what you guys think......."so so,terrible,get rid of that right now, not too bad" etc but i am mainly interested on advice for a new card, my budget is around 250/ 300 dollars but preferably low 200s, at the present this is what i have... AMD FX 8320 EIGHT CORE PROCESSOR 3.50 GHZ 16 GIGS,64 BIT WINDOWS 10 and my card is a AMD Radeon R7 200 series, I'm more of a Radeon guy but i am willing to try something new, i play the game every so often,maybe a few hours a week, i dont overclock my cards, basically any hardware on my computer lives a very sheltered life, i always monitor my temperatures,i keep my case clean and all that jazz, thank you for any input.
  8. I dont post here very much and i dont play the game constantly although i have been a IL2 faithful customer since the day it came out many years ago,purchased Boden last night, man i loove it,thank you so much for a beautiful game,love that glistening aluminum on the P47 and the 51, although i have always favored German planes the most, i can tell ill be spending a lot of time with the Mustang,man that plane handles like its on rails and love how the machine guns sound like a industrial shredder. love the 262 also,that plane sure can pull and i can see why Galland made that quote and the 47 T has also been one of my most favorite planes ever and getting the chance to fly it today was ecstasy, thanks again,also very happy with the flaps and landing gear noises,Ive never been a big fan before of those sounds in the game overall but with Bodenplatte everything sounds great, i just felt like in previous versions they were too quiet (jmho), again very happy and thank you much!! (Meant to say the new planes sound great and not Bodenplatte )
  9. Hey PuPo, i bought a computer at best buy last year, with Windows 10 (not a big fan of the 10 but thats another story) i paid 600 dollars for it, came with a gigabyte motherboard,16 gigs of DDR3 memory, i had a R7 200 series card laying around and i installed a 700w corsair PS and it runs the game with no problems whatsoever however i dont play online so not sure how it would do with 4 million people on the screen. Cant remember what the processor is but probably something that came out in the last 2 years or so, even with this massive update that just came out once in a blue moon it will stutter a bit but its so minor its hardly noticeable, i know this doesn't help you but just wanted to throw this out there since some people think you have to spend 5 thousand dollars on a computer to play this game when you really dont,i also Don't play the game very often so i understand what you mean about going too much over budget about something you really wont be messing with too much. BTW, this new update is incredible,reminds me of buying a super expensive and complicated cellphone that has so many features you probably wont use them all in the phones lifetime,very intimidating to me,lol, but i am very appreciative of what the team did, its super nice and a labor of love for sure!!!
  10. Thank you Jason,you guys worked hard on this,very grateful,thanks!!
  11. Lord lord, I cant wait! thank you so much.
  12. Incredible!! i know some folks where thinking along the lines of the Pacific campaign,i for one am super excited about the 3 new scenarios,after being a WW2 historian for 25 years of the European conflict you can get a good idea where my loyalty resides,thank you so much for these 3 new exciting campaigns specially Bodenplatte ,definitely a forgotten historical episode of a major aerial battle between the allies and the Luftwaffe in some of their last desperate hours, couldn't even imagine how much fun this will be in a video game,if you like action this will definitely give you a run for your money,again thank you!!
  13. Hey Jade,i saw a video of those VKB pedals on YouTube and the guy mentioned they didn't have toe brakes, what is up with that? do they have something comparable to toe brakes? i was just curious.
  14. Yeah i watched some videos on them and it looks like a really good company,i think the main reason why i want the pedals is because in this game specially taking off without them in certain planes has given me a lot of headaches,in the old Sturmovik (1946) you could almost do without them because the mechanics of the game were not that precise,my father,my uncle,my brother and my brother in law are all pilots so i grew up around airplanes and they are always giving me hell about not using rudder pedals lol
  15. Well you guys twisted my arm,lol,the MFG's have been ordered.
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