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  1. Hey PuPo, i bought a computer at best buy last year, with Windows 10 (not a big fan of the 10 but thats another story) i paid 600 dollars for it, came with a gigabyte motherboard,16 gigs of DDR3 memory, i had a R7 200 series card laying around and i installed a 700w corsair PS and it runs the game with no problems whatsoever however i dont play online so not sure how it would do with 4 million people on the screen. Cant remember what the processor is but probably something that came out in the last 2 years or so, even with this massive update that just came out once in a blue moon it will stutter a bit but its so minor its hardly noticeable, i know this doesn't help you but just wanted to throw this out there since some people think you have to spend 5 thousand dollars on a computer to play this game when you really dont,i also Don't play the game very often so i understand what you mean about going too much over budget about something you really wont be messing with too much. BTW, this new update is incredible,reminds me of buying a super expensive and complicated cellphone that has so many features you probably wont use them all in the phones lifetime,very intimidating to me,lol, but i am very appreciative of what the team did, its super nice and a labor of love for sure!!!
  2. Thank you Jason,you guys worked hard on this,very grateful,thanks!!
  3. Lord lord, I cant wait! thank you so much.
  4. Incredible!! i know some folks where thinking along the lines of the Pacific campaign,i for one am super excited about the 3 new scenarios,after being a WW2 historian for 25 years of the European conflict you can get a good idea where my loyalty resides,thank you so much for these 3 new exciting campaigns specially Bodenplatte ,definitely a forgotten historical episode of a major aerial battle between the allies and the Luftwaffe in some of their last desperate hours, couldn't even imagine how much fun this will be in a video game,if you like action this will definitely give you a run for your money,again thank you!!
  5. Hey Jade,i saw a video of those VKB pedals on YouTube and the guy mentioned they didn't have toe brakes, what is up with that? do they have something comparable to toe brakes? i was just curious.
  6. Yeah i watched some videos on them and it looks like a really good company,i think the main reason why i want the pedals is because in this game specially taking off without them in certain planes has given me a lot of headaches,in the old Sturmovik (1946) you could almost do without them because the mechanics of the game were not that precise,my father,my uncle,my brother and my brother in law are all pilots so i grew up around airplanes and they are always giving me hell about not using rudder pedals lol
  7. Well you guys twisted my arm,lol,the MFG's have been ordered.
  8. Well i think you guys convinced me,MFG's is whats gonna be more than likely,the budget was actually someone that was gonna a buy me some pedals for 160-180, ill just make up the difference and get the nice ones,after seeing some used ones that went on eBay for 480 dollars that convinced me right there.
  9. I might just have to breakdown and get them and if i find myself not needing them anymore i can sell them to one of you guys here that might need them,I'm very picky with things i own and i take extreme well care of anything i have.
  10. Yeah those MFG's look nice, the only thing i dont like beside the price is that waiting business,what is it normally, like a 3 month wait? they need to sell those things locally.
  11. Has anyone seen those Goflight pedals? those that are like army green with the little holes and are real big? whats the story with those? i noticed they are all metal and look like they came out of a tank or something like that,lol, are those any good?
  12. Thank you so much Sokol (and the rest of the guys) thats pretty good info,i might do those CH pro and have some money left over, like i said previously, if i was in some team and i was playing every single night and my flying reputation was on the line i would get some really hardcore super technical pedals like those MFG"s but I'm just looking to have a little fun with some pedals, i do have a feeling it will be a great experience after using a joystick for so many years i wont know what to do with myself,lol.
  13. Wow those are nice,if i spent a lot of time playing this game i would definitely consider them but i just dont,i have so many different hobbies flying is just about 10% of my time but when i do it i do enjoy it very much,how much are those things BTW? 400 dollars?
  14. Hey guys, hope everyone is doing good and getting ready to enjoy the weekend,update is finally here and its a 3 day weekend here in the states,couldn't be better, i had a question and i hope I'm posting it in the right place,Ive been playing Sturmovik since it came out and every incantation of the game,here lately Ive been thinking about getting some rudder pedals, are they worth it and what kind would you guys recommend? someone has offered to buy them for me and the budget is about 150-180, i can find all kinds of pricing in that range, right now i have a Logitech joystick Ive had forever and it suits my needs and i use the stick as a rudder (the twist) but Ive been kinda wondering if I'm missing out,i dont play online or competitively so its just for me to goof around,thank you for anyone's input, i appreciate it!!
  15. Han, thank you so much for the 129 and the maps, the maps are killer,super happy, the 129 is probably my favorite plane ever, i tried to enclose a picture but its not working for me,somehow when i press "attach this file" it turns it into a download on my post,weird.
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