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  1. Quorum is the ability to not play cards without resistance. Players can destroy everything, but if there is no quorum, then this will not affect the situation at the front. Of course, I remember cases with an artificial quorum, but here it will not work. If a player wants to play, he will play; if not, then he will not. It always has been.
  2. Why don't admins want to do it like it was on ADW? We need Quorum!
  3. I-16 is stronger than Emil! Do you want to make it even stronger?
  4. And why not add F4?why no F4? G4 and G2 can not cope with Yak-1 and Yak-1B. Reds have complete superiority in maneuver without F4.
  5. You are never wrong? Provide the facts of the constant mistakes of this pilot ?!
  6. 4 bombers can close 1 aerodrome in 1 hour. This has been demonstrated repeatedly in past wars. Why destroy the tanks if they self-destruct when they meet with the 3rd artillery? Or do you think it's so easy to destroy artillery flying 4-5 squares before it? Most blue pilots simply waste time in the empty. Especially those who fly Ju-52. Always bomb storags and airfields! On another blue not win, it is a long time known fact, Which was proven in past wars. If the blues fly unorganized, then nothing will help them!
  7. It's strange to see the desire of the blue team to destroy tanks, when it is not necessary at all. The blue team will be defeated on all maps until it starts destroying enemy airfields. Is it really difficult to understand that destroying nearby airfields, the enemy on the IL-2 will have to fly very far? Destroy airfields !!! You lose planes on columns! Blue planes are fragile, one hit is enough and the plane is disabled, which can not be said about IL-2 and Pe-2. Change your tactics or lose!
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