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  1. Very cool mod. One thing I noticed which maybe people should be aware of is that it also generates random water plums and explosions out in the seas too which when there isn't any naval activity nearby can look a little odd. Still, this is a minor issue and the overall effect of this mod is greater immersion and a sense that we are flying over live battlefields instead of sterile landscapes. Madmatt
  2. Great Mod! I have wanted something like this all the back since Rise of Flight! Well done! Madmatt
  3. Hey Pat, very minor issue here with latest (5.0.2) version but on some screens with lots of text, often I am seeing the text partially obscured by the section heading following it. This occurs, in both fullscreen and windowed mode and regardless if I have my windows toolbar at the bottom displayed or hidden. Sometimes when I switch from fullscreen to windowed mode, the previously obscured text is actually completely hidden. This means there could be entries that are impossible to click. See below for sample picture. I am running in 1920x1080 display. Notice both Fighter and Bomb Squadrons have an entry which is cut-off at the bottom of their respective lists. Hope this helps! Madmatt
  4. Yes, according to the mods creator:
  5. Madmatt

    [MOD] Icons

    Great mod! I did however notice that when used with the Fokker Dr.I, often you will see three dots instead of one. Here is a quick pic showing this off. Sometimes they are all in a row above the plane, sometimes (as in this pic) they are in a triangle shape and other times it looks like one is above it with the other two dots just beyond the planes wingtips. You know what? I see what it is. It's not that its showing three dots for all DR.I's, its showing three dots now for any "bracketed" plane. By default I think the game highlights those priority/waypointed targets with brackets. Your mod seems to have modified that behavior so you just get three dots now. Sorry for the false alarm. Madmatt
  6. Now that's interesting that you say that because I actually thought they were and in fact I found that I could track enemy planes that were out of my field of view by the sounds of their engines. The speakers and positional audio of the Oculus made that really engaging.
  7. Just a quick post to say that I tested out VR in the just released Early Access version of Flying Circus and one word sums it up... WOW, COOL, AMAZING, BREATH TAKING, THRILLING, IT'S WHAT I HAD HOPED FOR AND MORE! But don't take my word(s) for it, check it out. Sure, you only get two planes for the moment and you have to fly on an borrowed map, and some of the damage effects look to still be showing the ones for bullets hitting metal, but so what!?! I love it! And let me say one thing about checking your six in VR... IT'S HARD! Thank god I have a swivel desk chair and even then it's still not simple to do. I loved Rise of Flight, I can tell already that I will love Flying Circus even more. Kudos to Jason and the teams that are working on this. You guys done good! Madmatt
  8. That's a good point. I have seen some anecdotal references posted online to it working that I read on reddit and github but no hard details of how well. Madmatt
  9. chiliwili69, Because of the other VR games I do play, i would want the controllers and 2 base stations so I can do Room Scale. I also have a pretty extensive Oculus Library full of games that I would need to use the 3rd party app ReVive in order to play. That's a slight concern of mine as well. Madmatt
  10. Newegg still has them in stock but not the starter kit which I would need. Damn...decisions decision... My better (smarter) half already said I could get it if I wanted.... Of course that simply means she will take the value of whatever it is I get and demand I get her something twice as expensive next month.... Madmatt
  11. All, In a moment of irrational consumerism I was going to bite the bullet and order one myself today as well but both Vive.com and BestBuy are showing them out of stock and backorderd. Hopefully that's a good sign that they are selling well. I have a pretty extensive Oculus setup myself with 4 sensors, touch controllers, wireless gamepad, extended cables (both USB and HDMI with HDMI booster), wall mounts and even a second whole set of Oculus Touch Controllers new in box plus that dedicated 4 port USB 3.0 card sitting inside my gaming rig. If I do bite the bullet and pick up a Vive Pro, I wonder how much I could sell all of that for.... Madmatt
  12. No, that's not what they are asking about. There is a reported issue that seems to occur with the Windows Mixed Reality Headsets like the Samsung Odyssey which causes an issue in-game so that the cockpit appears to be mis-proportioned in all planes. It does not occur with the Rift or Vive and if everything seems to be the proper scale with your headset then that would indicate that it doesn't occur with the Vive Pro either which is good news for many people that have been considering the upgrade. You can read about the issue with the Samsung Odyssey here, some people were worried that the same issue might occur with the Vive Pro due to it having the same native resolution as the Odyssey.
  13. There is still a checkmark for you to continue to use "manual" SS settings and ignore what SteamVR thinks your rig can handle. Madmatt
  14. Oh I see. It has changed indeed. The Applications tab has been added where in the past the setting was purely found under the Video tab and was more of a global preset. That is handy, although I still prefer using Oculus Tray Tools more streamlined approach to setting specific Super Sampling and ASW settings for each program. OTT also seems to have the advantage for those of us with Rifts in that it will show all VR apps, regardless if they are specific to SteamVR or Oculus Home. Madmatt
  15. VR-SLI is only supported in a small number of games at the moment (Project Cars, Duke Nuke'um, a few others) although it was originally announced by Nvidia 2 years ago. The adoption rate has been so low because application developers have to implement the Nvidia API within their code. At present, few developers have invested the time to learn and implement the VRWorks SLI API. Madmatt
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