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  1. This is something so many people need to learn - degrees don't matter if the argument is reasoned and supported.
  2. https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/8056-обсуждение-версии-3009-у-2вс-крепость-на-волге-бостоны-над-кубанью/?do=findComment&comment=658820 Online translator gives this:
  3. make PO2 into an AWAC aicraft with 3km radar range
  4. I missed the start of the map. Was the AA really down only for the soviet airfields? Big if true!
  5. Wow. Surprising how the front 20mm gunner was not able to bring you down while you were parking your pe2 ahead of him! HE111 gunners really are terrible.
  6. It is an interesting consideration that while indeed we are not aware of how many 3-5 hit B17s made it home, what we are aware of is that the number of B17 downed with more than 3-5 hits would be fewer. I am not in the position to run proper stats on this, but I'm convinced that we could compute a relation between the estimate of the side that only considers shot down planes and a side that only considers live aircraft RTB with damage.
  7. https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/8007-какая-dm-нравится-больше-до-3008-или-после/ I wish our community also got something like this. It is interesting to go through the russian forum with google translate once in a while. A lot more communication from the developers.
  8. If I grasp it correctly what the OP tries to tell us is that the loss of lift in one wing is already modelled, but what is not modelled is that when you pull, thus increase angle of attack, the lift generated by the wing is going to drop even more so than normal. Imagine you are flying damaged p47 and need to apply right stick to correct for the fact that your left wing is damaged. Now if you were to pull up the left wing will fly normally as you are correcting for it, as per the OP paper what should happen is that your left wing would drop even though you are correcting for it, because it lost more lift due to you pulling up the aircraft.
  9. while researching the depot destruction I stumbled on this bf110-e2 sortie: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=33231&name=xJammer 4 kills and 2 of them are yak fighters. Downed pilots also have very respectable statistics. I did not think 110 could do this.
  10. I am thankful that in the new DM the angle of impact is now considered for calculation and AP is apparently no longer as effective as it used to be. Still requires more testing, but my initial guess was correct!
  11. Very tough this round on soviet side without the depots (is it intended for them to be destroyed from the mission start?). With some valiant effort we are holding the new damage model is helpful to take a few AAA hits on the IL2.
  12. Based on what I know * Aircraft consists of a collection of hitboxes that have health attributed to them * After certain number of hits the part "dies", in the case of wings the entire chunk of the wing detaches from the aircraft There was a lot of discussion about how AP is too good at dealing damage to the wings and causing them to come off, while logically you would think the AP round would make a nice pretty hole, unless it hits the wing spar. * AP rounds could theoretically "de-wing" aircraft if the AP round hits the wingspar. There is little other structural weakpoints that AP round could significantly damage * Current model does not provide a separate hitbox for the wingspar (am I correct?) Therefore I guess what we observe is the following: ==> As long as AP round hits the wing section anywhere and at any angle, it will deal damage attributed towards "de-winging" the aircraft. The side-effects that we then observe: * Number of hits required to de-wing is the same and independent of the orientation of the wing. ==> You are more likely to de-wing by firing at the wing "top-down" because it has greater area so AP round will hit somewhere and that will count towards "spar-damage". While in reality spar would have approximately the same profile from any angle of the wing So in general even if AP could de-wing an aircraft, because of the hitbox models (if I am correct) implementation the current situation is that you are more likely to dewing an aircraft if it is oriented in such a way that you have greater wing area visible to you - so higher chance to hit the wing. If this is indeed true even without changing hitbox models it would make sense to introduce some compensation to the AP rounds hitting wings by reducing the damage dealt based on the angle of the wing - if you hit the wing from the front leading edge, it may only take 1 shot. While if you are firing at the wing from the top/bottom you may need 20-30 "wing-hits" to score a "spar-hit"... I think what we have right now is something in the middle - AP rounds aren't too great at de-winging if you hit fair and square into the spar, but are too effective if you just shoot randomly into the wing, vertical to its surface.
  13. That reminds me of the old cheater videos we used to have when people also had unlimited bombs not just invulnerability. I wonder how many people are flying with icons secretly turned on...
  14. I found 100% fuel and lean mixture works wonders if you are coming from the back - you arrive at around 60-75% fuel and you don't need to land where you started so you get to use all of that fuel fighting. If you drop your speed a little you can even get there at 80% fuel easily
  15. Apparently not when it is pointing the front-mounted guns at you. However the rear gunner might as well just not exist if you compare it to Pe2 Can we instead get like rear-mounted mk108?
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