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  1. JaffaCake

    Why the Tiger

    Until we get a bullet-cam (like in WT) we will never know for sure if its just a quirk or a bug in the implementation. Same is true for all other tanks - I expect many more threads plagued with discussions such as these with people unable to determine if something is a bug or intention. And so people don't come here claiming that bullet-cam is unrealistic - I do not suggest that we should have the bullet cam during the game set to expert difficulty. However we should have it at the very least as an option during the replay, to determine exactly what happened and to be able to learn from it.
  2. JaffaCake

    HE-129 30mm cannon and fire group 1

    the 20mms have slower projectile speed than the mk103 cannon.
  3. JaffaCake

    Tried out soviet birds yesterday

    If only we had a server-wide setting so flying without a technochat did not feel like an intentional handicap you are handing out to your opponent for free.
  4. JaffaCake

    Tried out soviet birds yesterday

    Again I disagree on this point. Majority of the newbies do not have the discipline to properly execute BnZ tactics that 109 aircraft require to be victorious. The "newbie" thing is to get excited when you are on someone's 6 and keep turning with the target while trying to get the correct lead. Yaks are much better at doing this than 109s. Newbie flying a yak has much more potential than the same newbie flying 109. If newbie happens to have E advantage the yak will let him exploit it much more so than a 109 which simply locks up. You also do not have to concern yourself with the very slow stabiliser trim too. Yes soviet aircraft do require you to have more buttons mapped, but technochat does a good job letting you know which lever to pull when. 109s do not have as many buttons, but flying 109 correctly requires significantly more skill than a yak in an equivalent situation.
  5. JaffaCake

    Tried out soviet birds yesterday

    I still don't get this argument. How is it "less complex" to manage 109 engine when you have the hidden emergency timer and hidden combat power timer? It is as simple as engine suddenly blowing up on the newbie without any explanation of any kind. However if you take a yak, you can run it 100/100 100% of the time without any worry. Any time your mixture is wrong technochat tells you. Every time you are overheating - technochat tells you. The only hidden parameter is the supercharger gear which you need to click at basically fixed height. And forgetting the supercharger does not cause your engine to blow up either....
  6. JaffaCake

    Mk108 Damage model (Not accured)

    Sounds pretty bad modelling considering that we have video examples of mk108 taking an unloaded - non-flying - tail section from the aircraft. Needing more than 2 hits on a fighter aircraft to bring it down should be an outstanding exception.
  7. JaffaCake

    List of servers that involve GPS

    Suggest to use Coconut normal. Has a dynamic campaign and GPS for your liking. Significantly more fun than the likes of WOL/etc as what you do in the game actually impacts your next mission. But above all - learn to navigate! Servers like TAW offer some of the best community and experiences of the MP population out there.
  8. Thats server-specific and many people dislike discord due to the privacy issues. Official TS server is where I sometimes hang out with the reds, its good!
  9. JaffaCake


    As far as I understand it - the game is designed as client-trust and the attacker is the favoured for net-conflicts rather than the victim (which is reasonable, given the attacker has full view of target and expects his hits to hit, while the victim is likely looking over his shoulder and not very likely to see exactly that he was supposed or not to be hit - for majority of the cases, not all!). What you saw here was not really a cheat, but a de-sync. For some reason server did not force an update on all parties involved (which would result in a "lag-jump"). So in the 109's cockpit he was still on your tail, trying to chase you down and taking off your wing. Wonder what it looked like for your squaddies - desync may have happened on the 109's side and he got also shot up by invisible p40s on his tail!
  10. If it can fly well above its stall speed - it can also loop. If you are not there in for a perfect loop you can even keep the entire trajectory at under 2g. Even gliders can do aerobatics - don't need engines for it, just energy.
  11. JaffaCake

    Wings falling off

    Have you tried the UBS HMG? It rips wings off just as well...
  12. JaffaCake

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Why not just give an option for air spawn to either team? Vulching wouldn't be an issue then. (Set spawn altitude to 10-12km too to ensure there won't be a vulcher circling above). In seriousness though, I suggest to remove the vulching rule and just put the airfield flak on 10-15 second respawn time and superhuman accuracy. TAW didn't ban vulching and you hardly saw anyone vulch the airfields as flak would just take them apart, unless an entire squadron came and cleaned up the airfield which resulted in airfield being closed.
  13. JaffaCake

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    [edited] This "issue" have been solved already. Which part of my previous post you guys didn't get?? Use PMs...if you wish, as said before. Haash
  14. JaffaCake

    2080 TI ?

    Honestly it looks that it is better to buy second hand 1080ti than this generation of cards... TFLOPS alone it is at absolute best 20% improvement over the previous gen, vs. 50% of what we got a generation ago.
  15. JaffaCake

    Did aircraft fly without gunners?

    Parachute, flak jacket, ammo for the gun, the gun itself... I'd say that easily adds up to 120-170kg per gunner seat. That is extra 200l of fuel you can take... And pe2 has 2 gunners, which is basically a bomb equivalent. I did read before that IL2 gunner messed up the COM quite a bit too.