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  1. I just made skin packs in advance to use it sometimes in PWCG as in RoF. Any interest?
  2. That's what I meant, I think. I edited f.e. the file BoSData-Input-Skins-Configured-bf109f4.json, but the skins are only displayed as Loose-skin set, not as Squadron set.
  3. Have skins configured, but still are not displayed as Squadron skin set. Would like to see sets for AI-Squadrons as well.
  4. "... base on a distant secret island ..."🤔
  5. I have inserted own skins (like in RoF), but they are not displayed. { "skinSetType": "SKIN_CONFIGURED", "skins": { "SU_SG1-II_Stab1": { "skinName": "SU_SG1-II_Stab1", "planeType": "bf109e7", "startDate": "19410601", "endDate": "19430401", "squadId": 20142001, "country": "GERMANY", "category": "Configured", "definedInGame": false }, "SU_SG1-II-1_A": { "skinName": "SU_SG1-II-1_A", "planeType": "bf109e7", "startDate": "19410601", "endDate": "19430401", "squadId": 20142001, "country": "GERMANY", "category": "Configured", "definedInGame": false }, ...
  6. Well I´m one of the few who is doing a bit with BoS skins. Would like to see it work like in RoF.
  7. As offliner I would like to see some of them in AI-Planes.
  8. I'll try it out for sure.
  9. Although only offline-player, it sounds cool. But hope the development does not end at PWCG Offline (skins - ferry-flights - new mission types ...). Thanks for a great job.
  10. Are you planning to add the U-2? Merry Christmas!
  11. Okay, so I did some skinpacks, f.e. for the 109e7 and edit the skin-file. Should it work? bf109e7.txt
  12. So this is how it works. Thanks.
  13. Same here, after get wounded couldn´t generate next mission. Could we have a DD for PWCG? Are you planning to add skin features?
  14. The Squad-ID is for the 21 GC - name is for the 22 GC "squadronId": 20115021, "name": "22 Gruppo Caccia",
  15. In 5.0.4 skins didn´t appear as squadron skins. It worked for 5.0.3.
  16. Don´t know if it was mention already, Italian squadron does not appear in the intel report.
  17. Thanks a lot. One more thing: For JG51-I in Moscow map it is not possible to assign a skin to a BF-109 F2.
  18. Do I understand it right? It is not possible (yet) to add different skins for different AI planes like in RoF. I edit the skin file like below and got no results. Sorry for ask again. I made some skin packs for PWCG and would like to use them.
  19. I´m trying to add individual skins to other squadrons. Editing the squadron files a just get a generic skin for the whole one, no matter how many skins I add. Is there a way?
  20. Hello, I´m trying to add individual skins to enemy planes (f.e. Moscow , 11th IAP , I16) by adding these lines to "i16t24" file in the "configure" folder: { "skinSetType": "SKIN_CONFIGURED", "skins": { "SU_IAP495_1": { "skinName": "SU_IAP495_1", "planeType": "i16t24", "startDate": "19410601", "endDate": "19430301", "squadId": 10111495, "country": "RUSSIA", "category": "Configured", "definedInGame": false } } } Does it work this way? Thanks
  21. Great DD, but just hope to see individual skins and numbers in campaign.
  22. Need help, can´t move the turret. It could be cause I changed the setting. What is the definition for this key / mouse?
  23. Preorder everything. Perfect. The only thing I would like to know, are there plans to improve the campaign?
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