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  1. No offense. Was in ROF a great feature. Thank you again for this great tool. By the way, it seems that the new RoF are using the same skin templates as the old one.
  2. I've asked the same question, but difficult to get an answer. No idea why?
  3. Not sure if it was mentioned before, bombers acting like fighters (BOM - solo campaign).
  4. There is a static plane at the runway. No way to take off. Solo campaign, I./JG6 - GilzeRijen.
  5. Skins of specific Squadron do not appear in the selection.
  6. No access to campaign after pilot's death. PWCGErrorLog.txt
  7. Hy, after beeing killed in single campaign couldn´t not replace the pilot. Do I have to start again? Thanks for help. PWCGErrorLog.txt
  8. Can you give some info?
  9. Hello, had two Problems with I/ZG26 Campaign: 1st mission: Player is in the wrong squad, doing CAP. 2nd mission: Mission doesn´t start, freezing during loading. Thank you for your hard work, still enjoying PWCG a lot. PWCG - Missions.zip
  10. I just made skin packs in advance to use it sometimes in PWCG as in RoF. Any interest?
  11. That's what I meant, I think. I edited f.e. the file BoSData-Input-Skins-Configured-bf109f4.json, but the skins are only displayed as Loose-skin set, not as Squadron set.
  12. Have skins configured, but still are not displayed as Squadron skin set. Would like to see sets for AI-Squadrons as well.
  13. "... base on a distant secret island ..."🤔
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