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  1. Actually, he is on the runway, but he does not behave like that. I have created the zip. Kampagne-1202102172102615.zip
  2. Hello Pat, Have two comments on the mission (version 11.11.0) - Problems with the start of the flight leader. - Bombers immediately break formation and act as fighters. Could you please take a look at this. Not sure if you need the zip-file. Thanks and greetings PWCGErrorLog.txt
  3. In the Intelligence Report, all enemy squadrons are set to red and have not been active for several missions, although sufficient aircraft and pilots are still listed, usually always more than 10. Is there a value until when a squadron is still operational? And are there plans to add the new smoke columns? Greetings and a happy new year.
  4. It was not my intention to cause a lot of work. It was the idea to make something like a skin management, in which the user can assign his own skins, as it is already possible for the own squadron. But this is really only a marginal problem (you have to be very close to identify a skin). Thanks for the answer anyway.
  5. Hello Pat, do you think it would be possible to open the topic of skins again? As I understand it, PWCG only assigns skins to individual aircraft according to certain criteria.The others receive a generic skin. Would it be a big hassle to make it possible to assign skins to all aircraft. Especially since the Luftwaffe in particular had a strict numbering system. With all the attention to detail, it is annoying to come across e.g. yellow 4 several times. I think only with PWCG would something like this be possible, as the developers don't seem to put much emphasis on it. Thank you.
  6. Hello , Two questions about the skins in PWCG: - What does the line "definedInGame" do: false, or true do? - Which squad is defined with -1 or -2? I´m trying to bring more individual skins into the missions. Thank you
  7. Since the last update, the roads and railway tracks are above the ground in the Moscow map. Is this something PWCG can change?
  8. Is there a reason why the AI assignments couldn't be sticky as well?
  9. One thing in advance, PWCG is probably the reason why it is still fun to fly this simulation. So, no trace of criticism, but the wish, if it is allowed, to see some features sometime: 1. At the top of the list is the wish to not only assign skins to squadrons, but to assign different skins to all aircraft, not only to those of your own squadron. Of course you may ask yourself if this is necessary, since you have to get very close to see a different number on the aircraft. But it would be an extension to be able to do this. (By the way, this already existed in the old RoF) 2. transfer fl
  10. Okay, now I get it. Thought every pilot always got a skin, regardless of rank. Thank you for your patience.
  11. I make the assignment for my squadron myself. I understand that. The assignment for AI Squadron is in the skin files, right? Then if Al squadrons are active in the mission, each plane should have different skin. I haven't seen that yet, but I'll keep my eyes open. Remind me of the old RoF days, when every plane had its own skin.
  12. Apparently the entries of the "Squadron" file have priority over the "Skin" file. I don't see different skins in AI Squadron, only the one assigned in the squadron file. This is an excerpt from the mission file.
  13. Is there a way to fixed the height for the BoM map in PWCG and bring back the streets to ground?
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