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  1. Wow!! Thanks guys. I didn't realise tracking was so good will definitely try to buy it in the future. I liked to see the different input from people about vr and such. I don't think I could stretch to vr at the moment. Regarding vr,how do you use the keyboard whilst inside? Thanks,James. :D
  2. Hello I am considering purchasing a track ir 5 system and was wondering what people who already have one think. I play all sorts of sims, Arma 3, Il2, Asseto corsa and X-plane 11and quite frequently find myself in flight sims having trouble tracking aircraft using the hat stick, especially in the Dreaded snow. Thank you
  3. thanks mate for the reply i think i am just going for it. Only thing is i think im going for just the standard edition of bos to start with and build on that.
  4. Hello guys. I really want to buy Il2 battle of stalingrad but was thinking of perhaps waiting for a sale and buying 1946 until then. Ive got a thrustmaster t1600m i use for DCS. So should i buy battle of stalingrad for £60 now or buy 1946 and wait for a sale? Thanks, James
  5. Wow thanks guys for the replies!!! I have been seriously thinking about buying the new thrustmaster t.16000 hotas set as it is only £45 here in the uk. After that I will see if I want to get into it and perhaps buy racing rudder pedals as suggested or track ir. Trackir is a little too expensive for me at the moment. Anyway guys thanks for the replies
  6. Hello there guys. I've been looking to buy il2 Battle of Stalingrad for a while now after owning the original il2 for a number of years. My only problem is I used a mouse back in the day so I have no idea what to do in terms of joysticks. I was thinking of just buying a joystick then using the buttons on that and the keyboard for throttle, aileron and rudder adjustments also free look but then I saw HOTAS style things and wondered what should I do?
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