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  1. Just had a quick sortie on WoL - was super smooth for me. Clouds are looking great! And thanks for improving prop spinning in VR. I didn't focus on it much, but I can definitely see the improvement.
  2. I have it, but what keeps me away from it at the moment is HORRIBLE interface for setting up controls. I couldn't set up my view in this game. Il2 1946 is so much easier. As for the looks, modded 1946 looks better.
  3. https://il2sturmovik.com/store/collector-planes/ Funny or not, I don't see Yak-9s or Hurricane on that page, hopefully not for long.
  4. Thanks a lot, you're one of the best Dev teams in the world! Looking forward to fire up new Career in Rhineland.
  5. By the way, the pre-order of collector's planes hasn't opened yet.
  6. Having radio comms like in 1946 will be a huge improvement for this sim. Ideally we need even better.
  7. Hopefully this won't last long. Why sticking to 10 plane formula?
  8. That's a great list, I would also add Winter War North Africa Missing Eastern Front scenarios, starting with early 1941, then going further to 1945 Battle of Britain (in case you didn't include it in Western Europe Blitzkrieg) Western Europe extended with 1942-43 Channel operations, strategic bombing and 1944 Invasion. So that we could have WWII and pre WWII covered. Then, only then I would like to see Korea.
  9. As for me, I'm okay with FPS/TPS on a flat screen. I think movement could be a bit tedious with the controllers we have now. Unless it's something like this But, I only have space for my flight sim pit for now and I'm not sure that movement platform is affordable.
  10. Don't care if update today or not anymore. The RDR2 for PC is released today, so fun will be had regardless
  11. Or major overhaul of the existing one. This inability to support 4-engined aircraft or very large number of bombers has to be fixed. Otherwise it'll be same thing again and again with only change in decorations.
  12. I need all aircraft listed. I hope they will be added in the future.
  13. I actually remember opening the forums around 2 or 3pm PST and seeing new DD thread, so we have plenty of time (fingers crossed)
  14. If you think I'm against PTO here you're wrong.
  15. Wow, did it happen today? Is there a way to revert back to previous UI?
  16. Well, in that case here's a leaked footage
  17. While I somewhat agree that other areas need a bit of refinement, what's unrealistic about g forces and flight models?
  18. I hope there'll be at least couple of screenshots of new planes then, not just plain text.
  19. It would be awesome to have Battle of Britain on this engine. I'm not saying immediately after Bodenplatte, but maybe after Pacific and some other theater. It was one of the greatest air battles. So if IL-2 GB really means Great Battles then Battle of Britain is a must have within this title.
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