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  1. @sevenless I saw topic on sas1946 about combining both mods. If I combine them, can I run say BAT WAW module together with VP?
  2. Does BAT mod have the same level of graphics and sounds improvements as VP? I'm thinking of downloading it. BAT seems to have everything that VP has + many more
  3. Does BAT mod have the same level of graphics and sounds improvements as VP?
  4. Well, the difference may not be that obvious, especially between the two aircraft that don't exist in the game yet (hoping to see them both eventually). I might not know what I'm talking about, but as far as I understand, it's not as easy as "take He-111 FM, attach it to a B-25 3D model = voila, you got yourself a brand new plane!". That would probably involve some additional temporary solutions which would be ditched over time in order to be replaced with a proper one - I assume that no one would be ok with such band-aid being left as it is. I know that devs are planning to make B-25 non flyable at first, but I don't think that it means implementing a temporary simplified flight model. Again, the Il-2 1946 has all those planes and more, yet we're passionate about BoX. Isn't the advanced FM one of the major reasons why? Do we want BoX to have mid 00s level of simulation? As for the AI, the AI here does actually control the aircraft and has the same FM as the player. Yeah it's not perfect at this moment, but it has a great potential in the future.
  5. We definitely don't need planes without cockpits, planes with other plane's FM and all that. This simulator has high standards of aircraft modeling, it's not 1946 and it's not some arcade game. I would definitely love to see Li-2/C-47 and other planes, but modeled per BoX standards, even if it means that we have to wait longer.
  6. The GTX 1080 shouldn't be a bottleneck. Yesterday I've checked Steam VR and my supersampling was at 184%. That's why I didn't notice any improvements in performance. I've set it to 100% ran a quick mission in Kuban with 8 planes and it was pretty good. Then I've set supersampling at 160% - it's a sweet spot for me. The fps was around 70 with occasional drops to low 60s. But if you don't focus on the fps counter, it actually feels pretty smooth. I'd say it's as smooth as in 20012 version. That's enough for me to wait for better VR headsets and PC hardware.
  7. Well, I've delidded my 6700k, installed liquid cooling system, overclocked the CPU at 4.7 GHz. I've also overclocked my GPU using MSI Afterburner. Tried career with medium settings and haven't actually noticed any difference. Maybe it is the Afterburner that affects the performance and could be the reason I haven't noticed the difference. It's actually pretty smooth especially with ASW on. I'm sure there's a difference in FPS numbers but it's not quite noticeable with a naked eye. I guess the best strategy for an upgrade would be to wait for the real 2-gen VR devices to come out and then the next generation of CPUs and GPUs after that (and hopefully devs would optimize the game better in the meantime). Only then it would make sense to upgrade in terms of significant improvement.
  8. I would absolutely 100% buy it! If devs put a pre order on the website with release date around 2020+ I would buy it immediately. That's how much I want it, lol.
  9. @a_radek Yeah, I'm running stock frequency. I've set up the XMP profile in the BIOS so the RAM runs at full speed. As for the cooler I have NH-U14S. Do you think it would be enough for overclocking at 4.5?
  10. Yeah, I know that even with overclocked 8700k it won't be 100% ideal. So I guess I'll just squeeze the maximum out of my 6700k then. I'm in LA, it's too damn hot here in summer, so delidding and liquid cooling would make sense, just to be on the safe side.
  11. With 3.001 update I've noticed some performance decrease on my set up. Not that terrible, but I'd like it to be smoother. What would be the best option for an interim upgrade now given the fact that I'm thinking of a complete new build in about 1.5 years or when we get a new generation of VR devices with better resolution? I see 2 options here: - Get a liquid cooling kit and overclock my 6700k - Purchase 7700k, liquid cooling kit and overclock Which one would make more sense given the fact that it is a "temporary" upgrade and the fact that I don't want to buy a new motherboard and swap my 1080 with 1080Ti? Any opinions are appreciated
  12. Hey guys, I'm having a problem with both LA-5s. I run with engine assists. When I move my Warthog Throttle it only changes the RPM instead of both RPM/Throttle of an aircraft. I've immediately jumped into LAGG-3 and YAKs and it's working fine in those planes with both levers moving. Does anyone have similar issue?
  13. First of all, thank you dev team for an amazing update! You've made an enormous work. Btw, has anyone noticed that on normal difficulty (with automatic engine controls) when you move your throttle, it just changes the rpm on La-5 and La-5 FN, but not the throttle?
  14. Some aerobatics with this beauty
  15. That's a great video and the channel. Well, at least in the game the ground crew has all the documents and plenty of spare parts to keep it on top of it's performance:)
  16. Did the pilots really consider it useless? I wonder why. Was it due to the high altitude versions they got or because MkVs were quite outdated by that time? As for maneuverability it was at least as good as Soviet fighters.
  17. Thanks, guys. I guess the more photos we have in this thread the easier it would be for others to create their own pits based on the ideas here:)
  18. Here's mine. Base made of 1.5 inch pvc pipe, 0.75 inch plywood, covered with vinyl film and an ikea seat:) Stick and rudder pedals are from Baur. Thinking of replacing Warthog throttle with one of these nice consoles: http://kanttorinkone.com/consoles.html
  19. Selling my VKB-Sim Gunfighter Pro ‘Vintage Edition’ w/ KG12 Grip stick. Excellent condition, like new. Purchased in May. Reason for sale: I've decided to go with a full length BRD-N stick, so I don't need the Gunfighter. Please feel free to PM me if you are interested. Asking price: $250 + shipping (continental US only) Package includes: - KG12 WWII Combat Grip (3-pin Rev.B) - Gunfighter Base (Rev.B) - Stick Extension Kit (Rev.B) 200 mm (8 inch) - Large base plate - Small base plate - Set of springs (from #10 to #50) Here are the pics:
  20. Selling my Thrustmaster Warthog Flight Stick (throttle not included). The stick is in excellent condition, purchased this January. Reason for sale: I've build a simpit with Baur's stick and pedals, so I no longer need the Warthog stick. Asking price: $150 + shipping (continental US only) Please feel free to PM me if you are interested. Here are the pictures:
  21. Bf-109 G6 with MG131 and MK108? Yes, please!
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