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  1. This is getting tense😄 We need to know!
  2. Variety of missions. For a fighter: bomber/attacker escort, bomber/attacker intercept, patrolling certain area, gaining air superiority over certain area, defending ground troops, defending cities, free hunt, fighter sweep, scramble, emergency support of friendlies in a heavy fight, etc. In current career we have only a fraction of that.
  3. I hope devs will completely rework engine model, or at least give an option to disable those timers.
  4. Hmm, I'm using Ultra on my setup. It's running pretty smooth for me in Career on medium density. I'm quite happy with the performance. Before 8KX I didn't see any reason to upgrade since the gains are small. It seems like the 8KX might be a good reason to do so, if the picture is really good and equivalent to a 1440p monitor. I don't want to change headsets or PC components every couple of months, so I guess I'll wait a bit more for the new gen of CPUs to come out so that I can build a solid rig that can handle 8KX at its native resolution and enjoy it for several years.
  5. I don't think rewriting the whole engine is necessary. Some under the hood overhaul - yes, hopefully will be done in the future.
  6. Same thing can be said about pretty much any other theater.
  7. Looks like the mouse cursor appears randomly, I was able to run the game without this issue several times. Another strange thing I'm getting is stutters. Overall, the game runs pretty smooth even in towns but every 5 or 10 minutes it just freezes for several seconds.
  8. Alright, let's have a couple more other theaters, like Pacific and Western Front before getting back to the Eastern Front. Then let's alternate Eastern Front/Western Front/Pacific/Mediterranean/North Africa/etc. Just don't stick to a single theater for several consecutive updates.
  9. I have a few questions regarding setting up a campaign. Is it possible to set up campaign so that you'll get a mission say every 7 days? Can you change that in future toward more or less frequent missions?
  10. I think this GPU should cope, however I'm not sure that even I9900k will be enough to have smooth performance on maxed out graphics in the game. Is it better to wait for a new CPU models?
  11. My complaint was about mid to low RPM to full stop. I think in those modes you should be able to see the smooth speed changes of the prop.
  12. Damn, I'm looking forward to new announcements!
  13. Are they good or it's better to wait for some updates?
  14. Point is that when there's January 1 1945 in the career and your squadron took part in those events then there has to be an Operation Bodenplatte mission on that day in the Career. Before and after that day - just regular dynamically generated random missions, no problem with that.
  15. Well that's a bummer. I hope it will be fixed soon. Some comments are just ridiculous. Imagine this. Battle of Midway expansion comes out. Everybody exited, firing up the updated game, loading the map and then they find out that there's no Midway Atoll on the map - just ocean. Everybody posting their frustrated comments on the forum, some suggesting that that there might be a fix soon and here comes BSR saying "What are you complaining about? You got a huge ocean map as opposed to a little patch of land. It's a mid war Pacific front flight sim, I'm pretty sure that the Midway title was not meant to be taken literally."
  16. Did anyone had a chance to check if this occurs for Ju-88 as well? I have a Ju-88 career in progress. Dieter, my navigator/bomber guy/nose gunner is a really good fella, a real pro. I made a lot of successful bombing runs thanks to him. If Ju-88 has this issue, I'll have to keep it grounded. He didn't deserve to be treated like this.
  17. In my opinion, if the aircraft would still go down after the same amount of hits as in current DM, but without broken wings 70-75% of time and in other 25-30% the wings would brake - that would be perfect. Or the proportion could be 75-80% of wings remain attached but the plane goes down. This is of course for anything <= 20mm. For larger calibers should be able to rip things apart. And of course P-47 rigidity should be revised. On the other hand, it looks like 30mm and 37mm cannons are too weak. I guess I'll need to do a bunch of tests in Quick Missions.
  18. Indeed, M-105s and ASh-82s need sound overhaul. Also, DB engines used to growl the way Mustang engine sounds, but now they don't. I hope that it'll change in future.
  19. I only use quick missions to learn the particular aircraft, especially the engine modes, practice bombing and launching rockets. For the most part I play Career and awesome scripted campaigns. I started to visit MP servers occasionally.
  20. Do you have that annoying issue with mouse pointer being always on the screen?
  21. An educated guess wouldn't hurt in this case.
  22. Actually, it wasn't too bad. I expected worse. Yeah, too much CGI, cartoonish explosions like it's Fast n Furious, but overall, not bad. By the way, I know what would be the first thing I'm gonna try when we get SBD Dauntless and a carrier in IL-2 GB😁 Also got a nice little badge when I purchased the tickets at the counter.
  23. Here's a good example of immersive radio comms
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