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  1. I have a career that is about 50% complete but I don't like the pilot's picture😀I thought that maybe there is a way to replace it with a newly generated one somehow?
  2. Have the same problem, game crashing in that mission after we fly past the surrounded Soviet troops on the ground and the leader announces that the convoy is spotted.
  3. You gotta be trolling, right?
  4. Unfortunately, I didn't keep them as I made a lot of video files. Here, you can see Bf-109 F4 taking 13 SHVAK hits until it's shoot down.
  5. I understand your frustrations, but please let's not keep the discussion that way.
  6. Hi everyone. Here I'll post some videos that I've made offline, testing the new damage model. The first one I would like to start with is Yak-1 S69 that took 23 hits from 20mm mg151 cannon and still was able to land, almost successfully. The outside view with hit counts starts from 3:48. In this post I just wanted to give some evidence to developers and community that the current DM has some serious issues. All videos were made in Single Player offline mode, in Quick Mission. Please let's keep the discussion constructive and refrain from any comments bashing developers or the game. Thank you. I will update this post as I'll upload new video to youtube.
  7. This. I hope we will eventually get all WWII and pre-WWII theaters in this wonderful game, including Battle of Britain. By the way, it's not the theater that makes the game interesting or boring. It's the actual gameplay and variety of missions. I'm not talking about MP, but the SP. We need more mission types in the career.
  8. I really like the U-2 and campaigns, but the DM is a total disappointment. It might be more detailed in terms of damaged components, but pre 3.008 DM felt way more realistic. I seriously hope that the current DM is still WIP and will undergo further revisions in the upcoming game updates. It currently takes like 4-6 hits from MK-108 to shoot down a Yak-1, while everyone watched that gif where Spitfire fuselage disintegrates from a single MK-108 hit. And it's not only MK-108. All 20mm shells are weak as well. It was mentioned several times that it would require 3-4 20mm hits on average to shoot down a fighter plane. Currently, it's about 7-10 hits. And I'm not talking about online, I've played in SP. I hope that developers will consider this post by @Panthera and will revise DM further. Otherwise it is a serious downgrade from 3.007 version.
  9. @6./ZG26_Klaus_Mann Even after entering verification code my transaction got blocked. I've reached to their customer support via livechat, they lifted the hold, and yet after I made a purchase there was additional 30 min security verification. I reached the CS again and they cleared the transaction. This Xsolla is a piece of crap.
  10. Guys, thanks a lot for the update! But for heavens' sake, that XSolla crap is driving me nuts! WTF, it declined payments 3 times and now it says that there's additional security verification on my purchase! I will always try to purchase from your website, but you got to do something with this, otherwise I'd have to buy through steam.
  11. Wasn't able to go above ~312 mph on P-47 at about 5000 ft. I had WEP on, Throttle, RPM, Turbocharger, Mixture all to the maximum, outlet cowls shut, inlet cowls and oil rad are at about 50%. Do you think Thunderbolt should have reached higher speed?
  12. @GVL224 Received the Throttle. It's amazing! It's working perfectly and has everything I need. Thanks a lot!
  13. For the German planes you need to center the cockpit view in 2D mode, then press F10 to save the new default view. Do that for every German plane with offset view. Then in VR mode when you press Num5 you will be centered correctly.
  14. @SAS_Storebror is it me or BAT really looks as good as VP in terms of the eye candy? People say that VP looks better, but I don't see the difference.
  15. Arthur-A

    WT & IL2

    I tried WT after the IL2 Great Battles. Uninstalled it right after playing the training mission with I-153 and a SP mission on Spit mkV. I couldn't hit a thing. The controls are awful. I don't have any problems hitting targets in both IL, new and old, but WT is weird.
  16. Hey fellow simmers! I'm selling my Oculus Rift CV1 since I've bought Samsung Odyssey. Everything is in great condition, comes with VR cover so you can choose which cover works best for you. I'm in SoCal, but can ship it within continental US at your expense. The price is $200 for the whole set. Please PM me if you're interested.
  17. Are things smaller in the Odyssey than in the Rift? The Rift scale looks fine. I can't imagine the 109 being smaller than it is in the Rift.
  18. Yeah, the main reason is image quality. I use Rift for flight sims only, so I don't care much about hand controllers and room scale. However, during the demo, I didn't notice any difference in tracking, it was as smooth as in Rift.
  19. If I run Odyssey at 100% supersampling, will it look better than Rift at 160%, since supersampling is kind of artificial increase?
  20. I've just tried Odyssey demo at our local mall. Well, I'm thinking about pulling the trigger. Just want to hear some feedback from someone who tried it in BoX, especially how it compares to Rift. It has the same resolution as Vive Pro, so I'm concerned about the performance. Currently I'm running 160% supersampling and it performs quite good in Career. With Odyssey I'm thinking about 100% (no supersampling) since the resolution is higher. Will it reduce the performance with no supersampling?
  21. No problem, @Wolf8312. I guess with CloD it's better to wait for official VR support.
  22. @Wolf8312 you can run CloD via VorpX however it's a pain. The mouse pointer is not displayed.
  23. This one when it comes out
  24. UPDATE\WARNING: Please note that although you can run this game in your VR headset, it won't be the same experience that you have in BOX. And it's not only the graphics quality. There are known problems with displaying clouds, smokes, tracers ets. When they are displayed closer than they appear. Use at your own risk. Remember, the game itself was not designed with the VR support in mind. And it's an absolute blast! It's still pretty impressive even after BoX, although the immersion is a bit less. So if any of you craves for all those planes we currently don't have in BoX - try 1946 in VR! I've ran BAT and VP and they look pretty good! Now how to run it in VR. You would need a VorpX. It's a paid software, and it's not cheap. It costs $40. But if you desperately want to fly Hurricanes, G.50s, Zero's, Gladiators, etc in VR - that's the way to do it. You would need VorpX and OpenTrack, since tracking in VorpX doesn't work well. When you start the game, just set headtracking to 0 in VorpX in order to disable it. That way you'll have opentrack tracking only. Before launching the game, you need to import a profile for IL2 1946. Here's the thread that I've found: https://www.vorpx.com/forums/topic/il2-1946-working/ I didn't follow his instructions, just used current Home version without any wrappers and it worked fine with OpenTrack. Also, I didn't mess with the config file. If you wan't to set a custom resolution, you'll need to set it in Nvidia Control Panel first, otherwise the game won't run. Also it won't run with Pal's Visuals Mod.
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