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  1. If you think I'm against PTO here you're wrong.
  2. Wow, did it happen today? Is there a way to revert back to previous UI?
  3. Well, in that case here's a leaked footage
  4. While I somewhat agree that other areas need a bit of refinement, what's unrealistic about g forces and flight models?
  5. I hope there'll be at least couple of screenshots of new planes then, not just plain text.
  6. It would be awesome to have Battle of Britain on this engine. I'm not saying immediately after Bodenplatte, but maybe after Pacific and some other theater. It was one of the greatest air battles. So if IL-2 GB really means Great Battles then Battle of Britain is a must have within this title.
  7. Useless planes? This is bullshit. There are no "useless" or "crap" planes. This is a rhetoric of some dumb fortnite kid, not a flight simmer.
  8. If that's SP mode it could be done easily I think. Have some kind of strategic map mode with icons on the map of your flight and your allies, with ability to accelerate time up to smth like x128. You could select whether your plane follows waypoints (follows escorted bombers) or you could set a course, select engine mode and it will fly straight. When enemy aircraft is within a certain range you will automatically get back to flight mode. Even with heavy enemy flak you should be able to use strategic map and accelerate time, however the possibility of being hit by flak will be factored in. That way you can fly whatever range your plane is capable of. I remember this feature was present in Rowan's Battle of Britain. If a 19 year old game had this feature I don't see why GB can't have it today.
  9. They look like laser beams, lol. I hope devs will change tracers to look more realistic.
  10. Hmm, I'm playing a bomber career now. My squadmates keep up with me when I climb to any altitude (haven't climbed above 4km though). They're also pretty accurate in level bombing. I'm not sure if that would be the same if AI is a leader though. Yeah, it takes a lot of time. Climbing, then flying 150+ km to the target and getting back. Even with time acceleration it's takes a while. For me, getting everything ready for a bombing run helps to kill time during long level flight. After climbing to the desired altitude I take my time by carefully adjusting the bombsight, selecting bomb dropping mode and interval. Then as I'm I'm getting closer to the target I adjust my heading and wind setting, so it's not that bad. But yeah, most players would find fighter or low level ground attacking campaign more appealing.
  11. That's me! I don't like polished aluminum. Olive drab all the way, baby! The only exception is blue nosed Mustang and that's it. I'm going to use olive drab and camo skins for all the US aircraft when I'll be playing Bodenplatte careers.
  12. Wololo, it's all I can say now lol
  13. I wasn't much into flight sims in 2001. I was in 7th grade at that time and I got my PC as a birthday gift at the end of summer. FPS/TPS were the games I was most interested in (I still like them), then some racing games, etc. First flight sim I bought was Jane's USAF. I liked it, it was cool shooting down aircraft with missiles, it had some interesting missions, but I can't say I was hooked up. I played it occasionally. I was a frequent visitor of our local mall where I was hanging out near the stands with numerous games and there was one game that caught my eye. It had a nice looking prop aircraft painted in camo firing it's machine guns and some other planes in the background. I liked the look of that aircraft, it's narrow nose, the prop the spinner. I had no idea what kind of aircraft it was, however, by the looks of it I understood that the game was about WWII. The title said "Battle of Britain", it was Rowan's Battle of Britain and the aircraft on the CD box picture was Spitfire. By that time I played Medal of Honor and was interested in WWII. I didn't buy it immediately, it took few more visits to the store, I was inspecting every inch of the CD box, especially the screenshots, reading description. Then finally I decided to give it a go. Initially, it was a bit confusing with a lot of controls and the strategic mode but I got a hang of it. Although, I was struggling in dogfights, since I was playing with my keyboard and I didn't use head movements at all, I liked the game and I really liked the look of Spitfires and Hurricanes. I even was waking up very early in the morning, about 6am during Summer holidays to play the game without being distracted. It also felt more immersive to me as I imagined myself as one of the fighter pilots waking up early for an important mission🙂 Yet it didn't make me a flight sim fan. I lost interest to in after a while. Graphics wasn't great and controls were too complicated. Then another game with a piston aircraft on it's title picture appeared on the shelves. It was original Il-2 Sturmovik. Although I liked the look of the plane on the picture, I was just looking at it without even picking it up to read the description. I didn't think it would be much different from the previous game. So I was visiting that store again and again, picking up new games and just looking at the Il-2 Sturmovik cd. Then I remember that we had an excursion to a nearby town with our class to visit local museums and other places of interest. We had about an hour or two of free time when we could hang around to get some food and souvenirs. Instead of buying souvenirs I felt like I really needed to buy a new game, lol. So my friends and I went to the mall nearby where we quickly found PC games store. While my friends got some FPS or racing games, I finally decided to buy Il-2 Sturmovik. When I got back home in the evening, installed the game and fired it up my jaw dropped. I never imagined a flight sim could be that good. Next day it was the only thing I was talking about with my friends at school. I've invited them to check it out, everybody was amazed. Some of them bought it later as well. So not only we had a great time playing it, we also enjoyed discussions at school, sharing our experience the next day. That game sparked my interest in WWII aircraft. I played it a lot, learned the Encyclopedia section about all the planes. Then I bought couple of books about WWII aircraft, learned a lot about their specs, the progress of their development during each ear of the war. Then Forgotten Battles came out with even more planes and features. Yeah, those were a great memories!
  14. I agree, I hope we'll see it in future. However, Battle of Berlin could be afterwards.
  15. Moar mission types in the Career please!
  16. I'd say why not. The SP Career could have just few sorties a month starting from February.
  17. I like how Yaks look in general, but the Yak-9U looks super badass. Especially with this style of rear canopy section. I hope to see late war Soviet fighters in future. Like Yak-9U, Yak-3 and La-7.
  18. Ah, WMR, why I'm not surprised, lol. I had the same issue several weeks ago. I just deleted WMR and SteamVR from steam library and reinstalled them again. It helped, surprisingly.
  19. This open composite is for Oculus only, or I can use it with my Samsung Odyssey as well?
  20. A nice scripted campaign wouldn't hurt at all. However, instead of BoM or BoS, I'd prefer it to cover other theater, somewhere up North. Although, if M in BoM is not Moscow, but some other city, then yeah, I want that scripted campaign in BoM setting
  21. Sorry, I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean by that picture.
  22. Great news! I'll order them all. Just getting a bit closer to a full Yak fighters lineup and that's great! Hurricane is awesome as well. Looking forward to try it with all those different armament variants.
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