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  1. Another thing is all the tracers look like some plasma gun rays from a distance. Too thick and too bright. Looks cartoonish.
  2. We need them all. The more variety the better! Sure, the more "popular" fronts should be released first. But after all the "popular" ones are released, then what? I'm in no way against late Western Front or Pacific, but it would be sad if seeing the game being limited to only these theaters.
  3. Anything that's not late Western Front or Pacific. They think that if devs make anything except that, it would be a financial disaster and the game will seize to exist😂
  4. That would be awesome. I think they'll make them eventually. What, no self-proclaimed forum police in this thread yet? Wow, I'm surprised, in a good way 😂
  5. So you missed the main point of my post about variety of theaters and alternating them and instead you cherry-picked Spanish Civil War. Again, let me put it real simple for you. Best way would be making different theaters in a sequence, like this: 1 Eastern Front update (let's start with Battle of Kuban). then 1 Western Front (Operation Bodenplatte which is WIP now), 1 Pacific, 1 Mediterranean or Korea, then Eastern Front, then some 30-s like Spanish Civil War, etc. The sequence can be different, it's just an example. Why would it be financial failure if it comes from a highly reputable company with a huge fan base? Do you have a crystal ball or are you a business analyst at 1CGS/777? If you care about financial success that much then aircraft simulators isn't the best choice here. You could make way more money with something like Fortnite for example.
  6. People have right to express their views of this game, don't worry, I get it. Thing is, it just doesn't stop some of those views from being ignorant. When someone says smth like "I don't want X theater, give me Y theater instead", or they just don't want to see a certain front - it is ignorant. It is indeed refusing to see worth in other people's views and ideas. Because other people want that X theater and they don't mind if they're getting Y theater as well. Wanting the game to have only limited set of theaters that someone prefers is ignorant. We need various fronts. From early 30-s to Korean War and maybe even beyond that point. As I've already said the best thing would be alternating them with each update, of course if there are no limiting factors, like with documentation for Japanese planes. Hopefully we'll see Pacific being one of the next updates. Bottom line is, the more various theaters we have in the game, the better and more popular the game will be. Oh, and by the way, whoever said that making scenarios that cover conflicts that took place in 30-s like Spanish Civil War, or making Winter War won't be commercially successful, this point is totally devastated by the very fact that a game that covers aerial warfare from 1914-1918, the game about WWI friggin' bi-planes was and still is very successful. Moreover, it is now being a part of IL-2 Great Battles series.
  7. Finally 4.14 is released! http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=230290 http://forum.aviaskins.com/showthread.php?p=192668#post192668
  8. Best thing would be alternating theaters each release. Like Eastern Front, Western Front, Pacific, Mediterranean, some mid-30s like Spanish Civil War, and all over again. Seems like devs are doing this already with Bodenplatte coming and Pacific being next. I don't get this "I'm not interested in Eastern Front/Other Front" crap. It's quite ignorant, IMO. The ability to fly in various theaters/planes is one of the things that will make this game amazing. And one of the reasons why 1946 is still very popular.
  9. Yeah, 3.008 - 3.009 had perfect DM. Here it is in a nutshell: 23 hits from 20mm to shoot down a Yak, anyone?
  10. First of all, it's Soviet people. They included Russians as well as other ethnic groups. Second of all, the victory was achieved by joint effort of many countries, not only USSR and USA. Back to the topic..
  11. I see that majority of custom skins are in 4K for which I also need 4K normal map. If I replace a default 2K normal map with a 4K one, will it mess up the way the default 2K skins will look in game? So say in a career I set a custom 4K skin for my aircraft while my squad mates use default ones, will the default ones be displayed incorrectly (misaligned rivets, etc) due to the 4K normal map? Sorry if it has already been discussed. But I couldn't find the specific answer to my question.
  12. Sorry for the delay. I did some quick tests in QMB on Kuban Summer map (4 FW-190 D9 + 4 BF-109 G2s VS 4 PE-2s + 4 P-39s) with in-game FPS counter. I actually was getting higher FPS with 418.91 driver. The FPS was between 45 and 54 at low altitude. With 399.24 the FPS was more at 45 mark and rarely rose to 51. It was quite smooth, with WMR's re-projection turned on. I know it's not the thorough test, but it was quite convincing for me. So I'll stick to newest NVIDIA drivers.
  13. I usually install latest versions of NVIDIA drivers. Today I was doing little research and came across this topic: https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/aq4at3/best_performing_driver_for_gtx_1070ti/ TLDR: NVIDIA 399.24 is one of the best performing drivers. Then I found this video: I'm going to roll back to check it, but won't have time to check it in IL-2 VR till weekend. Before rolling back I'll measure FPS with IL-2 built-in FPS meter and then compare performance. Currently I'm running 418.91 version. Has anyone tried older NVIDIA drivers recently? If yes, feel free to chime in. I'll post my results later.
  14. Damn, there's gotta be a DD on Friday! Ok, let's see if it works.. Wololo! 😀
  15. I hope we'll see all the theaters from the poll in the game eventually.
  16. Yeah, razorback would be nice. Same with the P-51.
  17. @rowdyb00t it should be. I ran 1946 in vorpX with my Odyssey just fine.
  18. I can't say it's nauseating but there's a problem. Also clouds, smokes etc are displayed closer than they appear. Sorry, I should've noted that in the original post. I've updated it now. I would only suggest it if you desperately want to fly some rare planes that we currently don't have in BOX in VR.
  19. I've reinstalled the game due to stutters I was getting after the hotfix. Not only my framerates got smooth, but also the crash in Mission 5 Dawn Patrol was gone😃 And yeah, the campaign is awesome!
  20. I have a career that is about 50% complete but I don't like the pilot's picture😀I thought that maybe there is a way to replace it with a newly generated one somehow?
  21. Have the same problem, game crashing in that mission after we fly past the surrounded Soviet troops on the ground and the leader announces that the convoy is spotted.
  22. You gotta be trolling, right?
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