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    Yep, especially the razorback.
  2. Damn, that's my favorite US fighter and it's quite porked in this sim at the moment. I hope the devs will take a close look at it's FM and DM.
  3. Well, at least in some games that's not the case, like in Red Dead Redemption 2, for example.
  4. Personally, I'm more interested in Japanese aircraft. This is very subjective. For example some people here find Hurricane ugly, but for me it's quite beautiful plane. Regarding the PTO planes, to me most Allied PTO aircraft are ugly, but Japanese planes are beautiful.
  5. The damage model in 1946, although not as detailed as in GBs, looks way more realistic in certain aspects. For example, aircraft don't loose wings that often, although they still go down, you can damage landing gear hydraulic/pneumatic system so that they will drop, etc. In some aspects it actually looks better than the GB engine. And it's less cartoonish, that's for sure.
  6. Regarding the Japanese aircraft, I wonder what kind of information is missing? The info on engines, armament? The specs? So specs of Japanese planes say in 1946 were just some wild guess? Or it's more about their specific systems, like the way you operate flaps, landing gear, bomb sights, etc?
  7. I think 8KX would be the best option considering it's price, resolution and FOV.
  8. There are a lot of cars with modified exhaust in my area. From cheap ones to very expensive ones. Personally, I enjoy the exhaust rumble and occasional backfires. Music to my ears.
  9. Looking forward to fly various Japanese aircraft. Early, mid and late war types. Fighters, bombers, ground attack, flying boats. I hope we'll have them in GB series one day.
  10. I used zero sensitivity for all axes up until recently. I was feeling that something was not right about the aircraft behavior. They were too wobbly and jerky. This was especially pronounced in VR. Even the slightest movement of a stick or rudder pedals was very noticeable. I watched a lot of videos of real aircraft and I noticed that they don't react that fast, they have a lot of inertia. So I decided to tweak sensitivity settings. I set 85% for pitch, about 40% for roll and 100% for rudder. Now it feels way more realistic, as if the plane actually has some weight and it's not an RC model. I must add that those settings are working fine for Baur's flight stick and rudder pedals. Other controllers might need different settings.
  11. I'm playing Career at the moment. It got harder to fight against enemy AI but I still manage to score kills.
  12. Damn, looks like Steam devs had been bitten by Microsoft WMR shit-doers. This tendency of fucking up things for the sake of releasing new builds has to stop.
  13. I really hope that among other significant issues, the tracers will be changed as well. Right now they are too large, look very cartoonish. When you're firing 20mm cannons it looks like as if you're launching unguided rockets instead. And those lazer beams suit some space arcade rather that combat flight sim. They should be toned down. Even in 1946 tracers look way more realistic.
  14. IL-2s had Mikulin AM-38 engines. Klimov engines were installed on Yaks, LaGGs, Pe-2s.
  15. Since other DCS thread is gone, I'll post it here. Seems like a lot of fun! Tracers look amazing. I wish we had them in IL-2 instead of those cartoonish lazer beams.
  16. Christmas is not a big celebration in Russia. The main holiday is the New Year. There's a holiday period from January 1 till January 8th. Used to be 10 days.
  17. Using my OG Odyssey. Probably not going to upgrade till next year. New Pimax 8KX seems interesting (finally good resolution + good FoV) but will require top notch new PC. What I have learned with Odyssey is to stay away from WMR.
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