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  1. I'm playing Career at the moment. It got harder to fight against enemy AI but I still manage to score kills.
  2. Damn, looks like Steam devs had been bitten by Microsoft WMR shit-doers. This tendency of fucking up things for the sake of releasing new builds has to stop.
  3. I really hope that among other significant issues, the tracers will be changed as well. Right now they are too large, look very cartoonish. When you're firing 20mm cannons it looks like as if you're launching unguided rockets instead. And those lazer beams suit some space arcade rather that combat flight sim. They should be toned down. Even in 1946 tracers look way more realistic.
  4. IL-2s had Mikulin AM-38 engines. Klimov engines were installed on Yaks, LaGGs, Pe-2s.
  5. Since other DCS thread is gone, I'll post it here. Seems like a lot of fun! Tracers look amazing. I wish we had them in IL-2 instead of those cartoonish lazer beams.
  6. Christmas is not a big celebration in Russia. The main holiday is the New Year. There's a holiday period from January 1 till January 8th. Used to be 10 days.
  7. Using my OG Odyssey. Probably not going to upgrade till next year. New Pimax 8KX seems interesting (finally good resolution + good FoV) but will require top notch new PC. What I have learned with Odyssey is to stay away from WMR.
  8. Indeed! You can easily balance on the edge of a blackout. Just need to ease off on the stick as soon as it starts to affect your vision. You can stay in the tunnel vision stage for a while. Just don't tighten your turn.
  9. Great list, I would also add: Bf-109 E4 Spitfire mkI Spitfire mkII Yak-1 early series with PA engine and non rounded rear canopy section Lagg-3 early series (series 4) Lagg-3 later series (series 66) P-47 C5 for some early 43 action P-47 D10 - same Do-17 FW-189 Polikarpov R-5 Sukhoi Su-2 Early He-111 (BoB time) Early Ju-88 (BoB time) Beriev MBR-2
  10. Modernization of the game engine so that it can handle 4-engined aircraft and large amounts of aircraft overall.
  11. I really hope those AI bombers and C-47 will become flyable in future. I don't like the idea of AI only planes. Only for a relatively short period of time needed to finish work to make them flyable. If needed it would be better to ditch the tank module and allocate those resources to creating more aircraft and making AI ones flyable sooner. It's a flight simulator after all.
  12. I wonder if wing mounted guns on other aircraft were synchronized IRL? What about Spitfires mkIs, IIs, later mks, Hurricanes, Typhoons/Tempests?
  13. Looks awesome! And less cartoonish compared to... umm.. other games I'm really looking forward to see 5.0 release. It'll be an instant buy from me.
  14. So is Ryzen 7 PRO 3700 is the new king now (well, when it's actually becomes available)? https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html Specifically for IL-2 GB VR I mean.
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