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  1. An outstanding bass player, a great musician. Had a substantial influence on the band. All of their best stuff was composed while he was alive. RIP Cliff.
  2. The entire engine limits system has to be revised, for every plane. Timers have to be ditched.
  3. Not even close. Kitties are adorable, people are not So that is incorrect comparison.
  4. Wow, did you cause a local flood of puke in your neighborhood while working on your Eastern Front campaign? How do you know that there's a majority of these sick people? Honestly, I didn't really care that much about which theater would be the next after Operation Bodenplatte up to this moment. But now I really want another Eastern Front expansion ASAP just to see That would be hilarious. I hope you got enough vomit bags.
  5. Cuz for fun, lol. It's amazing thing. With it's stagecoach-like chassis, tiny wheels, positive camber on the front axle, let alone it's odd controls (by today's standards), it's super scary thing to drive at high speeds, but I guess it's super fun!
  6. I think the main reason we don't see an impact like that in the Career mode is that the developers want to keep things historically correct. So that the front line movement and major events like attack on a city are happening according to the historical documents.
  7. Wow, there's a lot of speculative topics on what's next recently. That means people are interested, excited. People are expressing their opinions, sharing their thoughts on possible expansions. Yet the only thing that still outweighs and is annoying is the amount of toxic crap coming from certain group of people.
  8. That's quite said, especially when it's way better in CLOD..
  9. I guess this could be close to a real thing: With proper FFB in the game, we could get accurate stick forces for all ACs at various modes, like soft and sloppy on the ground and super stiff at 600+ km/h. I think it's only a matter of time till these devices will be widely available. Since it's the only way to get a realistic feel in "game" controllers.
  10. I would stop by any optometrist or place that sells glasses and buy some cleaning cloths and an eyeglasses cleaning solution. It comes in a spray bottle. Works very well.
  11. I've finished my Stalingrad Career episode for VVS where I flew Lagg-3, Yak-1 and La-5 and before continuing into Kuban, I decided to take a break from career and started "Fortress on the Volga" campaign, which is just great. What immediately came to my mind is how good the sight picture in 109 is. So easy to aim and do deflection shots (that were hell in La-5), due to Revi being mounted pretty high up and to the right - just in front of the dominant eye (for most people). It is especially noticeable in VR, since GB's 3D models are of finest quality and pretty close to the real life ones. What do you guys think, which plane is the most comfortable for you to shoot from?
  12. I've reverted to 1809. Say I revert to 1803 or even 1709, is it going to be compatible with the constantly updating SteamVR and WMR apps?
  13. Aaand, here's the answer: it's Windows 10 shit 1903 update. Dang, I wish there will be some alternative OS that's good for gaming in future. Tired of this windows shit. But, there are no alternatives at the moment. I've also noticed that with 1809 the render target scale that I set to 2.0 is working again.
  14. So the issue started approximately in the middle of May. When I move my head a bit - 0 problems, but when I move it 90 degrees or more, the tracking starts to act weirdly for several seconds - jerking, jumping outside the cockpit, and then it settles back normally. I've set my power plan to "Ultimate Performance" long time ago, checked USB power management and disabled windows' powering USB ports off. I suspect one of the windows updates or SteamVR's. Has anyone with Odyssey or other headset experienced something similar? What could possibly cause the issue?
  15. I don't care whether it's a collector's or regular as long as it's there.
  16. Just like G-4. But again, I'm totally ok with that.
  17. We have similar Bf-109s (which is perfectly fine by me, hopefully we'll get even more), so let's have several Yak-9 variants as well. And Yak-3 of course!
  18. I thought that it's a release build at the show. If it's still a WIP beta, I'm fine with the wait then. Better to wait a bit more and have a better polished version.
  19. Meetoo lol. I mean, you already have a working build, why don't just release it in the middle of the week so that people who've shown their commitment (bought the game) enjoy it first? Oh, it's not going to be worldwide premiere anymore? Well, showing it off in front of bunch of people most part of whom are seeing the game for the first time is more important, as I can see. I guess those folks deserve it better than the old fans..
  20. And there's another one - Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum located in Everett, about an hour or less away from Boeing Museum of Flight. I definitely recommend to check that one out when one has a chance. Most of the stuff there actually flies and drives. When I visited it in March, every aircraft had couple of buckets and pieces of cardboard underneath it to catch the leaks.
  21. Some engines sound quite good in the game, like DBs, others are terrible, like Klimovs M-105s. Those should be among the first ones to be updated. As for the gun sounds, they're lacking a punch, imho. Here's DSHK for example: It uses the same ammo as UBs and BS, but compare how those sound in the game - it's like a bunch of bolts and nuts rattling inside a tin can. Some guns are better than the others, but overall, they all need improvement, away from being too cartoonish. Now for everyone that would say that in cockpit it should be quiet and different, how about when an aircraft is stationary on the ground with engine off with external view close up?
  22. Rest in peace. My condolences to family and friends..
  23. Most likely, fingers crossed.
  24. I've never been a car guy, except the time when I was about 10 years old, when I fancied Lambos, Ferraris and Porsches, well, like most kids at that time. Later on, I had little interest in cars. When I was 18, and got my first car, I still wasn't a fan of fast cars. But then my friend showed me this: And since then, I'm a big fan of Japanese sports cars, drifting, time attack and rally. Watched tons of Best Motoring, Hot Version, etc videos. Gran Turismo 5 is my first racing sim that I played heavily with my Logitech Driving Force GT. Several years later, when I got my current PC I spent a crazy amount of money on Thrustmaster's T300rs Wheel, T3PA-Pro Pedals and TH8A Shifter and started playing Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2. The games are awesome, but I was disappointed with my setup. Not the cheapest ones but didn't feel like much of an improvement compared to the good old Driving Force GT. Even with 3-pedals with an H-pattern shifter it still not even close to the real thing. So I sold everything. Maybe crazy Fanatec stuff is somewhat close to the real car feel, but I ain't gonna spend several grand on a rig, when I could buy used NA Miata for that money and take it to a race track. Waay better than any racing sim. I came to a conclusion that a simple FFB wheel with a sequential shifter will be more than enough for racing sims, unlike the flight sims, where the top notch stuff like Baur's or Virpil or VKB really makes a difference. I got Thustmaster T150. The only thing is, I would still need a shifter, since those paddle shifters are no good. And it seems like TH8A is the only option here. So I'll have to buy one again. But the first thing I'm going to do with it is a conversion to a sequential shifter. That should be well enough for the racing games. For more advanced feeling I've got a real car, but that's a different story. I miss GT5 and it's thousands of JDM cars that you won't find in other sims, so I might end up getting a PS3 again along with GT6 dvd, since it's an improved version of GT5. It's kind of 1946 for the flight sims. Not interested in GT Sport, since it doesn't have all those cars from the previous ones. So yeah, first things first I need that shifter again so I could fully enjoy AC, Project Cars2, Dirt1/4/2.0, GT6 and maybe Forza 7. Dang it, that's a lot of stuff. At least, I'll have stuff to do when I occasionally have a break from Great Battles, lol.
  25. So, from the day of the last DD, is it 2 weeks or 3 weeks? What do you guys think? 😀
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