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  1. Sorry for the delay. I did some quick tests in QMB on Kuban Summer map (4 FW-190 D9 + 4 BF-109 G2s VS 4 PE-2s + 4 P-39s) with in-game FPS counter. I actually was getting higher FPS with 418.91 driver. The FPS was between 45 and 54 at low altitude. With 399.24 the FPS was more at 45 mark and rarely rose to 51. It was quite smooth, with WMR's re-projection turned on. I know it's not the thorough test, but it was quite convincing for me. So I'll stick to newest NVIDIA drivers.
  2. I usually install latest versions of NVIDIA drivers. Today I was doing little research and came across this topic: https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/aq4at3/best_performing_driver_for_gtx_1070ti/ TLDR: NVIDIA 399.24 is one of the best performing drivers. Then I found this video: I'm going to roll back to check it, but won't have time to check it in IL-2 VR till weekend. Before rolling back I'll measure FPS with IL-2 built-in FPS meter and then compare performance. Currently I'm running 418.91 version. Has anyone tried older NVIDIA drivers recently? If yes, feel free to chime in. I'll post my results later.
  3. Arthur-A

    DD today?

  4. Arthur-A

    DD today?

    Damn, there's gotta be a DD on Friday! Ok, let's see if it works.. Wololo! 😀
  5. Arthur-A

    Alternative for Pacific Theatre after Bodenplatte

    I hope we'll see all the theaters from the poll in the game eventually.
  6. Arthur-A

    P-47 Collector version thoughts

    That too, why not? 😀
  7. Arthur-A

    P-47 Collector version thoughts

    Yeah, razorback would be nice. Same with the P-51.
  8. @rowdyb00t it should be. I ran 1946 in vorpX with my Odyssey just fine.
  9. I can't say it's nauseating but there's a problem. Also clouds, smokes etc are displayed closer than they appear. Sorry, I should've noted that in the original post. I've updated it now. I would only suggest it if you desperately want to fly some rare planes that we currently don't have in BOX in VR.
  10. I've reinstalled the game due to stutters I was getting after the hotfix. Not only my framerates got smooth, but also the crash in Mission 5 Dawn Patrol was gone😃 And yeah, the campaign is awesome!
  11. I have a career that is about 50% complete but I don't like the pilot's picture😀I thought that maybe there is a way to replace it with a newly generated one somehow?
  12. Have the same problem, game crashing in that mission after we fly past the surrounded Soviet troops on the ground and the leader announces that the convoy is spotted.
  13. Arthur-A

    Strong cannons now weak?

    You gotta be trolling, right?
  14. Arthur-A

    Some proofs that 3.008 DM model has serious issues

    Unfortunately, I didn't keep them as I made a lot of video files. Here, you can see Bf-109 F4 taking 13 SHVAK hits until it's shoot down.