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  1. This open composite is for Oculus only, or I can use it with my Samsung Odyssey as well?
  2. A nice scripted campaign wouldn't hurt at all. However, instead of BoM or BoS, I'd prefer it to cover other theater, somewhere up North. Although, if M in BoM is not Moscow, but some other city, then yeah, I want that scripted campaign in BoM setting
  3. Great news! I'll order them all. Just getting a bit closer to a full Yak fighters lineup and that's great! Hurricane is awesome as well. Looking forward to try it with all those different armament variants.
  4. Although I'm looking forward to hear any news on new planes and next theater, I hope that developers won't stop improving SP career mode. It is as important as new planes and maps.
  5. Exactly. This is important to give people an option especially when you're making things look uglier. I didn't have any distortions in my Odyssey, AFAIK it happened only for Oculus users.
  6. I'd say having still prop discs in a sim like IL-2 Great Battles is embarrassing. Last game I saw props like that was Rowan's Battle of Britain which came out in 2000. Even original IL-2 which was released a year after didn't have this issue. IMHO this is extremely half-assed solution.
  7. Yeah, I was really surprised it worked. Not even deleting the headset from remembered devices. The major problem of WMR is the Windows part. I can't afford paying a lot of money for a premium headset like Reverb and being at the mercy of Microsoft crooks, hoping that the next pile of crap they dump on your system won't mess up your VR experience. No, thanks.
  8. Did you mean Lancaster or there's other museum that I'm unaware of?
  9. I wish 8KX has a better resolution. I'm not going to deal with wmr anymore and Pimax looks like the best option at this moment.
  10. I didn't have any tracking issues with my OG Odyssey previous week. However, this week, after installing another cumulative pile of crap windows update my tracking got f**ed up. It's constantly twitching and jerking as if my pilot is jumping on his ass. I wonder if it's just me or other WMR users are having issues as well? If you use other VR devices (Vive, Oculus, Pimax) what's your experience? I had similar issues several months ago when one of the updates messed up my tracking, but then it got fixed pretty quickly. Looks like this shit show repeats. This time enough is enough, I'm going to stay away from WMR in future.
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