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  1. After hours of playing in various BoX SP Careers and Campaigns, and all the frustration due to the dumbness of it's AI I beg to differ.
  2. That's just a matter of tweaking some parameters. If done right, the AI will fly within the aircraft capabilities. Honestly, I haven't seen an unrealistic UFO-like AI behavior in CloD yet. What I immediately see is utter dumbness and worthlessness of AI in BoX. Really, don't need to spend a lot of time to find that out. Yep, that is definitely fun things to do in a flight sim. I think that for those things a damage model has to be present. If MSFS 2020 will have it, I might buy it. And most likely I'll buy Deadstick when it comes out.
  3. Oh, you meant the control surfaces delay? Luckily, I don't have that issue. Glad you've solved it!
  4. FS2020 might look cool, but it's not a combat flight sim. For me that means no fun.
  5. Take a look at DCS 1.5 and 2.5. CloD can be changed like that. It's not a limitation, just a matter of enough time-resources. It doesn't have real limitations such number of aircraft, bad damage model, etc.
  6. If I remember correctly, the development of CloD started in 2009, while the development of RoF engine started in 2007. Ideally, Unigine would be awesome for creating a flight sim, but still, I think CloD engine is still pretty good. It has some fundamental things done right. No wonder, since Oleg knew what he was doing. This engine was developed with WWII in focus from the beginning. I hope 1C will heavily focus on developing and improving CloD engine. If there is an engine that is capable of recreating massive carrier based battles for Pacific and large formation of bombers for proper representation of western theater air combat, not just a tiny part of it - it's CloD.
  7. It's not a delay, IMO, it's the inertia of a big and heavy aircraft. Not that RC model feeling of a BoX planes. This is one of the things that I like in CloD.
  8. Analogues are easier to read for me. I don't really look at throttle and prop pitch, since I use cockpit instruments for that, the radiator sliders are convenient though.
  9. I've noticed that on certain aircraft apart from throttle, prop, mixture, water and oil radiators, there are sliders marked "S" and "C". I've marked them 1 and 2 on the screenshot. I wonder, what are these sliders for?
  10. I'm taking a long break from VR and enjoying CloD.
  11. I've flown 2 missions in the P-40 campaign so far and read the briefing for the third one, but I already can appreciate the variety of mission types👍
  12. I would also like to know which anti-aliasing settings should I choose for the maximum graphics quality.
  13. I meant the hotfix for the issues mentioned by Buzzsaw.
  14. Steam downloaded 6.6 MB, was it a patch?
  15. Just fired it up, immediately jumped into the Kittyhawk - what a difference! Feels like a real fighter! Thanks a lot, Team Fusion! You've done a fantastic job! P.S.: I hope to fly a Thunderbolt in CloD one day😉
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