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  1. Honestly, I'd rather see PTO in CloD. Especially after seeing this video: I think this engine is more capable to reproduce massive battles with large number of aircraft and ships. And I like FM and especially DM better.
  2. Arthur-A

    Future for VR

    Yeah, VR is super fun and it's really hard to come back to 2D flying once I've tried it. However, after taking a closer look at CloD, I ended up spending more time in it, despite the fact that it's still monitor only. This is my subjective opinion, but I enjoy it more than other sim of this forum. I fired up a series of dogfights in Quick Mission builder and I was amazed. It felt so immersive and real with AI actually doing something other than stupid left or right turns. The radio chatter being pretty dramatic with my wingmen communicating with each other and one of them was pissed off that he couldn't see a bandit (I assume that he was on his 6). The Enemy AI bots don't have eyes on their backs and if you sneak up on them from low 6 they usually won't notice you until you open fire. Once they notice you they are doing their best to shake you off. The FM and DM are amazing. I hope that with 5.0 there'll be some great SP content made by Devs and Community. I might even learn the mission editor myself. So will the absence of VR support stop me from enjoying the CloD? Of course not, I'm looking forward to 5.0 release. If VR support comes after that, that'll be dream come true!
  3. It can be turned off in the settings.
  4. How about more adequate FM, better DM and overall better looks? This sim has it all. I'll take those any day over canopy raindrops and scratches.
  5. I hope everything will go as planned and we'll get VR support after the 5.0 is released. But still, even without it I really enjoy this sim! Can't wait for the Tobruk expansion. I like the FM and DM more in CloD than in.. other sims. Feels way more realistic and close to real life videos. And performance with all the settings maxed out is super smooth. Future is bright for this sim, it has a tremendous potential. I wish Team Fusion a great success and hope that we'll enjoy various theaters and aircraft in this awesome sim.
  6. G14 - OMG, P-47 - WTF😃
  7. Arthur-A


    It all began when I started an Operation Bodenplatte career, I choose my favorite US fighter - P-47. It felt wrong. You can't dogfight in it nor you can run away, even on 15 minute combat power. I'm not talking about boosted mode, since the timer is only 5 minutes which in most cases won't be enough to run away. Then I did some duels in QMB in P-47 and A-20 against a Bf-109 G14. The results are attached as track files. There are only two of them, one for P-47 and the other one for A-20. I did more duels, but the results are similar to those ones on the tracks. A-20 can catch up with the 109 easily in a climb, can successfully turn with it. The Jug.. well, judge for yourselves. Just want to mention. For A-20 I used 50% fuel, outlet cowls are 100% open. For the Jug - 30% fuel, inlet cowls closed, Intercooler and oil cooler are set to 50% (neutral). Something is terribly wrong here.. A20vs109G14.zip Due to 5mb limit, I'm uploading P-47 track as a separate post. P47vs109G14.zip
  8. Yeah, it's understandable that at low altitude the Jug is at disadvantage. But to what degree? Is it really that bad so that even A20 with full fuel load is a better dogfighter? And even at high alts it's not convincing either.
  9. Over BoN as well. And if you add those engine timers.. you may notice that the cloud stretches even more.
  10. P-47 is a joke (in this game).
  11. For those who complain I suggest the devs place a few of those on the airfields. So that they'll appreciate the feature, lol.
  12. It would be interesting to know his comments after trying several planes, especially setting up a dogfight in QMB against a 109. And comparing P-47 to A-20 in a dogfight against the 109. Wonder what his impressions would be.
  13. So it's faster when it's fully open at 10000 m? I just did another test in 1946. I flew A20G (there's no A20B, but it should be relatively close) against G14 at 500 m. It was completely different experience compared to GB. While in GB every time I was able to outturn him and get on his 6, I was able to catch up with him both horizontally and in a climb, in 1946 however, I couldn't outturn him, I couldn't follow him horizontally and in a climb. That behavior for me is more realistic for a medium bomber rather than how it behaves in GB. What's weird is, in 1946 A20G I kind of felt the same as I felt in a P-47 in GB.
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