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  1. Jason about Great Battles series: "Sometimes it gets too big, it gets too bloated". This "bloated" product has 47 flyables and 6 maps. That's laughable.
  2. Arthur-A

    Future for VR

    CloD engine is quite capable. I don't think there's a need to change the engine. Don't forget that it's newer than the RoF engine on which BoX is based upon. And it is better suited for WWII aircraft because that's what the primary focus of this engine is. All frustrations about it are due to it's being abandoned for several years. Does anyone expect that an abandoned game would be bug free? Thankfully, Team Fusion is now taking care of it and by looking at Blitz 4.5 I can say that they're doing a great job. And from what I understand, the Blitz was made by them during their free time, which is amazing. It is a playable product now and it doesn't have any severe bugs. Now with the North Africa expansion they're working on it full-time (correct me if I'm wrong) and just look at those screenshots and videos - it looks great! I think it's a right move to implement VR after 5.0 is released. It won't stop me from playing CloD, since the only flight sims I currently play are CloD and 1946 - for all other theaters. Despite having VR headset. My opinion, give CloD a development time similar to BoX and your jaw would drop at what potential it has. I mean, just look at this for example: When I first watched the video - I thought "This is how Stalingrad should've looked like when you fly over it". What you actually see in the other game is not even close. Another thing: Can other game replicate this? There are many other things, FM, DM, AI, absence of "miracle timers", etc.
  3. I seriously doubt that this game engine is capable of anything beyond the current module formula - a limited number of planes (mosly fighters, even new bombers are not flyable anymore), same gameplay, only change of decorations.
  4. Amazing! I can't wait to fly all those birds.
  5. I hope Team Fusion will continue working on CloD and it'll get a lot of new scenarios, including Battle of France.
  6. I had the same opinion. After taking closer look at the "sister program" my view on who might be hogging changed to the opposite. They're both great. BAT has more planes.
  7. This music should play in a debriefing screen after you finish your career mission to celebrate your squadmates' stellar performance.
  8. AI should've been improved as of the day of the Bodenplatte release. It's career suffers the most from the poor AI. IMHO, but you can't call it a full release with a career like that. I've played several missions and when I return back, open the debriefing and look at my squadmates' performance. Well, this is a perfect description:
  9. That would be a perfect gift for sure! I'm really looking forward to it.
  10. Awesome! The one with the Hurri is my favorite.
  11. Then we'll have another lifeless module with defunct AI, but with some new planes. Yay, I'm so excited..
  12. Wow, thanks a lot! I haven't tried G50 in a while in CloD, so I decided to start with it. I'll try it tonight.
  13. I'm having issues with advancement of in TheOden's Dynamic Mission.I made sure that the files of the mission are unblockedInstalled the DynMis 6 into "\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz\missions\Single"In the config.ini, I added "scriptAppDomain=0" into the [rts] sectionI wanted to play the mission for the Italian Airforce on the G50. When I loaded the mission, I manually added the tail number and serial number in the Aircraft settings. The mission started with several G50s, including mine, on the airfield. We took off, I check the CTRL + F2 and found that all the enemy aircraft were on the ground. I used radio comms to get the vector to a nearest enemy - no answer. I just flew to the British coast, fired at couple of AA guns, missed 😄 and returned to our airfield. After finishing the mission, I launched it again and found out that nothing has changed, it was still day 1 and it didn't advance further.Does anyone have similar issue? Could it be that the G50 mission is unfinished or I messed up something during the installation?Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
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