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  1. Didn't know that. Well, given it's an old 1946, not big of an issue to me. Overall it looks great.
  2. Beautiful skin! I also want to mention, here's how Typhoon looks in 1946 now (updated 3D model by Barnesy)
  3. BAT installation is quite easy and straightforward process now. You just nees to run exe files in correct sequence.
  4. Would be great to find out that Devs are going to work on the following: - adding multi-engined aircraft - adding large formation of bombers/overall optimization - multithreading so that high end rigs can handle VR with no stutters and smoothness - revised engine damage and limits (e.g. engines not blowing up after 1-2 minutes of full throttle or just instantly like P-40/P-39) - focusing on all conflicts starting from mid 30s (SCW, Khalkhin Gol, etc) to 50s (Korea) - all theaters being included in the Game one after another - adding more planes/maps - overall evolving of the engine in terms of graphics, etc - further improvements in Career mode (more variety, immersion)
  5. For me, IL-2 Great Battles is VR only, unless I'm playing tanks. Driving sims - same thing. But I'm still playing IL-2 1946 and will be playing new CloD 5.0 on monitor (until it gets VR support). All other games, like FPS/TPS, RPGs etc I play on monitor.
  6. I hope that encrypted message is not only about a sale.
  7. That's fucking cool! Huge respect to those guys. I wish them safe landings! I wonder how they train to fly those things. Like jumping from the aircraft at a typical parachute altitude, gliding a bit and then deploying the parachute while still having a high altitude?
  8. This is getting really tense! Need some good news. Wololo!
  9. It happens with any plane that has manual engine controls. Even with automatic mixture control, if you lower your rpm but increase throttle the engine should be damaged. In the game your engine is not affected by the this.
  10. Timers are ridiculous. And in the meantime you can get away with leaning the mixture, lowering your rpm and slamming the throttle to the max position. Will the engine die due to all this? No! What kind of realism are we talking about here?
  11. Sir, your posts in this topic and the other one are the wisest and the most decent ones I ever read recently. These are the exact thoughts I have regarding all the theaters. I wouldn't have said it any better. Much respect to you! So sick and tired of negativity towards any theater by some toxic minority who are just being too vocal here and feel entitled to represent thoughs of majority.
  12. I've decided to wait couple of months or whatever time will take rockstar to fix the game. While the game itself is stunning, the current build is piece of shit in terms of quality.
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