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  1. We need more games like this. Single Player, focused on the story, immersion and atmosphere.
  2. I'm afraid Ready or Not ended up being another multiplayer crap..
  3. Selling my custom throttle made by Vitaly (GVL224) Has 7 axis, 11 3-position switches and 19 buttons. Everything is working great, new IL-2 recognizes everything without any additional software, just plug-n-play. For DCS, CloD, 1946 etc, you'll need a 3rd party program like Joy2Key in order to use all the buttons. Price is $180, buyer pays shipping. Located in Seattle area, Eastside. I will ship only within the US. If you're interested, please let me know. Thank you! Pics:
  4. Battle of "Deep overhaul of the game engine"
  5. And they flew the 1943 versions of P-47, C5 I believe, so that should be equal match.
  6. Apart from obvious issues with dullness of career mode, the main problem is that the boxed P-47 has little to do with the real real P-47. Some say that Luftwaffe was outnumbered during that time period. Okay, but what about Hub Zemke's reids in 1943? If real P-47 was like the boxed version no one would've returned from those missions. Set up a QMB duel against the P-47 and choose Ju-88. You'll be surprised how helpless the P-47 is in this game I suggest trying P-47 in other sims. For example I have no issues fighting 109s and 190s in P-47 in 1946 or DCS.
  7. This. And also a bit of common sense. P-47 cannot be as awful as the boxed version.
  8. I never claimed to be a pro flier, however I have no problem dogfighting successfully against 109s and 190s in a P-47 at any altitude in DCS and 1946. AI in both of those sims is way more advanced and challenging than in Box. When it comes to Box, I can run circles around the AI P-47 when I'm flying a Ju-88🤷‍♂️
  9. I don't think that boxed version which is not a match even for a Ju-88 let alone 109s and 190s is a real representation of P-47.
  10. It feels alright, a big, heavy but quite capable fighter that can put up a fight against 109s or 190s even down low, instead of being completely helpless.
  11. Also, notice how great fire and smoke effects in CloD are. They look better than even the new DCS effects.
  12. That's what I can say about boxed P-47, although I'd replace "a bit" with "a lot", lol. I cannot imagine how any encounter with enemy aircraft IRL wouldn't turn out to be a complete disaster for the Jug with the way it's modeled there. DCS version on the other hand feels quite believable.
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