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  1. I flew with 'Guse back in the mid 2000s and we were team mates with Team USA (TUSA). Lost touch with him when I retired and quit flying for 5+ years. Great guy and I am sad to hear of his passing. RIP Monguse!
  2. For what it's worth, I flew the original thru 1946 from about 2004 to 2009. The last stint as TUSA_Gypsy flying matches against other "countries", but I always flew Allied and no matter the squad, Gypsy. Just returned about 6-8 months ago.
  3. Nevermind. Found the problem. This version (or maybe the game in general) doesn't get along with MSI's Gaming App. I was using in CLoD and DCS to run a slight overclock on my MSI GTX1060. Shut the app off and the game launches and works just fine. I don't notice the difference between the stock clock and the overclock anyway.
  4. Since the 3.001 update, game CTD every time I try to start a "mission" whether it be quick, career, etc. Offline or online makes no difference. Have deleted and re-downloaded the updates folder numerous times. Just completed an 18hr ordeal of uninstalling and downloading the entire game and it worked once. After it worked the one time, I shut my PC down, came back and relaunched everything as usual, trackIR, MSI gaming app, fan controller, etc. Although I bought and downloaded from the IL2 site, Steam is running in the background, always has been. On game relaunch, it crashes to desktop either at the login screen (rare) or when I try to start after selecting any mission. Always the same error about something going wrong (their words) and reporting it to Microsoft and then given no option except to shut the game down. Not sure where to go from here except to abandon this game. I wanted to get Kuban, but if I can't get Stalingrad to work, not sure that would be wise. CLoD works fine, DCS works fine. PC is a home built (by me) of fairly new origin and everything checks good. I have cleaned up all SSDs and done what I can to keep a fairly clean PC. I am on a 50mb fiber connection hard wired to the router. Looking for ideas on where to go from here in my search to make this work. Thanks.
  5. My game will launch from either the launcher of from the file directory. When I select any type of mission and try to start, I get "an error has occurred and the game is shutting down". I have deleted the update folder, let it do another update and still have the problem. Game worked fine before this update and it worked one time (after many crashes for the same reason) yesterday. Ideas?
  6. Copper, you don't need no stinkin' badges. And I got the P-40 download sorted.
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