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  1. Your technical expertise on this matter absolutely exceeds mine. I just think we‘re „missing the forest for the trees“ when we say that an AS isn’t likely because of what you mentioned, whereas the bigger issue is that this plane needs something more than just a canopy and MW-50 to differentiate it from the G6 CP and G14, respectively. I totally understand that this plane could basically just be a CP G6 (w/Erla canopy) with the justification that new players to the GB series need a 109. However, I believe that Jason knows that his core of supporters bought both BoBP and the G6 CP in the past. A G6/AS (I.e. a G6 Late with DB-605AS and, ideally, DB-605ASM as available engine mods) is an excellent answer to this issue.
  2. If they can clip the wings of the spitfire and add various canopy options to aircraft, the cowling is 100% doable.
  3. Good idea, and whether or not one is a „fan“ of the 109 shouldn’t matter when considering this.
  4. What’s his speed, and what’s yours? The pursuit curve you’re on has nothing to do with the G you’re pulling. You could be pulling 9 Gs with your nose in lag... Edit: grammar
  5. You’re right, it’s not a big deal. A G-6/AS makes sense from historical (BoN + BoBP), gameplay, and sales standpoints. Not sure what people think they’re going to lose by including it.
  6. I bought the 9, I'm going to hold off on the 9T (since I'll probably fly it a handful of times in the QMB, if ever). What I'm really hoping for is improved cockpit textures over the Yak-1 / 1b.
  7. I wanted to quote this so that some people can read it again. I'll leave it at that. And as the family's December budget is finalized with money for BON and collector's planes added in, I'm off to make that purchase...
  8. What’s the weight difference between the D-22 and the D-28? Is the D-22 just your run-of-the-mill overweight gal, or are both obese?
  9. D-22 for sure. If it’s good enough for the fellow in my avatar, who am I to disagree.
  10. This is fantastic news. I understand the excitement for the Pacific, but leaving Western Europe after one installment would have been a shame. As Shamrock said, this map will link wonderfully to BoBP. A Mossie and Typhoon and Me-410 will make fantastic tactical bombing platforms. American Razorbacks are a huge wish granted as well. And given that I seem to always go back to LW birds over time, the late G6 and A6 will be great and ensure that scenarios can remain historical. I’m excited to fly Western Europe online where every fighter isn’t boosted into oblivion (150 octane, K4, etc.). @Jason_Williams, God bless you and your team for the passion you bring to projects like this, and don’t let the (somewhat understandably) disappointed pilots ruin the enthusiasm for this.
  11. Regarding the Dora, what’s the proper way to set the temp for cowl flap actuation? I’ve left it at the default in quick missions (as the specification tab seems to recommend) and the cowl flaps are open pretty much right from the start of my flight, even at reduced power settings. Am I missing something, or does the Jumo just run really hot? Also, was the A8 cooling ever fixed?
  12. I’ve owned a Vive Pro, pimax 5K+, Index, and Reverb. Vive Pro: great OLED screens, but terrible lenses. Pass. Pimax: FOV is great but it’s expensive, FOV stretches resolution (pixels per degree) out, and janky PiTool software. It also gave me a headache no matter how much I fooled with IPD (their IPD calibration is off to say the least). Index: great all around, phenomenal audio. FOV is a good, LCD screens are of high quality (not much color loss compared to Vive Pro). This is my current favorite despite the lower resolution compared to Reverb. Reverb: resolution is great, but that’s it. Smaller FOV than the others, built in audio is poor, and lenses are decent (meaning the “sweet spot” is small). The resolution bump between the index and reverb (with the former supersampled to the latter’s resolution) is noticeable, but honestly isn’t THAT big of a deal to me personally. LCD colors seem a bit more washed out than the index. I used the Reverb for about 6 weeks but I’m now back to the index. Both are great VR HMDs and, money permitting, I think the choice is between these two.
  13. Battle of (whatever gets us a Typhoon and Mosquito), please.
  14. Yes, move the SS slider up to 2160 x whatever (steam won’t let you set exactly 2160 for both). 188% on video tab, or 188% for il2 if video is set to 100% (just double check the resolution per eye if you choose the second option).
  15. Can your pc handle running the headset at its native 2160x2160? That’d be ideal. As far as the mist comment, I agree. VR isn’t as vivid as on the monitor. The OLED panels in the Vive Pro help a bit. When using my reverb the world looks a bit more dull. The Index is somewhere between the two.
  16. VR experts, What's the latest on SS vs AA after the latest updates? I'm currently running a slight bit of SS (very modest 130% with a Vive Pro) with 4x AA. I have a 2080 so I'm not even sure it matters all that much, but the 90 FPS goal is always there. Some other questions as well: Can anyone notice a difference between 2x and 4x AA in game? I'm trying to decide the cost vs benefit and honestly I have trouble discerning the difference (AA off is very apparent though) Landscape filter: OFF vs Blurred vs Sharp. I understand Blurred is good for spotting, but (from a performance perspective), which is "worst" looking and which is "best" looking? Is OFF ideal and blurred/sharp some sort of compromise, or is OFF the baseline and blurred and sharp get progressively better from there? What's the difference between horizontal draw distance and distant landscape detail? Many thanks.
  17. Interesting discussion. I'm finding the career mode a refreshing break from all of this. MP is great, but the airfield attack mission I flew last night in my beloved P-47 felt just like the footage you see on youtube, and made me forget all about folks arguing over the nth degree of performance for each aircraft. (Side note: I'm guilty of this too).
  18. Hello fellow VR enthusiasts, When focusing on optical infinity (everything beyond the cockpit for all intents and purposes), my VR headset presents me with one unified image. Inside the cockpit is mostly the same as well. However, gunsights have always been an issue. It is quite straining on the eyes to "merge" the gunsight (not the projected sight, but the hardware piece itself) into one image. The gunsight is obviously dimmed as well, hence the need for tools like the migoto mod to project it in just one eye and much brighter. Has anyone had luck with somehow adjusting the perspective so gunsights are a bit less disorienting? It seems to me the K-14 style (gyro) sights are best, the Spit gunsight isn't too bad, the P-47 sight is annoying, and the P-38 gunsight is awful. I've started flying the P-38 more so I'm especially motivated to figure this out now. Thanks in advance.
  19. Yes, something is wrong. The P-38 we have in this game is a total beast. It has an excellent climb rate and outstanding low-speed, nose high handling (especially the zero-torque part). The armament is great as well. The only reason I personally don't fly it a whole lot is because I love the P-47 and P-51 more. The P-38 is one of those aircraft that I love the look of from the outside, but hate the view from the cockpit (even though it's one of the top modelling jobs in the game). The 109 is a respectable opponent for the P-38 in a level to climbing fight. Going downhill, I'd rather be in a P-38. The 190 is pretty easier to out-maneuver in the classic dogfighting sense, unless you misjudge closure and overshoot as the 190 uses its roll-rate advantage against you. When (virtual) pilots are getting out-powered (as you described) by enemy aircraft, and when the performances differences aren't all that significant, what typically is happening is players are using all their energy to get their nose pointed in the general vicinity of the bandit, and then when the bandit tightens his turn or goes uphill, you can't follow because you're out of energy. If the 190 is out turning you or out-powering you, this is almost certainly what is happening. If you want technical advice, with a P-38 vs the Luftwaffe, here's what I'd personally recommend: - Neutral merge versus a 109: force fight single circle, focus on getting behind the bandit first (rather than just trying to pull him into your gunsight), then kill the bandit - Neutral merge vs a 190: two circle, out-rate, kill. As for the rest of your questions: - The P-38 turns quite well. The safest tactic is always to bounce your enemy while remaining undetected and with an energy advantage, but I'd be fine turning in the Lightning vs just running away half way across the map. I have no desire to force a treetop turn fight though, ever. - Fighting in the vertical...if you mean trading airspeed for altitude and altitude for airspeed to remain in an offensive perch type position, then yes. Some folks think just turning and burning in the vertical is more sophisticated though, but it's not. Turning in the vertical versus a co-energy bandit that can also maneuver in the vertical isn't significantly different than flat turns, you're just fighting gravity on the way up and have gravity's help on the way down. - 109 K4 is a beast. I don't know that anyone considers it over modeled though. - Check out Requiem's video on the P-38 for engine management. Good luck!
  20. After 3 Eastern Front titles, it'd be nice to have just one more Western Europe title before moving on. Something 1943 with Razorbacks and Typhoons would be fantastic. After that, I'd be happy with anything (PTO please).
  21. 150 would be greatly appreciated for the P-47. Has anyone investigated the control stiffening above 400 MPH in the P-47?
  22. Didn't want to make a new topic about this, so "late war axis fighters" is close enough. When using the D9 in the QMB, I notice that the cowl flaps open almost immediately when in combat or emergency power. They open nearly all the way pretty quickly. My understanding is that these systems are automatically managed, and I believe Requiem (or someone else's) videos mention that you can set the temp threshold for when they open. Does anyone have any more details on this or a "best practices" for this to maximize its performance?
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