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    Like someone else said, I find the Tempest to be "blackout city" given the control authority! If you could compare the G between the two (my understanding is that there is software that allows this), you'd probably appreciate even more the control authority aircraft like the 190, Tempest, Mustang, and (apparently) the Yak have. And the disadvantage the 109 is at. I know I sure do. It'll be interesting to see over time if pilots end up preferring the 109 based off the reduced control authority at speed, which leads to fewer blackouts. My post was in response to this part specifically: If you read what I said again, you'll probably find that it 1) is true, 2) is helpful to those who may not understand the relationship between maneuver entry speed and G and 3) doesn't require a "sarcas[tic]" response from you.
  2. In our sims at work, pilots constantly over-G. These as experienced pilots with anywhere from 100 to 1000+ hours in the platform. Why? Because there’s no “feel” in a sim. No seat of the pants sensation. Folks are pulling a lot more G than they think and are surprised now that they’re actually paying for it. Even if the current model has its flaws (maybe it does, I haven’t gone through every scenario yet) it’s far closer to reality than in the past.
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    If you feel like you’ve lost your turn advantage, you’ve been turning at too high of an airspeed in the past. Max sustained rate should be around 270-ish kph in a Yak for example. You’re nowhere near physio g limits at that speed. Folks flying around at high speeds and expecting to be able to out-turn a foe just because their aircraft is generally more maneuverable is what is getting people in trouble. Every aircraft has a limit, it’s just that now we finally have the guy in the cockpit with a more realistic limit as well.
  4. I have no doubt that someone here knows the answer to this... When did the Mustang go from the external round mirror to the internal rectangular one along the canopy rail? (an example of what I'm referring to is seen in the Kermit Weeks video that is frequently posted)
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    DCS news

    I’m sure I’m missing out on quite a bit, but I just fly the Spitfire and P-51 in DCS. Content is a bit lacking, but I really love flying around on the Normandy map in the Spit. The cockpit is stunning and it runs surprisingly smooth for me in VR. The only jet I ever got into was the MiG-21. What a great module.
  6. I have switched to Sharp for terrain as well, given that the new spotting system makes blurred unnecessary. I also noticed that my dynamic resolution option somehow ended up at 0.5 which was ruining my in-cockpit experience. I was thrown off because when editing settings with VR disabled, it’s greyed out. Still, bad on me for not checking. The experience is better overall now, but still not as sharp as some “other” game. Not sure what’s going on. Hoping to enjoy my Tempest in all its glory soon enough!
  7. I hope so. Comparison reports put the IX and XIV pretty similar in terms of top speed until high altitude, where the XIV walks away. Does anyone know their cruise speed / “fast cruise” speed numbers? The IX with 25 lbs is fast wide open, but it’s speed at continuous power is a bit underwhelming.
  8. It seems that these two birds are the queens of high speed cruise, high top speed, great visibility, and good overall maneuverability on the Allied side. The Tempest gets the brutal power of 4 Hispanos, while the Mustang gets the K-14 sight. Both are tough opponents for LW piston engine and jet engine fighter(s) alike. So, whether it’s numbers based or just what you enjoy when not staring at an excel sheet competition, which of these two are you enjoying more, and why? (This is meant to be a fun conversation; please keep it light). Wildcard: if you prefer the P-38 or P-47 more, why? (I left the P-38 out initially because despite being great in game, there were obviously some issues with it historically in the ETO).
  9. Yeah, I’m not sure how people are claiming that an in-game software IPD adjustment is making the graphics better.
  10. Is there anything in the change log indicating that the 109s FM was tweaked for a single patch iteration that lasted what...a day or so?
  11. You deserve a “commendable” for viewing smoothness! Usually VR videos are tough to watch. Do you agree that cockpits don’t look quite as high quality in VR as they do when playing back on a monitor? The Spit IX cockpit looks quite nice in your video, but in VR it looks just OK to me (compared to another title at least...).
  12. I suppose this explains why the Reverb doesn’t have as much of a “wow” factor when switching between it and a Vive Pro and Index. I test them all periodically.
  13. I'd like to know this as well. My IPD is 68, which is close enough to the Reverb's 67 max. But with these settings, can I bump it out to 68 within IL2?
  14. If you're using an old version of the migoto mod, get the latest one. Otherwise, just cycle through the reflector mods until you get back to the stock one and it'll show up.
  15. Can you let me know the source for this information? My understanding is the following, and I would be genuinely surprised if the numerous sources I’ve read are wrong: - Brits asked for additional P-40 production from NAA. - NAA says “we can do one better” and designed the P-51. - P-51 becomes a tremendous performer below 15,000 ft; above that I guess it could be called “crap.”
  16. Your post starts out laughably incorrect, but gets less incorrect over time. Good job I suppose? I only bring this up because there are multiple posts here that have the Mustang’s history all wrong. Where are people getting this stuff? The Brits paid for it when NAA pitched the idea and sold it, came up with the name Mustang (yup that was a pretty good one), and decided it was worthwhile to put a Merlin in it (the USAAF independently wanted the same thing). The rest was thanks to the fine folks over at NAA and their subcontractors.
  17. Regarding speed, is the Mustang’s top speed appreciably faster than the 25 lb boost Spit? I don’t doubt that the Mustang can cruise a whole lot faster (and the Tempest is amazing in this regard at low to medium alt), but the 25 lb Spit is pretty quick at full grunt.
  18. Does this have anything to do with the FPS target multiplier? That may not be the exact name, it’s the setting which goes from 0.5 to 1.0. I believe it’s new.
  19. Pre

    Spit 25Lbs

    Wow, what a beast... Any chance you have similar charts for max speed and cruise speed?
  20. Hello, Im nearly finished with The Big Show and would love to learn more about flying fighters in the RAF during WWII. The Spitfire and Tempest would top the list if any books recommended are airplane-specific. Looking forward to your recommendations.
  21. Rudder trim first, then aileron trim if needed.
  22. Up front: let’s enjoy the update and not nitpick the physio stuff before it’s even out. We’ll have to see how it’s actually implemented. With that said, the modern day AGSM (in most western air forces) is comprised of two parts. Lower extremity tensing and a breathing technique (short breath exchange). For the lower extremities, the abdominal muscles, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and even calves (if you can remember to do so) are tensed. It’s particularly effective with a G suit because it gives you something to “push back” against. I personally can’t remember to tense everything at once (despite thousands of attempts) so just focus on my abs, glutes, and upper legs. If I start to experience light loss, the glutes are typically what I’m forgetting and I focus on that. Squats in the gym are a fighter pilot’s best friend (but I doubt there was much targeted exercise going on in WWII, more on this later). The breathing part is a short breath exchange. The idea is to take an initial breath to fill your lungs about 2/3 full (not all the way). This provides some pressure on your thoracic cavity (specifically the heart) and helps keep you awake. Breathing under G is very difficult, so much so that modern masks have a positive pressure system. Once under G, you have to work to exhale, while O2 pressure greatly assists inhalation. In order to keep pressure on your heart, a short breath exchange is performed so that you don’t exhale completely, but can still get some oxygen while fighting. This is why prolonged fights at >5-6 Gs are so miserable. Personally, I feel like I’m drowning. It’s pretty awful after about 30”. Much of this likely wasn’t even considered in WWII (and was probably explored as G suits came online). I can’t say for sure and don’t have any sources, but talking with our aerospace physiology officers leads me to believe this technique is a post-WWII development. Still, the rest of the update coming soon makes this issue such a minor point, and I’m sure the team will tweak their physio model over time anyway.
  23. I had the Index for 5-6 weeks before trying the Reverb. It's great. I'm glad I got to try both (and tried a Pimax 5k for 2 weeks, and had a Vive Pro first), and have settled on the Reverb. I prefer the higher resolution over FOV. I'll stick with higher resolution and wait for FOV to catch up over time, rather than chase FOV now and wait for resolution to catch up. You'll likely be happy with either one though.
  24. Consumer edition is now $499 on their website. I wanted the leather face cushion, but not for $150 more. https://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/hp-reverb-virtual-reality-headset Unless you already have lighthouses and really want the refresh rate of the Index, this is likely your best bet. If you wear glasses, you won't even notice the increased FOV because you'll have to back the lenses away in the Index. I don't wear glasses but still had to back them away a bit because of my face (always knew it was messed up, didn't need the reminder), so I only notice a slight loss in FOV, which is easily worth it for the clarity.
  25. Any bets on MP player numbers after BoBP? Not just total numbers (although that will be interesting to see), but the blue side / red side numbers. I feel the balance may shift slightly from a surplus of 109/190 drivers to Mustang/Tempest/Lightning jockeys (with some Spits and Jugs for good measure).
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