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  1. I am not an eye doctor. This is not a scientific poll. I am interested in the impact VR is having (if any) on eyesight. I run the VR program in my USAF squadron (real world), which is part of my motivation for asking this. ________________________ Although VR screens are quite close to your face, the lenses allow your eyes to “relax” like they do when viewing objects in the distance. Some people have anecdotally reported improved eyesight when using VR for extended periods of time. Please respond with any experience you’d had with VR when it comes to your vision — whether it’s just something you’ve noticed or it’s been actually measured by an optometrist.
  2. Leave jokes about .50s killing Panzers etc outside of this discussion. I’m looking to tap into the expertise on this forum regarding the strafe effectiveness of a set of .50s (6 or 8 ) vs the 20mm Hispanos (2 with 2x 50s like on our IX Spit, or 4x on the upcoming Tempest). Given the total number of bullets sent to the target, penetration (giggity) capabilities, and total amount of ammunition available, my guess would be [2x Hispano + 2x .50s] < [6-8 .50s] < [4x Hispano], but that’s a complete guess.
  3. “There is no replacement for displacement.” Except forced induction, or course. Better yet, both!
  4. I may have missed it in the last 20 pages...but will our variant have the K-14 gyro gunsight as an option?
  5. Hmmm...not sure what this has to do with spotting in IL2 after the first sentence. Dawkins? Harris? Is that you?
  6. Everyone’s losing it over the Tempest and I’m just over here waiting for the Mustang... Jokes aside, great job team. The DD was knocked out of the park and I have no doubt that BoBP will turn out to be one of the greats in flight sim history.
  7. VR steps: - Bind a key for VR recenter - Use that key - Look around like in real life The scale is 1:1, you're meant to move 1:1, stop using keys after you center yourself. If you want to zoom, that's another story. The game sorta has VR zoom, but there's a mod out there that really enhances this.
  8. FIRST!...dang it, no...SECOND! Ok I’ll go read it now 😄
  9. I started on a Vive Pro and went to the Index. Love it. Tried the Pimax too. Great FOV but my eyes were strained after using it, despite lots of fiddling with IPD (it got better but never went away). If you want to save some money, the Gear VR lens mod is great. I would have kept that but my eyebrows line was cut into by the 3D printed adapter. Note that I have to move the Index lenses out a bit too (no glasses, just bone structure) but it’s way more adjustable on the Index so my FOV is close to max vs 90-100 deg on the Vive with GearVR lenses. I tried the Reverb at work in P3D as well. It’s a great unit and surprisingly comfortable for me, but definitely a slightly smaller FOV (noticeable). It would be a great option if I didn’t prefer the index and if I didn’t already have base stations. Hard to go wrong with either Reverb or Index for the next 12-18 months IMO. Anything better probably requires an appreciable leap in hardware. Oh, almost forgot: Index audio is pretty amazing.
  10. Axis: 109 G6. I’m one of the few that likes the look of the 13mm gun bulges, and I enjoy the challenge of fighting in it compared to the earlier F4/G2/G4 (its contemporaries perform quite a bit better). The Mk108 option makes for some interesting results too. Allies: P-47. I get that the FM needs some fine tuning, but it’s just an awesome plane to fly, and the 8x .50s make it really fun to fight in. I love the polished aluminum as well. Not sure if the P-51 will become my new favorite or just supplement it. Someone else mentioned how VR changes cockpits. Totally agree. The FW-190 cockpit goes from a canopy framed mess (looking forward that is) to simply awesome when flown in VR. The Spitfire cockpit goes from dull (just my opinion) to exciting in VR as well.
  11. Hello, Index user here. Many thanks for your mod. I was tuning the zoom convergence this weekend, and the global & goggle convergence didn’t do anything for me (up and down worked though). So, I swapped to IPD and was able to get the zoom convergence dialed in. However, did I break my “world scale” by doing this? It still looks OK to me, but it seems like the way I adjusted everything is different from everyone else.
  12. Fenris, Thanks for all the work you’ve done. I’ve poured over this thread and a few others to get my Index set up. Are these the settings you’re still using, or have you continued to update the settings in your first post? A few questions either way, if you don’t mind... - when you say SS off, I’m assuming SteamVR set to 100%? - My system seems fine running up to 150 SS and 4x AA...but a setting like this seems suboptimal for spotting. More SS hurts spotting, got that...does AA hurt as well, or not so much? - I tend to get ASW kicking in sometimes. I’ve set my Index to 120 Hz so I can maintain at least 60 FPS, which has worked well (unrestricted I’m currently getting 70-80 right now but not a full 90). I don’t mind 60 FPS...is anything about this “hurting” my performance though? - It sounds like blurred terrain and HDR on / bloom off are some of the biggest aids in spotting that don’t also ruin how the cockpits and the rest of the game look. Is this correct? Seems like this is half the battle...(especially since less SS helps with spotting but worsens ID). Last issue: sometimes when looking at certain angles (bandit >45 deg off the nose), there’s some double-image that forms (a second bad guy overlapped with the first, semi transparent). I’m not learned enough with graphics to know what this is called, but what is it and any idea on how to fix it? Thanks again.
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