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  1. The reality, as you put it, is that something isn’t quite matching reality.
  2. I know you’re not new around here, but I’ll still say that responses like “just take (some number well below full fuel)% and you’ll be good” without ever reflecting on reality are the norm on this forum. I once saw a guy here tell another guy (who had significant real-world tail dragger experience) that taxiing was fine as-is, and that he just needed to trim the rudder out to taxi at 10-15 knots in a straight line. I’m serious.
  3. P-47 has the same issue. The new Razorback is going to suffer from the same thing. Greg’s videos have tons of data on its elevator effectiveness, as does America’s Hundred Thousand (talking about the Thunderbolt here). It’s simply wrong in this game, as is the Mustangs. There’s no evidence as to why the Tempest is the only plane with incredible elevator authority at speed, while others lack it.
  4. GP*


    The DCS P-47 is the first combat sim I’ve flown that has done this girl any justice...and it’s not even done yet. We’ll see how the DM and refined engine ops limits turn out, but I’m cautiously optimistic. Alternating between the Spitfire (also fantastic) and the P-47 on the channel map in VR has been my favorite flight sim experience yet. Regarding the channel map, yes it is tough on PCs. I hope it gets tuned over time to run a bit more smoothly. But if we can take a break from discussing its performance and focus on the content provided, I must say, it’s an epic map. A quick personal story: in 2018 I was returning from a deployment in the ME; the first leg of the return was from our deployed location to RAF Lakenheath. After crossing over France (over 6 hours later), I finally got to see history’s most legendary aerial battleground. Flying over Normandy, the Channel, the Cliffs of Dover, and then souther England was a dream come true in its own right. Our 6-ship was also greeted by more enthusiast photographers than I’ve ever seen in my life...very cool. Anyway, back to DCS: after a sortie fighting a few 190s in a Spit, I started to RTB and traded some altitude for airspeed to separate away from a few 109s that were close by. After clearing my 6 and looking forward, the view of the Channel and southern England matched up so close to reality (even the cloud cover that day) that I had an immediate flashback. It was easily one of the most enjoyable sim moments I’ve had in recent history.
  5. The DCS P-47 is very much early access...but it’s already a masterpiece. And flying the 47/51/Spit on the new Channel map...be still my heart!
  6. Your technical expertise on this matter absolutely exceeds mine. I just think we‘re „missing the forest for the trees“ when we say that an AS isn’t likely because of what you mentioned, whereas the bigger issue is that this plane needs something more than just a canopy and MW-50 to differentiate it from the G6 CP and G14, respectively. I totally understand that this plane could basically just be a CP G6 (w/Erla canopy) with the justification that new players to the GB series need a 109. However, I believe that Jason knows that his core of supporters bought both BoBP and the G6 CP in the past. A G6/AS (I.e. a G6 Late with DB-605AS and, ideally, DB-605ASM as available engine mods) is an excellent answer to this issue.
  7. If they can clip the wings of the spitfire and add various canopy options to aircraft, the cowling is 100% doable.
  8. Good idea, and whether or not one is a „fan“ of the 109 shouldn’t matter when considering this.
  9. What’s his speed, and what’s yours? The pursuit curve you’re on has nothing to do with the G you’re pulling. You could be pulling 9 Gs with your nose in lag... Edit: grammar
  10. You’re right, it’s not a big deal. A G-6/AS makes sense from historical (BoN + BoBP), gameplay, and sales standpoints. Not sure what people think they’re going to lose by including it.
  11. I bought the 9, I'm going to hold off on the 9T (since I'll probably fly it a handful of times in the QMB, if ever). What I'm really hoping for is improved cockpit textures over the Yak-1 / 1b.
  12. I wanted to quote this so that some people can read it again. I'll leave it at that. And as the family's December budget is finalized with money for BON and collector's planes added in, I'm off to make that purchase...
  13. What’s the weight difference between the D-22 and the D-28? Is the D-22 just your run-of-the-mill overweight gal, or are both obese?
  14. D-22 for sure. If it’s good enough for the fellow in my avatar, who am I to disagree.
  15. This is fantastic news. I understand the excitement for the Pacific, but leaving Western Europe after one installment would have been a shame. As Shamrock said, this map will link wonderfully to BoBP. A Mossie and Typhoon and Me-410 will make fantastic tactical bombing platforms. American Razorbacks are a huge wish granted as well. And given that I seem to always go back to LW birds over time, the late G6 and A6 will be great and ensure that scenarios can remain historical. I’m excited to fly Western Europe online where every fighter isn’t boosted into oblivion (150 octane, K4, etc.). @Jason_Williams, God bless you and your team for the passion you bring to projects like this, and don’t let the (somewhat understandably) disappointed pilots ruin the enthusiasm for this.
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