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  1. Go_Pre

    DCS news

    Totally relatable. Sounds like a fun experience! I was mostly poking fun at those who said they wanted a 16D first, which is funny to me. In the USAF at least, 2 seaters are training only (although they are often fully mission capable and at least 1 is typically assigned even to CAF units). When qualified pilots fly them, they usually don’t take a back-seaters unless it’s an incentive ride for someone.
  2. Go_Pre

    DCS news

    Cool news wrt the F-16 module. Lol @ all the NARPs who want a 2-seater first. “I really wish there was another dude in this jet with me.” Said no Viper driver ever.
  3. More opinions and techniques for zoom have already been offered than your simplified explanation so no, clearly not “end.”
  4. Yep, I’ve never much cared for arguing over the finer points of aircraft durability given that this is a GAME. While I’m not dismissing it*, as far as I’m concerned, if the bandit achieves a gun solution on me, I’ve already lost the fight. I’ve nothing for the virtual pilot who soaks up MG and cannon fire, keeps fighting, and neutralizes the fight just because his damage and flight models are generous, and he never has to deal with the same fear that real WWII aviators encountered. I haven’t experienced much of this in this latest iteration of IL2, but it was quite present in FB. (Classic example: FW-190 vs La-7 in FB. If you have to ask, you’re new here.) * I am sympathetic to the argument that the P-47 should be demonstrably more rugged than some of its adversaries, though...just not comically so.
  5. Agreed. Some around here freak out and treat it as a personal attack when folks critique various aspects of the sim. Criticism, as long as it’s constructive, should be embraced — it makes the game better for everyone. Of course there are examples of rude and aggressive remarks towards the sim, but they’re easily identified, are typically from the usual suspects, and should be ignored.
  6. Very true, it’s not until MW50 territory that the WEP timers get generous for Axis aircraft. All the more reason everyone should be on board for this.
  7. If the devs want current American / USAAF-airplane-enthusiast players to recommend this game to their fellow American / USAAF-airplane-enthusiast friends, issues like this need to be fixed. Yes, I’m saying that the devs getting more $$$ from our market is dependent upon them getting this right. No one is asking for uber performance, just a bit of common sense when it comes to interpreting flight manual limits and historically-correct fuels.
  8. Regardless of where this goes, your avatar is pure gold.
  9. How is the high speed handling of the K4? Improved at all, or standard 109?
  10. I thought I saw videos by a guy with the same name when the game was first released...
  11. If you’re below corner, you can’t over-G as you mentioned. Applying sufficient aft stick pressure once you start the split S will hold the airspeed constant — induced drag will prevent the airspeed from increasing, yes even at open throttle. This is well short of the AoA required to enter an accelerated stall, in case that was a concern. (If you have a FF stick or could feel the buffet on the airframe, it would feel like a constant rumbling on the stick / in the seat. Even without FF and real life cues, you can hear it in the sim.) So, unless you’re cruising around at compression speeds and that speed is also above corner velocity, you won’t suddenly lose control when entering a Split S. Edit: it’s likely even possible above corner to a certain extent, but not a guarantee in this thought experiment.
  12. ^ An important caveat to supplement what looking only at the math would lead one to believe. Otherwise...well done.
  13. If you are responding to me, you don’t understand what corner velocity is. Can someone do this in the game so we can put this nonsense to rest? A Split S is certainly doable in a P-47 starting at 15,000’.
  14. Please elaborate on how stall speed correlates to instantaneous turn performance.
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