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  1. Here they are: grosfi.ch/dAwXUE4na3W I have made a composite of the two useable Achmer photos. I have added Monchengladbach but it is unfortunately at a very low scale, but good enough to make a good interpretation if you do not have anything better. It is very interesting to see the dispersal areas of Hangelar quite far from the field, at the top of the photo! Cordially JVM
  2. Here comes Eudenbach/Asbach grosfi.ch/WFh8zT9U5v5 And very interesting photos from Alkmaar/Bergen, and camouflage methods on this field...(maybe known photos already...in this case I apologize!) grosfi.ch/6F63vUNPuip
  3. Here you are... grosfi.ch/M5SrJK6NXTc Is this OK? I did not get the other pictures of Babenhausen as they do not bring any additional details; this one is centered on the airfield. As for Wiesbaden, of the two oblique photos this one is the wider encompassing, the other one again does not bring a lot more. You may be however of a different opinion...just tell me! I need 1/4h of work per image.
  4. Hello all! Capitalizing on Beepee find, and because I do have the subscription I got the parts of the full image and reconstituted the full image (2836X2798)...the results are excellent, and you will be able to reproduce the full extent of this airfield, down to the last revetment...Please get it here: grosfi.ch/bRcXj5sKeqN It is not very big (1.4MB). As usual I can help with interpretation. If someone has found another one with a NCAP image, I can do the same (I do not have too much time to check all the potentially NCAP photographed airfield, unfortunately...for instance, Plantlünne is not here...) JVM
  5. It took me a while but I got by from my mess the only wartime photo of Plantlünne I ever found; combine with the actual Google Earth location, I am pretty sure the team will be able to do something quite OK, Plantlünne having been quite an important airfield, especially in 44-45. As usual, I can give assistance in interpretation if needed. JVM
  6. Hello all! The best things I have are four photos (or assemblages of photos); most of them are from 1944, but probably just prior Allies arrival. However they are quite high definition and concerns: Antwerpen Deurne, Evere, Grimbergen and Ghent St Denis. the Antwerpen one is an assemblage I did not finish very well being not very cognizant with the subtleties of AutoPano. The result is still most usable as a reference (very accented pillow effect, but far from the airfield). The other ones are quite OK. Only Evere and Gent are single photos (the Evere one is well known) but very beautiful as they were scanned properly from an WWII Recce original photo. You may download the from here (31MB zip...for four photos!): https://wetransfer.com/downloads/1da1e7ac2fa9d5191f5ab3132549c7af20190504203015/f2ebb2cd8d2d629ac5200d0a7893b49220190504203015/28b14a I have some interesting stuff but from France NW (who said BoB and 1944? 🙂 ...I know very well the real german airfields of the time; I even have photos from these places now...for colours and relief, it is interesting!))? amically JVM
  7. It is very easy to be fooled by identical names...Only way to check is go on the ground and/or to look at aerial of the time or of a short time after and to begin with, to check simple feasibility. The Varvarovka near Sochi cannot seemingly have an airfield judging by the relief there...(Lot of) experience talking...
  8. I guess you are right (these are the limits of photo interpretation if you have no corroborating data!)...So Kerch I is probably the actual Kertch airport (the area SW of village of Voikove (new name of Katerles)).
  9. Edit: Damned I have been too long... For Bagerovo photos are difficult to find. However a careful observation of Google Earth aerial view shows beside and under the monster 1947-1950 russian installation old runways and taxiways which are probably German. There is a surviving hangar which is very typically german.... It would be possible to recretae a close semblance of what the airfield was in 1943. I can probably do that if you want (with a bit of poetic license probably but it cannot be helped) I presume you know the resource already but anyway: For Kersch: http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/aerialmiscellaneous/slides/Kerch%201-1944.html The airfield is bottom right, probably in a not too good shape compared to 1943. It is visibly deactivated at this time (trenches in the middle). the image cuts off its W part, but this area is still undevelopedas of now so GE image would help fill the missing part nicely. For Taman: http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/aerialmiscellaneous/slides/Kerch%201-1944.html I think the airfield is E of the city centered here: 45°12'35.71"N 36°44'40.81"E There is an oblique aerial of Taman: http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/targetrussia/citynamesbeginningt/City%20Names%20TAMA%20to%20TEOF/slides/Taman%20Russia%20%20001.html Details are sketchy but I think I am right. For Krasnodar see here: http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/targetrussia/citynamesbeginningk/citynames-kras-kros/slides/Krasnodar%20%20026.html and http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/targetrussia/citynamesbeginningk/citynames-kras-kros/slides/Krasnodar%20II%20%20018.htm Funnily enough the Germans have named the same airfield Krasnodar as well as Krasnodar II! This airfield has been lost to the town development. The center of the airfield is about there: 45°03'32.61"N 38°57'20.28"E For Krasnodar III aka Pashkovskaya: http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/targetrussia/citynamesbeginningk/citynames-kras-kros/slides/Krassnodar%20III%20%20027.html Google Earth is of no help here urbanization has utterly erased any trace of the airfield (center there: 45°01'52.90"N 39°04'34.51"E) For Abinskaja: http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/targetrussia/citynamesbeginninga/citynames-abascha-ales/slides/Abinskaja%20%20004.html Actual location is 44°53'22.84"N 38°09'46.51"E (not yet totally disappeared) For Adler: http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/targetrussia/citynamesbeginninga/citynames-abascha-ales/slides/Adlert%20%20024.html Location is 43°26'45.22"N 39°56'17.90"E. International airport (Sochi serving airport). For Anapa: www.wwii-photos-maps.com/targetrussia/citynamesbeginninga/citynames-ales-apa/slides/Anapa%20%20150.html and http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/targetrussia/citynamesbeginninga/citynames-ales-apa/slides/Anapa%20%20001.html Actual location: 44°52'19.98"N 37°19'25.16"E (not yet totally erased) There was another airfield known to the germans as Anapa III: http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/targetrussia/citynamesbeginninga/citynames-ales-apa/slides/Anapa%20III%20%20154.html This is the actual location of Krasnyy Kurgan airfield: 44°59'49.26"N 37°20'47.82"E For Maikop I: http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/targetrussia/citynamesbeginningm/citynames-mach-malw/slides/Maikop%20I%20%20017.html and http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/targetrussia/citynamesbeginningm/citynames-mach-malw/slides/Maikop%20I%20%20018.html Still there as old abandoned Soviet era airfield (but with grass runway): 44°38'13.54"N 40°06'21.20"E For Maikop III: http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/targetrussia/citynamesbeginningm/citynames-mach-malw/slides/Maikop%20III%20%20016.html totally erased: 44°36'28.49"N 40°03'54.63"E That will be all for today. I will continue exploring this marvellous site if you are interested... Cheers jvm
  10. Ça fait quand même une sacré jolie carte! Vous croyez qu'on pourra faire une mod JO de Sotchi?
  11. Actually the airfield is still quite visible; you have three of the revetments as they figure on the BoM map there: 55.812198 37.439766 and the remnants of the former runway: 55.814364 37.423592 (it is probably a end-of-war or post-war runway) and even a forever alone a twin-turboprop, maybe an An 24: 55.819096 37.417715 decidedly post-war...
  12. Surpris qu'il n'y ait pas plus de réactions (dès parution! Je ne doute pas qu'il y en aura, une fois lu!)...Il est très intéressant à plusieurs égards... http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/?p=302842
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