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  1. Sorry if this has already been raised, but does anyone else have a bug where the canopy pops off at mission start when you try to close it? Pops off onto the ground, I mean. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, ShamrockOneFive. I see, anyway, that it's quite important to people - I don't really know why - that the scale is 1:1. So I'll leave it there.
  3. You compared it to a real world flight? How? Well, I would believe the developers, of course - but I haven't seen them maintain anywhere that it's 1:1. Can you point me to somewhere? Well, thanks LukeFF, but I would need a little evidence. To be clear, it wouldn't bother me at all if the maps are scaled, but I'd like to know for sure. Easy enough for a dev to inform me, no?
  4. Many reasons to make maps (by which I mean the actual in-game world) as reduced scale models - the most common one given, as I said, is that some people would find it boring to fly real world long distances with nothing happening. I think the maps are scaled because I recall a conversation with the devs about this many. many years ago, when BoS had just been announced. I think I backed it. I recall being told that the map would be 1:2 or something like that. I've searched for the conversation but can't find it, so thought I'd check. The other reason I think the maps are scaled is because flying over places I know, the scale of the buildings looks nothing like those places I know. The buildings look larger vis a vis the distances in the map. You say 'The time it takes to travel on both is the same.' But that's an assumption, I guess? You haven't flown between 2 points in-game and timed it then compared the timings to a real world flight?
  5. Ok! Thanks VTMarvin. But you mean you fly off the in-game map and that the in-game map is 1:1 scale to the in-game world. I realise that. A 10km grid on the in-game map is a 10km grid in the in-game world. But I'm asking about the scale of the in-game world compared to the real world. To test that scale you would have to fly as you have suggested and then compare it to a notional real world flight. No need to be a real world pilot - you could just measure the real world distances and then use the speed used in the game in the maths to get, I suppose, a rough comparison. But I haven't seen anything like that yet. So, I'd still like the devs to state what the scale is, game world to real world.
  6. Mmm. I'm not sure how that would help, Mitthrawnuruodo. Scaling would exist (amongst other reasons - like to save time drawing maps...) to make it take less time to fly from Brussels to Arnhem, say, than in real life (because people might find RL flight times boring). But it's a pretend map, so you would give the distances as being the same as in real life - you would hide the scaling, for immersion purposes. Then you would make the planes the correct size vis a vis buildings, trees, map objects, but double size vis a vis map distances. Is that how it would work? So the acid test would be a comparison of how long it took to fly, say, Brussels to Arnhem in real life, at a given speed, and how long in-game. If they're the same then it's a 1:1 scale. Right? Sorry my maths - or ability to conceptualise this - is so slow.... To test this I would actually have to fly the distance though, in the game, with a timer running in real life, trying to keep the speed constant. Then compare that to a theoretical calculation from a real world map (unless I could actually get into a real world plane and do the same). That would be the only way to test it. Has anyone done that? Seems a hard thing to do. You can't do it theoretically, you have to actually fly it and run a real world timer. And keep your speed constant, and fly a straight line. Etc etc. If no one has actually done this then we don't know. Hence, I'd like a dev to say what the scale is. I've trawled all over for an indication but found none.
  7. So - let me think about this - if the buildings are the right size, say, compared to the air frames, and the time to fly between x and Y is 1 minute in real life and the same in game then the scale is 1:1?
  8. Ok. I'm almost convinced. Thanks for the responses. BUT where are you getting your scale from for the in-game maps? If you're merely taking it from the in game 2d map itself then that doesn't really show anything, I fear. If the distance between x and y in real life is 200km and it is given on the game map also as 200km that doesn't mean that they haven't simply made each km 'in fact' worth 2km in real life, and labelled it as a km. How else would they do a reduced scale map and yet give a good feeling of immersion? They're not going to shorten all the distances. The idea is that we pretend it's real, after all. It would be nice if someone in on the map design could state the facts, because I'm not sure how we, playing the game, would even be able to tell what the scale is. You couldn't even do it by timing a flight between x and y at a certain speed and comparing that to the measurements given in real life because your speed in game is a function of what you are being told the scale is. I think the only way to know for sure would be for them to tell us. Otherwise you rely on a feeling for a comparison of, for example, the height of in-game buildings over a certain distance of map, to give you a feeling of scale. And from that point of view I would say that, for example, in Bodenplatte, Brussels is very very definitely far too small to correspond to the actual space taken up by Brussels in, for example, the excellent 1944 recon photos available at the NCAP library in the UK. What I mean is Brussels (just a random example) might look in game like the total urban area in the landscape is the right size compared to the distance between Brussels and Antwerp say, BUT, the buildings in Brussels in that case all look oversized for that area. Or you might get the same impression flying over fields in the Kuban - not enough fields for that actual geographical area. You can get a feeling for this by comparing with google earth (assuming the fields were roughly the same size as now). But that's just a feeling I get. Not scientific. Like I said, without someone who actually knows telling us what the scaling is then I don't think we can know. And a propos of that, I have a vague memory of discussions about this when BoS was first announced, and I'm almost sure I was told, by someone on the dev team, that the scale was 1:2 or something like that. Could someone on the dev team clear this for us, maybe?
  9. Are you sure? I am almost certain the Stalingrad map is half size, and I assumed everything else was too. The new Boddenplatte map 'seems' half size. Am I just imagining things?
  10. I have forgotten the answer to this, I fear, from long ago - but can someone quickly tell me the scale of the maps in this series - are they half size, or a third size? They're not 1:1, right? Same in Flying Circus? And I assume the new Normandy map will be the same - a kind of reduced version of reality? Thanks.
  11. The bot difference is amazing, I think. For that reason alone - I play only SP - I cannot go back to RoF. But also the map is way more realistic and submersive. I think it's an excellent title, sorry - and I'm hoping more content will follow. PWCG is really excellent, so there's already many more hours than I have time for.
  12. Really? There's a button for a full screen map? Doh. How stupid am I.... Thanks.
  13. Playing with PW's campaign generator now. Very nice. But how would anyone navigate properly (without help) on that little in-flight map? It has 2 settings only (tiny and small...)? Does anyone know if there's a way to zoom on the in-flight map, move around within it, enlarge it? Am I missing a shortcut? Thanks.
  14. RoF discount? I didn't get offered one of those, and bought without on release. Is that discount for all RoF owners?
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