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  1. Thanks, I did not see that. So, I presume that this is an interim measure? It’s ok I guess for flying, but not kool for TC. Still have shimmering shadow under the plane while on the ground
  2. So, after the update from last night, what exactly was supposed to happen? I ran the sim, but saw no change. Tested FXAA - still dorked. Changed various other settings. Best so far is 2xMSAA and I still have flashing ground textures. And, dumb question, but where can I view the version number in-game?
  3. ...Some substantial improvements in the ground war for both the US and UK for both BoN and TC. Period correct ground vehicles, structures, Atlantik Wall, bunkers, trenches, pill boxes, fortifications, tank traps, the dragons teeth we should have gotten with BOBP. Driveable M10/18 tank destroyers, Sherman Firefly’s, Crusader’s, M3 Halftracks, SP 105, 155 Artillery. The capability to add roads, trails, rail lines where they are missing, as well as villages and towns.
  4. 1. Your videocard model. Radeon RX580 Series 8GB 2. Your driver version. 26.20.15029.27016 20.4.2 - Release 4/21/2020 > UPDATED 3. Have you artefacts like on attached screenshots or not (answer "No, I haven't these glitches" - is very important to know too!). Yes 4. Does FXAA to MSAA swithcing solving this issue for you completely? Changed to MSAA. Not completely resolved. Still have ground and shadow texture flickering. 5. Does driver settings reset to Factory settings with choosing default GAME profile after that helps? No, does not help - same as original problem. Resetting to High-2xAA-MSAA seems the best at this time, but stiil have ground and shadow texture flickering. 6. If you're using some kind of graphics mods (migoto, re-shade or something) does turning them off helps you? No graphics mods in use.
  5. Radeon XFX 580 4GB.... Appears to be a trend from postings thus far. I’ll dig into settings tomorrow. Thanks.
  6. This is JUST ONE .50 cal with API...... Imagine 6 of these hitting at 180m convergence. When I see this happen in-game I’ll know it’s right. All the anecdotal/text descriptions in the world don’t replace what the eyes can see.......
  7. Not a pretty sight!!!! This was with Default - High graphics settings. Changed FXAA to MSAA as suggested resolved flickering squares. Still some ground texture/grass flickering going on. Why should I have to change the antialiasing method for Deferred Shading?
  8. Tell me this isn’t a great looking tank sim..... Now, if we could just get all the problems fixed!
  9. At this point, Dump the Elefant, build an M10/18, build a Sherman Firefly, and build a Crusader.
  10. Those screen panels are fantastic- good work!
  11. I believe Vander said a some point in the last month or so that he was/might add this capability to his mission generator....
  12. I first heard about IL2 on Thanksgiving eve 2001 and immediately acquired the “demo” mentioned in a gaming mag. Soon thereafter I learned of the multiplayer group run by none other than Jason Williams and his 777 Squadron and hitched a ride with them as “Redburn” (my Mechwarrior persona at the time) flying P-39’s and such. After a short while, I moved over to Deacon’s 352nd Fighter Group, changed my callsign to “Oscar” and have been there ever since. I’ve flown thousands of hours of multiplayer with so many groups and people I can’t remember them all - some are still with us, and others, unfortunately, are not and I miss them for sure - 19 years is a long time! I wouldn’t trade any of that time for anything. Thanks Oleg and Jason!
  13. Has, or will, this modification been extended to Tank Crew?
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