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  1. 352ndOscar

    B-25 or B-26

    Sorry.... BOTH!
  2. You’ll need to contact the “Deacon” about mission availability....I’m just a lurker......and sometimes crappy pilot.....
  3. Hey Ripper! Thanks for the shout! See you at the next mission session....
  4. Time to face facts.... Whatever computer you are trying to fly IL-2 on is no longer capable of doing so.
  5. Seriously, please give us the capability of saving our aircraft setup configurations! It’s a real pain in the a#$% having to go through a re-pick the options you use all the time every time your going to fly. This is especially important for virtual squadron groups that use the same basic setup each and every time we fly. Example: If I’m flying a P-51, I want a readily available setup/configuration for both fighter sweeps and ground attack (they ARE different) that I can select quickly and then ready up. I don’t like having to spend 2-3 minutes re-selecting the same d$%%^ options/skins each and every time I’m ready to fly. PLEASE Jason - Help us out a little bit! Thanks
  6. More for Normandy http://www.atlantikwall.org.uk/index.htm
  7. Headquarter service locations for Flak-Regiment 155 (W) or (Werfer) (V-1) regiments. https://www.ww2.dk/ground/flak/flargt155.html Osprey publication NV106 “V-1 Flying Bomb 1942-1952” ANYTHING referencing “Operation Crossbow” - Allied bombing campaign against V-1 and V-2 launch sites.
  8. I’d start here.... excellent presentation.
  9. I’d take a M10/M36 any day! Excellent choice....
  10. Love the camo job on that Panther......
  11. Probably a good time to do some reading and research on V1 and V2 operations during WW2 and “Operation Crossbow”....
  12. Single shot from a Sherman into the side nailed me - no problem! PROTECT you’re flanks......
  13. Where can I visually confirm that I have this mod installed correctly? Bases?
  14. Yep, that be great too, but I’m not getting any younger......hope I last. LOL
  15. Yep, definitely going to need some 1944/45 skins for both the Panther and the Tiger for BoN and BOBP maps...... sparkling stuff!
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