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  1. Yes, this is IJN territory. I see no problem with the northwest corner of your map, but the southeast corner would absolutely require the inclusion of Guadalcanal, Savo and Neegela Islands. Without those I could not see a way to me purchasing such a South Pacific Module to IL2: Great Battles.
  2. Updated TC Campaigns Campaigns SHARED.zip
  3. “In late 1942, numbers of early-production American M1 bazookas were captured by German troops from Red Army forces who had been given quantities of the bazooka under Lend-Lease.“ They were available to some units at Kursk. They also acquired the UK PIAT through the Lead Lease Program, though I can pin it down to an exact date in 1943 - maybe before Kursk or after.......
  4. I think some of you guys might be over-reaching just a bit......
  5. The bazooka went into service in 1942.
  6. Check your key mapping assignments and verify the Command Menu is set to the “~” Tilde Key.
  7. Please note, if you are using the gpresets from the Clouds mod, you will want to probably make changes to THAT file as it contains modified settings already.
  8. I choose (1) Normandy setup, and, (2) BoB setup.....
  9. When you get some free time, you need to start a new thread in the Mods section on exactly how you did this: ”In order to make the missions more logical and realistic the attached landscape MOD should be activated. The Rheinland map only includes the Manhay-Houffalize highway. The MOD adds the missing roads to make Baraque de Fraiture and La Belle Haie crossroads in the first place which emphasises the meaning of the location. It adds also textured ground to the new neighbouring villages included in the missions. You may know much better than me how to manage mods. This is what I did: I secured the original “LANDSCAPE_Rheinland_wi” folder by adding the suffix “_initial” and created a backup folder before editing the surface details. In order to make the modified surface files work with your game the suffix “_Fraiture” must be deleted to replace the initial files and the MOD option must be activated. Should work that way...” Kind of A “Step-by-Step” Tutorial.......
  10. Concur. I was in Ferdinand and switched from APHE to HE. I could hear gunner reloading over and over, but would never fire, regardless of range after that point.
  11. We’ve (internal 352nd) been doing a Market Garden mission with air/ground action on the Rhineland map for weeks now without a problem. Some objects have been added to the mission to lend an air of believability. So it is possible.
  12. Please consider addIng key binding option to “Plane Controls” settings for radio channels in future. Please consider adding multi-SRS-server preprogramming (ie Squad SRS, CombatBox SRS, etc) in future. <<DONE Called “Favorites”
  13. Well, this much I discovered.....it’s s-l-o-w. Mission builders that use this need to put it in position from the start and not have it advance too far before engagement. Also, I had problems issuing commands to the gunner - issued tilde, F1,F2,F3, then tilde F2,F6,F3 multiple times and could not get him/her to fire at ranges under 1km....still testing.
  14. Is it me, or did the ground texture get new bump mapping? answered my own question: 73. The ground surface looks more detailed on all summer maps;
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