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  1. Probably a good time to do some reading and research on V1 and V2 operations during WW2 and “Operation Crossbow”....
  2. Single shot from a Sherman into the side nailed me - no problem! PROTECT you’re flanks......
  3. Where can I visually confirm that I have this mod installed correctly? Bases?
  4. Yep, that be great too, but I’m not getting any younger......hope I last. LOL
  5. Yep, definitely going to need some 1944/45 skins for both the Panther and the Tiger for BoN and BOBP maps...... sparkling stuff!
  6. Ally Le Haut Clocher V-1 Launching Site Audincthun V-1 Launching Site Bimont V-1 Launching Site Beauvois V-1 Launching and Storage Site Bellevue V-1 Launching Site Belmesnil V-1 Launching Site Bergueneuse V-2 Storage Site Bois Carre V-1 Launching Site Brunehaut V-1 Launching Site Comette V-1 Launching Site Croisette V-1 Launching Site Domleger V-1 Storage Site Groseillier V-1 Launching Site Gorenflos V-1 Launching Site Gueschart V-1 Launching Site Hesdin La Loge V-1 Launching Site Humieres V-1 Launching Site Huit Rues V-1 Launching Site Ligescourt V-1 Launching Site Lottinghen V-1 Massive Launching Bunker Maison Ponthieu V-1 Launching Site Maisoncelle V-1 Launching Site Mimoyecques V-3 Massive Launching Bunker Nucourt V-1 Storage Site Predifin V-2 Radar Tracking Site Renescure V-1 Storage Site Ruisseauville V-1 Launching Site Roquetoire V-2 Radar Tracking Site Siracourt V-1 Massive Launching Bunker Sautricourt V-1 Storage Site St. Josse V-1 Launching Site St. Remy Aux Bois V-1 Launching Site St. Lue d’ Esserent V-1 Storage Site Thiennes V-2 Launching Site Tammercourt V-1 Launching Site Vacqueriette V-1 Launching Site Val Ygot V-1 Launching Site Yvrench Bois V-1 Launching Sites Watten V-2 Massive Construction and Launching Site Wizerne V-2 Massive Construction and Launching Site Zudausques V-1 Launching Site
  7. You really should do diligent research for these discussions......
  8. Looking from a good time? Looking for some competition? Looking for a family? Come check us out! Hard to believe, but come March 2020 we will be 20 years old as an online fighter squadron. We’ve seen it all. We welcome all homeless pilots......
  9. Love the USA Sherman skins...... Soon?
  10. Just ruminating...... code object visibility as requiring a friendly spotter (in addition to other AI coding), I.e., friendly tank can fire if friendly spotter can see (los) the enemy tank....spotter identifies location, tank fires....whether it can see or not. No spotter, no fire. A platoon of tanks in a tree line can’t see a tank in a field until one of them comes outta the trees and spots the tank, or, another friendly spots for the tank platoon..... just thinking out loud.
  11. I will wear them proudly! Thanks for doing these.....
  12. Even discounting the beachhead issues, there is still plenty of tank on tank action at Saint Lo (Panzer Lehr) or Caen (1/12 SS) to keep any mission builder busy for quite some time.....
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