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  1. To add to BlitzPig_EL’s comment; the total number of German armored vehicles (not including armored cars/half-tracks) on the entire Western Front, not just the Normandy area, on 10 June: 1544 tanks 420 tank destroyers and assault guns 182 self-propelled anti-tank guns 179 captured and converted foreign tanks Not counting British and Canadian Armored Troops, the US had approximately 900 Sherman’s (Armored Divisions and Tank Destroyer Battalions) in Normandy alone on 10 June with more and more landing each day. The numbers were heavily against them.
  2. I’ll reserve opinion on the 109 fix until I see it in game. Very skeptical at this point...... We definitely need the “Tracking Codes” for tanks!
  3. Some of our TC skinners need to get on board with this app..... Looks and works great. Thanks!
  4. 352ndOscar


    Are the two zip files above included in the final, or are they to be added, or are they optional? Thanks....excellent work.
  5. Wacht am Rhine Campaign Introduction ”On September 16, 1944 at 5:30 a.m. the German army launched an offensive in the Ardennes......” ...should read: ”On December 16, 1944 at 5:30 a.m. the German army launched an offensive in the Ardennes......”
  6. 1 - That’s up to Jason and his team, not us. 2 - (1) Servers don’t care - there is no accommodation for transferring skins a la IL2-46. Skins under IL2-46 were relatively small - 1024 if I recall, so uploading and downloading skins during network sessions wasn’t that much of a issue. IL2-GB skins at 2K/4K represent a network load issue considering the map sizes and mission sizes being downloaded for multiplayer as well. (2) Skins are not mods unless created specifically for a JSGME install, so skins are allowed in multiplayer online (as the previous discussion shows). Making th
  7. Could be Kuban-North Africa mod.....
  8. Wildwilly..... if you don’t like it, don’t use it and move on. Simple.
  9. Given the video, you folks had better give us a way to create and designate “landing grounds” that are somewhat smoother than somebodies cornfield.....
  10. Taken by a member of our little band from our Sunday Night session. Really shows this mod in a great light!
  11. “Ok we're releasing TC as Official this Friday the 20th”. Does this mean that Tank Skin Templates will be included?
  12. I have this occurrence as well. Wasn’t paying attention until it was mentioned here. Something is wrong with preloader or like module. When a mission, not the game, is started, the loading screen is now black.....no picture of tanks or planes as before.
  13. @DetCord12B were you planning on doing something for NA like you did with the Tri-Color Disruptive and Hinterhalt-Tarnung mods you did a long time ago?
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