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  1. I was only trying to come up with a solution to squeeze as much progression as possible when you have only a 60min window of flight time 😧
  2. A save mid mission feature would be awesome
  3. Can it be made possible so that once you have played a mission once and failed, you are able to play it again and choose to Warp/Travel to just outside "say 5K short" of the combat/mission zone? I love playing the scripted Campaigns in fact I would say 95% of my time is spent playing them. I'm grateful for the work and detail that the guys put into making them and I love the immersion that you have playing each chapter/mission to make up the links to the stories. What I do have a problem with is being shot down within 15 seconds of entering a combat zone after spending 20
  4. I love, and my spare time loves, the Instant Action you get from the Quick Missions, but there isn't a lot of satisfaction to be had by just carrying out a single objective. Is it possible to stich 3 or 4 Quick Missions together to give an intense 20 - 30mins of gameplay? If not, has anyone tried putting a mini scenario together using just quick missions? ie:- i) Axis Bombing Mission ii) Allied Respond Mission iii) Axis Counter Attack Mission iv) Allied Attack Transport It would be like creating a Scripted Quick Mission !! It would b
  5. Cheers guys for the updates, The patient and respect for the fantastic work this community does is always there Just sometimes you have to give things a little wiggle and see what pops out Bombzey
  6. Can't wait for this campaign, I know it's been with the Testers a couple of weeks now any news of a release date?
  7. Made my day, and my wife couldn't be happier !! 👍
  8. That's what I love about this community, thank you NETSCAPE if others couple do this that would be awesome.
  9. I'm always trying to juggle time to sneak in another single player mission with our fantastic IL-2 As sometimes I find myself with under an hour of playtime I try to find a mission that fits within my time limit. There is nothing worse than having to exit the game when you are flying high and 3/4 through a mission. To judge this I usually look at the distance (km) you need to cover on the map add on 10 mins or so for each element of conflict and this gives me a rough idea of the required playtime. Unfortunately this doesn't always work especially if a good amount of time can b
  10. Sometimes Ladies we just want to get Up there and Hammer it home These missions are the perfect quick burst Thanks Juri Now I think I need to light a cigarette
  11. Great Talent, my kinda missions, Thank you Juri
  12. Please, please, please can we have a 21.9 screen shot of the new map so I can use it as my desktop wallpaper 😎
  13. i) Backed up Missions folder ii) Deleted original Missions folder iii) Created new Missions folder iv) Copied over other original missions (they work just fine) v) Installed new "JM Missions v12" (unfortunately the missions are just not listing?) It's like its a different file version error or something? but I'm pretty sure it isn't? Gonna mow the lawn instead
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