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  1. So for VR you shut in game AA off along with sharpen? What about landscape, blurred or sharp?
  2. A request please 😃 In shiny metal if that's doable.
  3. Given that BOBP has released and there is possibly some new players about that might fancy reading these.
  4. Not that I care what anyone does, but if they dont follow your above statements, then what?
  5. IIRC it was the snowy map with the new aircraft. (I'm sure that is as vague and simplistic as I can make it hah) the air was smooth as glass. From deck to 31k feet. I think it was a stalingrad map that was used? I'll get specifics this weekend.
  6. Has anyone kicked around the idea of adding some turbulent air? The constant glass smooth conditions are kinda stale, in my opinion of course.
  7. I'd like the distance doubled to targets and air bases further apart. That's just me, and I am in no way the barometer.
  8. Are there any plans to put a few targets at much further distances? (For both sides) Seriously, you only have 10 patrons? When I get home from work I'll add another.
  9. And the pissed off wife who's watching whore housewives of Atlanta at a volume that people 3 counties over can hear. Uses voice activated while eating cheetos, has the lung capacity of a blue whale and has the mic 1.2mm away from his mouth and who has a rat dog that is barking as if the end of days is upon us.
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