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  1. You can do that. Make a backup first though.
  2. And then install my Walkman mod for some proper music.
  3. I put together a F14 walkman mod with proper trap tunes. Nothing in the list should be before 1987. Use JGSME or whatever manager you use to install. It will pass MP integrity check. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EnykvGFBMrfmHt3W4vvVYvVr2FOd4OGa
  4. As long as it doesn't compress at 7kft like it did in il21946.
  5. She's a saucey wench! In a cold war plane set, I get all bubbly when I see them load up and go vertical, the kitty likes it in the vertical! Lead turn em down the back side. Manual wing sweep for some knife fighting goodness filled with surprises. But get rough with her on the first date and she'll pimp slap you into some proverse yaw and cherry it with a flat spin. Just the right amount of switchology, but none of it is a crutch. You have to fly this tart through all regimes. Rudders left the port of optional and sailed into mandatory. But she's a proper girl, turn on her ACLS and she'll handle it all with ease right down to a 3 wire. Worth 70 doubloons!
  6. Anytime! They are excellent videos, platoon level explanations.
  7. Isn't a 2060 beefier than a 1080ti? Or is this one of those nvidia things where the 2060 has 3.9% more performance over a 1080x but costs a substantial amount more?
  8. @LukeFF @DetCord12B US Army University Press and the US Army Combined Arms Center developed a multimedia historical documentary of the battle through the lens of current US combat doctrine.
  9. If you go with this build, please update here on how it runs VR. I'm in need of a update this spring and this looks like it would fit the bill.
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