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  1. Finally took the plunge into BoS and despite struggling early on with getting to grips with controls and TIR, i'd love to join a squadron to just have a laugh and learn a thing or two. My current setup is the TIR 5 and the T16000 FCS HOTAS. Would mostly be available in evenings and in weekends! I'm also looking to pick up BoM once I understand the basics in BoS.
  2. Is there an amount that I should start out on? Currently my TIR speed is 1 and Smooth is 25, also would this be something you gradually change over time or is this just a setting that most people use in TIR?
  3. I think the light source indeed was the problem! Would you have any advice on what TIR profile to start out with? I tried to use the Requiem one from the forums but this made me motion sick very quickly. The leaning into the gunsights seems to be a big problem for me, I never can seem to get in a comfortable position to line up accurate shots, the Snap View with f10 centered behind my gunsight alleviates this somewhat, but this leaves me stuck behind my gunsights for the remainder of the flight, is there a button i'm missing to reset the view to standard again? I'm so surprised how smooth everyone uses TIR on the videos I've been watching, I just feel i'm doing something wrong.
  4. As a player that is relatively new to flight sims (less than 30 hours flight time) i'm looking for some advice in dealing with my trackir problems. I've watched many hours of tutorials and written guides online and am dying to get some actual solid flying hours, however my TrackIR 5 is completely preventing me from having fun whatsoever. I'm unable to replicate the ''smoothness'' that I see so many others use their trackIR for, instead of it being a useful immersive tool, I feel like I am constantly fighting my TIR. A few things that I've noticed; 1. I start out in a quick mission (LaGG3), the camera seems to be off center to the right somewhat, this means if I want to use my aiming reticule i'm forced to raise my head up and to the left, is this done on purpose? 2. I use the center key almost constantly, as when I recenter my head, the view always ends up somewhat offkey/unbalanced. 3. When I try to look at an aircraft's instrument panel by looking down and moving my head forward, the view ends up violently moving away from where I want to look, I'm unable to zoom in and get a detailed look. 4. After struggling around in the aircraft for about 30 minutes I've noticed that I noticeably get motion sickness or some kind of vertigo. I currently feel like I'm wasting my time as i'm not fighting the aircraft (and learning from my mistakes), but I'm fighting the TIR system, which doesnt alot me to become immersed or enjoy this brilliant sim at all. Does anyone have any advice for me or could point me in the right direction?
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