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  1. I have just gone from the Odessy + to the Pimax 5k+ with my first real flights today. The Sun glare in the Pimax I would say is 10x worst than the Odessy. In the Odessy I could manage it and still find my folks in formation and such but in the Pimax it completely glares out the FOV and is more or less unplayable in my opinion. I will have to do some settings adjustment still but I do not foresee it changing the sun any unfortunately.
  2. 11/17/2018 on Server. Flying out with Omin hitting production.
  3. I have been playing the career mode and had no issues until yesterday. Now I have flown the same mission 4 times and it will not save, each time it says @statsavefail or something similar. Anyone else having this issue? I did update my GPU drivers yesterday as I was getting alot of FPS drop since the game update. The drivers fixed that problem and now I have this issue, do not know if they would be related or not.
  4. Guessing the stats server is down? It hasn't seemed to update for me since the release.
  5. So got on the server tonight, my first time in multiplayer in this game. I'm in US and its afternoon here so not really anyone on the server, thankfully as this is my first online flight. I like the AI as it allows me to learn in a MP setting. Question though, I took a JU52 to an airfield that said needed 5x cargo to relive 6th armee. I had a good flight and landed at the airfield in the grid with my cargo and then killed my engines and opened the canopy, then exited mission thinking I had delivered the supplies but I apparently did not. What do I need to do to make supply runs in this game/server?
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