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  1. Really i was thinking that the new theatre would be in the Pacific but surprise... and more surprise the C47 will be IA. Are they really hearing us?
  2. Tienes razon Cocho, la verdad es terrible, cuando se van para el suelo, es como si el avion te diera solo el perfil y se hace como mas finito, si no tienes puesto el Zoom al maximo los perdes, esta medio raro a veces pasa que el avion se oscurece y se confunde con el terreno me da la impresion.
  3. Amazing video! love your formations! very professionals!
  4. you are wrong, this attacks happend when are less blue pilot denfend his side and all they have to denfend his tanks or frontline position, so the attack of Xjammer come from the bases in the other side of the map, so is not posible defend it very well.☹️
  5. How you did to destroy so many AAA, with any damages? the AAA in simulator is very accurate and you destroyed 11of them without any damages for your plane! do you use any more help? a second mate maybe?
  6. He looks like, he destroyed 11 AAA with a Mig-3, i wanna know how he did it?😮
  7. Balance is worst now, 20 vrs 3 blue, is not funny anyway!
  8. hay algunos errores en el menu del mapa, adentro del sevidor (en el juego) donde te da informacion sobre las bases dañadas, no esta completamente traducido domages me parece que dice...
  9. Same here! last time i was with my mates and one of they was a side of me and i could not find it, the other mate told me that he is front me and later from him but never can see it he was very close to my and never can see it again.
  10. Nice this explains why server now is full of Axis, 21 vrs 10 reds.... 😒
  11. Finally no more LW supremacy! ( by number obviously ), hope this time not to die in 6# map , and PHX go Reds!! S!
  12. Ehh yo lo jugue desde que tenia mis 15 añitos, ahora que ya estoy viejo (27) lo recuerdo con mucho cariño!
  13. Yes, i have download it and only appear servers that allowed mods, so in online servers mods not help, still whit this bug
  14. this configuration not work for me :( i´ll try whit your Mod i hope it works.
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