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  1. Is most hard be in Top five without died that make kills and died all time, and is most hard to do, make it alone.
  2. hahaha yes must be that, i did don´t read when he wrote that shoot a couple of hundred rounds, but is true about a famous bug of empty ammo.
  3. could be a bug, we have many of they here, try to respaw again and will be fixed.
  4. i hope that they fix all bugs that we have rigth now
  5. Any idea how could be a TAW with a only BoP planes? would be nice, play in only one map? i think that could be very bored play in only same map like 8 times, with always the same planes.
  6. -Wow, this is great we finally finished BoP! so what´s next? -mmmm maybe we can could fix some bugs that we have in game actually since long time before, you know maybe people stop buying our games if we don´t do it.... -Nooo is ridiculous, that won´t us make more money! -mmm maybe we can make Battle of Pacific?, you know, we add the Japanese flag in other updates maybe they are waiting for that -mmmm yes sure why not? -nooo!! we must use the hype of new planes and make a theatre that nobody asked for it, we increase the prices and maybe we could fix some minor bugs like the IA or about the campaing offline, - but no one play il2´s campaing... - so... does that matter? -but maybe people will be angry...
  7. Really i was thinking that the new theatre would be in the Pacific but surprise... and more surprise the C47 will be IA. Are they really hearing us?
  8. Amazing video! love your formations! very professionals!
  9. you are wrong, this attacks happend when are less blue pilot denfend his side and all they have to denfend his tanks or frontline position, so the attack of Xjammer come from the bases in the other side of the map, so is not posible defend it very well.☹️
  10. How you did to destroy so many AAA, with any damages? the AAA in simulator is very accurate and you destroyed 11of them without any damages for your plane! do you use any more help? a second mate maybe?
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