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  1. Anybody know where I can download Muscat’s skins? The download doesn’t work anymore. Thanks!
  2. Really wonderful work. Thank you!!
  3. I can’t tell if this mod makes the K14 gunsight brighter or not. Anyone else using this? I’m getting old. Thanks.
  4. Absolutely fantastic work!! Thanks.
  5. That's what I was missing, but there was no .txt file in the download for the P51. I simply copied the P47 txt file to the desktop and renamed it P51D15. Copied it back into the planes folder. Works great. I tried copy/paste the views from the original post after deleting the original views in the txt file, but the sound cut out. I just made a 6 view txt file version and an 11 view version to use interchangeably, but the sound cutting out was an issue. It's quite an improvement. Thanks for all the help. Much appreciated!!
  6. Ah, I see his post now. I’ll try that and see what happens. Thanks!
  7. I did review that post, but it has "IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\LuaScripts\WorldObjects\fixcameras\Planes" I have ......WorldObjects\mapemiters. I'm not seeing a "fixcameras\Planes" folder at all in my game directory. That's the source of my confusion here. Thanks. Appreciate your response.
  8. I'm unclear on this guys. I would like to add additional views to my P51but I don't see exactly how to do that. I have navigated to game folder/data/scripts.gtp. But what exactly needs to be done from there? Thanks.
  9. I think left alt F2 is for a screenshot in the GeForce experience application. I changed mine to F8 in GFE and no more conflict. I had a similar problem. Yes. Just looked at it. In GFE, go to settings/in game overlay/settings/keyboard shortcuts. Under capture it says photograph the scene. Just change that to anything else. I think that will fix it.
  10. I might try going to the game folder/data/updater/3rd party/dx and find the dxsetup.exe file. Double click on that and it will reinstall dx to the game folder. That might help if something was corrupted. It won't harm anything.
  11. I had that error with my overclock on my video card. I reduced the OC and the problem resolved.
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