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  1. Yes, still there, but you guys have done a wonderful job. Thanks. I am sure this will be fixed soon. I noticed that the bug was not present in the record of the flight I made. The pilot was completely in the cockpit in the record itself.
  2. No problem. I’m curious how these filters work for BOX.
  3. I really don't know how to use this reshade filter in the new drivers. I need a tutorial. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Thanks!! Looks great here. Wonderful job!! I placed both texture files in the textures folder which seems to be working great. Is this the correct way to install? Thanks again for your fantastic work, attention to detail.
  5. That FW190 is fantastic too. Will you be releasing that one? Thanks.
  6. Really wonderful work. Very impressive. Thanks Tom!!
  7. Yes but I have never seen that before. Thanks.
  8. I shot down a bf109 g14 yesterday in my P51 and the bf109 went out of control and crashed. I checked the flight record and there was no pilot in the stricken plane. I typically see a pilot slumped over in this scenario. I can provide a screenshot at some point if necessary. Anyone else seen this? Thanks.
  9. I have noticed a few micro stutters also since installing the latest update. Usually occurs on the new map as well.
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