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  1. I think I read somewhere that all the P51 skins are 4K. Is this correct? Thanks for the great skins and your hard work!
  2. Notably not just nvidia either from the post above by sniper Charlie.
  3. I have downloaded it, but can you use JSGME to install it? Thanks for your fine work!
  4. Figured. Glad I’m not alone though.
  5. Spoke too soon. The registry fix did not work. Any solution to the DX buffer man device removed errors? I have tried a few things but no go. Thanks.
  6. Looks like a bug to me. Seen it a few times. I did not hit eject, it's just there:
  7. I tried the 4K texture thing but no go, but the registry tweak on page 10 seems to have fixed it. Thanks guys.
  8. Well, even when updating the DX files I'm still getting this error on version 3.201. Quite frustrating. I'll try disabling 4K textures and test.
  9. I don’t have the steam version. Look for the game directory. IL-2 Great Battles/data/updater/3rd party/dx/DXSETUP.exe. Double click that .exe and it will install the dx files. That may fix it.
  10. I did a rebuild of the DX files in the game directory and I have this problem only occasionally now. I think it’s data/updater/3rd party/DX. There’s an .exe file that reinstalled the DX files. Doesn’t happen as often now.
  11. I have been wondering about that myself. Any input from anyone?
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