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  1. Having read Capt Eric Browns description of RAE transonic flight testing (Wings on my Sleeve, Chap 6) I'm not sure I would want to try and out dive an Me109 or FW190 in either a P38 or P47 🙂 These were trials in 1944 requested by Jimmy Doolittle after unacceptable losses of USAAF fighters on high cover. The RAE report apparently convinced Doolittle that the P51 (which had slightly better tactical Mach numbers at 30000ft than either German fighter) was to replace both the P38 and P47 as escort fighter.
  2. Delanclip + trackIR. the clip works fine with a USB extension lead
  3. Thanks Guys, Shamrock, Stan's actually flown a real Spitfire!!! Whilst I was having problems with the ground looping I asked his (real world) advice. Short story: didn't work, I had to go to Requiems gaming advice of applying full brakes once the A/C settled until the stop which seams to work for me. Stan said the A/C should just be allowed to roll out without any significant brake use. It would be fun to see him landing the Spitfire. DD_Crash. No VR, just TrackIR.
  4. So, when this virus threat is dealt with my cunning plan is to get 2 friends over to introduce them to IL-2 GB. They are in the Mil Aviation business with one a retired Fleet Air Arm pilot and both are into civilian A/C flight sims. So which A/C would you choose as an introduction to IL-2 GB? To my surprise, rather than going with a Brits favourite (Spitfire, P-51) I'm leaning towards the Yak-7 - I love that thing! For me: Fairly docile but great manoeuvrability, stability (seems a contradiction there), guns, visibility and ground handling. Hoping the new Yak-9's are more of the same.
  5. My guess is that when Jason approaches sources for info the integrity of the game plays a big part in getting agreement for info transfer / access. His description of the effort required to obtain access to the Tempest hints at this. Reducing this integrity (for maybe good reasons) could have a negative affect in the future.
  6. PapaFly, hope this helps... The overall height is about 190mm
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