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  1. Me too. Centre mounted with 200mm Virpil extension. Although not an exact comparison since the warthog base only had a 100mm extension the new setup is much better. I couldn't detect a difference regarding the left / right force difference, certainly not enough to ditch the setup, although I did request Virpil send a set of the new cams just in case. I asked a pilot friend to try the joystick feel (fnarr fnarr) and his assessment was "don't change anything, it's just like a BAE Hawk" Happy with that! I believe Virpil ship the CM2 with the new cams (why wouldn't they!)
  2. It can only be a matter of time before someone is able to repeat what a friend did whilst flying in the RN.... "This is Apple One and Apple Two, signing in as a pair"
  3. I have the original slew axis (up/down) set up in TARGET as 2 different button presses. (Referred to as AXMAP2 in TARGET if you decide to go down that route) It does work but unfortunately it's almost impossible to operate without inadvertently also pressing the centre button even with the button presses programmed to function in the last 20% of axis travel. May be worth trying a lesser % to see if there's any improvement. Alternatively I could make the centre button only operate as a shifted key. With the increased travel of the Delta Mod stick I think there would be
  4. Agree with everything you say. I do use the slew button but only to bring up the mission map. I did try to use the slew as a 4 way switch (this was in an attempt to get all functions onto HOTAS as a pre VR trial) but it was hopeless. Map appearing when I tried to open bomb bay doors etc🙄 The Deltasim mod looks good. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work as a 4 way switch plus button, after all I have other such buttons on the HOTAS doing just that (Don't know if it's an issue but I do use TM T.A.R.G.E.T. for key binding) May be worth contacting Deltasi
  5. Real plane: FW190 A#, goes right back to when I was a kid and built and flew a control line model of one. It just looks right. But in the game it is difficult, I am more comfortable in the Spitfire IX - clipped wing of course!
  6. I think the Devs have nailed this one. "Ginger" Lacey said something along the lines of he would rather fly in a Spitfire but fight in a Hurricane on the grounds that the Hurricane "was made of non-essential parts. I had them all shot off at one time or another, and it still flew just as well without them." In the UK we have blue plaques to commemorate famous peoples birthplaces, his is on the entrance to an Aldi supermarket, his daughter has said he would have appreciated the irony.
  7. Well.... the Hurricane has a sort of "hump"
  8. Crowgasm, gvl224 can make you a lefty, that is a right hand operated throttle, there are some examples on his thread.
  9. Also, note gvl224 can produce right hand throttles. Agree with Sokol regarding quality, I replaced Warthog base with Virpil & the improvement is obvious. I think the Warthog throttle is OK, I'm not looking to change that and the Grip, well, although it's a personal preference, I really like the Warthog and don't see me upgrading to Virpil or VKB any time soon.
  10. Can't get more accurate than Blackadder.... "Sticky out for a duck and the Grubber had snitched a parcel sausage-end and gone goose over stumps frog-side" "Meaning?" "I don't know Sir, but I read in The Times that they had both been killed"
  11. Extract from "The great book of ww2 airplanes" with the section on FW190's by Robert Grinsell Gives an account of the A6 development and some details on the modifications from earlier designs. I'm not sure whether the text implies that the designers strengthened the wing (low maintenance and high combat survivability) but it does state that even with the additional armor plating etc the wing loading was reduced.
  12. OK, here's mine, note that I also have the mfd's. I also use TARGET with 3 modes + the shift function which allows some double bindings (eg trigger= wheel brakes & fire guns) etc. Hope this provides some inspiration 🙂
  13. Hey WWChunk, just a heads up, it is possible to use TARGET with a hybrid TM Warthog grip /Virpil base. I've got that exact setup. You need to replace the Virpil base VID/PID/POLL numbers to the Warthog numbers in the Virpil configuration software. The Warthog vid/pid/poll is 044F/0402/0. Details on the internet. I had to do this 'cause I just couldn't get Joystick Gremlin to work with the combination key presses. Cheers
  14. Having read Capt Eric Browns description of RAE transonic flight testing (Wings on my Sleeve, Chap 6) I'm not sure I would want to try and out dive an Me109 or FW190 in either a P38 or P47 🙂 These were trials in 1944 requested by Jimmy Doolittle after unacceptable losses of USAAF fighters on high cover. The RAE report apparently convinced Doolittle that the P51 (which had slightly better tactical Mach numbers at 30000ft than either German fighter) was to replace both the P38 and P47 as escort fighter.
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