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  1. Yesterday I did a decent approach from high 12 of the bomber in a split S. As I was diving beside him after the manœuvre my pilot got sniped. Seems like I can only do headon approaches from now on, and still might get hit as I cross him after the pass.. Even the lead bomber got hits on me during my accrobatics. Thought for sure they were ace or veteran gunners at least.. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=8022&name==FSB=Man-Yac I know it's beating a dead horse but I was unware all gunners were novice :o
  2. You guys really like to nitpick everything holy.. I don't enjoy boddenplate planes in the plane set because I don't like seeing a boddenplate western front matchup on my eastern front campaign that's all I was saying. And I find the g6 without methanol to be the weakest 109 out there ( performance and opposition) but it has it's place on a kuban map against BoK and BoS bombers. The g14 does not..
  3. Thats what I meant read my full message, and by early I meant no methanol
  4. For me it kills the flow of the map and the realism. You transition from early G6 to G14, there are no proper bomber upgrades, the soviets getting p47 and spit 9 on the frontlines. And fighting over kuban in late 44. Just not my cup of tea.
  5. Your plane is considered ditche if it's a airfield you can't spawn at. Otherwise you get your points
  6. I actually rather not have bobp planes and have a proper eastern front campaign with a matching planeset
  7. How hypocritical of you.. You threaten to ram pe2s because things don't go your way and you say such things? Maybe after so many people spoke up against you, maybe just maybe you are in the wrong and you are the drama queen throwing a fit?
  8. I did a bad approach, I came in fast from 3 o'clock after a sharp dive, but you were in a dive too and in winter the speeds are even higher so I ended up in your dead 6. I trained myself to kill the gunner and pilot in the 88, with practice it's not so hard so I was expecting to get your gunner as well, was a mistake from my part, I was confident in the la5 armor glass but I think you put so much bullet through my engine it went into the cockpit.. Paid for my over confidence with my pilot, it happens.
  9. Not throwing flowers at myself but usually pilots that manage high streak make few mistakes against ennemy fighters (and bombers but always luck factor whatever the approach). So usually its the gunners that gets them. Or they do ground attack and die to flak. I was very lucky not to die so far though, LG squad almost killed me twice in my chute after shooting me down, they are tough nuts to play against for sure.
  10. This is not a server issue it's a game issue, why post this here. Everyone is aware of this issue. And it's the same for every gunners. I got nailed by an 88 after I killed his pilot and his gunner just lasered my plane, his first shots hit my engine and he didn't miss a single one. I lost my 74 ak streak pilot that survived every map so far and I didn't cry on the forums about it ( well now I did) https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=66070&name==FSB=Man-Yac
  11. That's the main reason I don't fly the spit in TAW. Too many friendlies mistake you for 109.. Thoughts and prayers to those who will fly the spit 9 with cut wings..
  12. Yes good post, I feel like this game has the majority of its player base playing singleplayer, which is understandable, but a shame at the same time. I advice looking for squads that teach their new member the basics!! I remember my first mutlliplayer experience was in il-2 1946 hyperlobby. I made friends with a guy I don't remember how and I joined his squad. I flew as wingman for several missions and he thought me the basics, it's a lot more fun and a lot more easy flying as 2! You can fly the faster planes and drag and bag, it's a good way to practice. I lost touched with the guy but I will always remember him, I was about 15 at time and he was a retired man haha. Also always check your 6 frequently!!
  13. http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=59187&name=Flanker-E So I am legitimely curious how come I wasn't awarded this kill, I have done about 60 percent damage to the 109, I cut his tail off and it was spinning, going down. Then a hungry angry yak 1-69 came along hit it once with shkas and rammed his plane. And how is his ram considered as damage he inflicted, usually it's just considered as damag but inflicted by no one. Btw I was credited in game. How is it different server side? Maybe flex tape guy thought he could fix his tail back 😂
  14. HvB just got one I have never seen before. Also it seems it just with Air Kills and Ground Kills it doesn't really do justice to tank busters! Maybe intergrate a certain amount of Tank Kills for them too in a next edition?
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