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  1. Spoken from the Russian Hans-Ulrich Rudel. 1799 ground kills, 267 tanks destroyed. You won half a map on your own, wp.
  2. Blues tied ONE map this way, and we tied because WE killed their tanks. It's the same on both sides... This is getting ridiculous.. Next episode find out german have defence positions that have TANKS and its biased because russian kills them and we lose to tank attrition ๐Ÿ˜ข ๐Ÿ˜ข ๐Ÿ˜ข .
  3. You realize that blue can do the same yes? I attacked random units quite a bit early this taw as a blue attacker and so did many others. If both team can do it I don't see how it affects balance.. And by getting those tanks you are not delaying the real tank advances so it has major drawbacks of using this as a useful strategy. You understand the results? If you think that affected this campaign you are a fool, the thing to understand was most good ground attack squad were flying red and doing a superb job covering their is-2s, oh i mean il-2s but pretty sure they have same armor now lol. I personally love the random units, and I think there should be a lot more of hidden objectives on the map. Such as important bridges, convoys,.. especially in the backlines ( or that most objectives are hidden and you must fly recon to spot them oh yesss).
  4. "You" in this case people arguing against tweaking that rule. English pronouns are not the most precise. Keep your chorizos holstered ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. The balanced is already saved by 2 rules, stop making it even more complicated and niche... And taw victories are determined by two main things I have noticed. What team the majority of good ground attacking squad are in, and the team that flies the server during european night. We have lost last map this way. ( 3 airfields lost and 1 more closed overnight) And as I stated the 3 lives rules is doing more harm than good, very little people would follow you home like madmen before, and it did happen irl. And as for xjammer and his exploits there are other alternatives that have already been suggested. I don't see how improving this rule so people can regenerate more lives and get to fly more is such an issue for you.
  6. I feel like this eternal search for balance is counter productive for this server. Skies were not always 50/50 and it's ok. And if you want to limit players/squad it should be done during inscription. As a fighter I rather fly when my side is at a disadvantage, more targets. As a ground attacker it's the opposite. Limitation in balance are already enough with airfields closed and not being able to take off, if the 3 lives rules is for balance, its redundant and counter productive to the server limiting potential players and big squads who rather fly with all their members (some do this really well such as 19fab and 72ag, but it's not the case for others).
  7. Were you playing taw before the 3 lives rules? This is quite the exaggeration. TAW without the 3 lives rules was enjoyable and people were not staying in plane on fire ( like you like 'em) or chasing you to base like morons, It did happen but it was rare. As it most likely happened during the war. I personally find this rule way too limiting for the average player, especially if he is a ground attack pilot. If you were to do statistics at how much this rule prevents suicide attacks compared to just the plane-set limitation, and how this rule is preventing squads and novice players to fly on this server imo it would not look good for the 3 life rules, (and yes it's good to have novice players here, if realism is what you want. I started taw I could not find my way back if I did not keep close to my teamates). I remember big squads from these days not playing anymore on here. The plus side is I don't have to try to get a place on the server for 20 minutes because server is full on weekdays. Do I think it should be removed? Maybe. Do I think it needs a rework? Certainly.
  8. Giving reds one more coastal airfield in 1929 "Agoy" is an idea. If russian lose gelendzhik they lose access to the entire coastline and south of the map. Also adding ports and ships as objective will switch focus more to the coast and might make it more balanced and fun! And there are a lot more af east of map near the coastline to allow a shift in focus. Kuban could be a breath of fresh air with new types of objectives etc..
  9. tbh this is a fresh map with new airplanes in hangar and 3 lives for everyone. Also first kuban map and equal airfields since it just started. TAW is certainly not dying in european times at least, but players dwindle a lot as time goes by, the most fun as during fresh rotations. I would personally like to see 3 lives rule reworked so you can gain back lives over time/CM at least ( more than 1).
  10. Losing airfields overnight is really frustrating. But I am impressed at how red squads are effective and destroying tank columns with ease. The il-2 has made it's glorious comeback with new damage model and good use with fighter cover. A bit sad that blue already lost this taw, I believed ๐Ÿ˜ข
  11. I would be all for abolishing the 3 life rules. People are already limited in planes and by the complexity of the server already. As the map goes on it gets very hard to shoot people down because they are the pilots who know how to keep their 3 lives. Give me some canon fodder plssss
  12. This seems like the beginning of a beautiful romantic relationship between @LLv24_Zami and @666GIAP_Chimango Question is, will the babies fly red or blue?
  13. Yes, I have been wanting a D5 for forever!!! Having 20 mm canons would make a lot more people fly one of the most iconic a/c of the war.
  14. What he means is that you could abuse this and shoot at your own tanks to get the draw. When a team runs out of planes it loses. If both team lose all planes at the same time its a draw. But when one team loses all its tanks the map is still able to be won, so why if both team runs out of tanks it's a draw? This allows for grey areas and weird strategies, either blue ignoring red tanks as much as possible, or red shooting at their own. I just find it really odd how you can lose all your tanks and win but if the enemies does too you can't .
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