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  1. https://i.postimg.cc/LmNzg0qc/Il-2-Sturmovik-Cliffs-Of-Dover-Blitz-Screenshot-2021-02-20-22-26-49-37.png https://i.postimg.cc/wjZMcJYm/Il-2-Sturmovik-Cliffs-Of-Dover-Blitz-Screenshot-2021-02-20-22-27-50-05.png Thanks for the ItalianWing and 5th italian squadron !
  2. Hi all, I can't switch to gunner or bomber position on every bombers plane. I use "Next Manned Position" (C) or (LSHFT+C) (same as command option) but i stay on pilot position. Any idea ? Thanks
  3. Re, Tm is the Target software for Warthog After deactivate 3Dsmax services, seem to be ok now (need more test) With previous version of CLOD-TF, i didn't have this problem (same install) A+
  4. Re, - Delete cache folder (already delete) - antivirus exception (already apply) Attach some cppcrash files here. It's not always (but at 80% crash at spawn, on every type of plane) Tasklist: 5015_16_01_21__20_02_20_6396_921.zip
  5. Hello, With the new version, i crash regularly at spawn (no problem to connect to the server). Some help ?
  6. Hello, Just to be sure, i need to modify a python files for score. If i copy files >src>stats>models.py and paste >src>custom>models.py Does it work ? I need to modify self.rating def update_rating(self): # score per death sd = self.score / max(self.relive, 1) # score per hour shr = self.score / max(self.flight_time_hours, 1) # live score ls = (1+(1/(1+self.relive)/1)) # self.rating = int((sd * shr * self.score) * 100 * livescore) self.rating = int
  7. I can try to test I can try to test, maybe a specific post will be more relevant ?
  8. Very Nice Works ! - which condition was use to capture or loose a zone ? - Wath is the impact on the SPS / tick delay ? Thanks
  9. Hello, I think it's IA defense + IA (plane and tank) + capture the flag (the flag use a bit of resources)
  10. Hello, It s a server side problem. Good luck and thanks for all your work. Genius
  11. For information, the parameters for Rearm, Refuel, Repair seem to be modified. We have now "Refuel time multiplifier", "Rearm time multiplifier", "Repair time multiplifier" I made test with tank: 1 value = approx 3min (180s) to rearm 10 ammunition HE 1.5 value = approx 2min (120s) to rearm 10 ammunition HE 100 value = approx 2s to rearm 10 ammunition HE => time in second = 180s/multiplifier value or multiplifier value = 180/time in second Test with FW190A3 - 11% fuel (60l/524l = diff. 464l) - 4 bombs + 2300 cartridges (4 g
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