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  1. Re, Pour demarrer sans lancer l update il ne faut pas utiliser le launcher mais directement le jeu qui se trouve de memoire dans data/bin du répertoire du jeu. Tu pourras jouer hors connexion
  2. The new planes of "Blitz edition" can be played in "Tobruk" map (and vice-versa) ?
  3. Hello, Good news to know the near release. Could you explain the list of available aircraft: how many are add to Blitz (60 ?) and how many to Tobruk (40 ?) ? Are you considering sold a pack Blitz+Tobruk ? Actually with Steam promotion Blitz are at 6 EUR but without sold it is 23 EUR => BLITZ+TOBRUK near 83 EUR. I know, you offer many plane but an old game engine without VR...83 EUR are bit hard for newcomers
  4. Re, It's an object map (add with mission editor). The front crater on arras map is a texture, you can't replace them by this mod. You can only add new craters. Bye
  5. Search available weapons and mods on plane properties + modify your server .sds settings. .tactics files is for campaign it s the specific in game map briefings
  6. Habu, I think he want a simple trigger like mcu server command with an event trigger (player connect, disconnect, etc..). It will be useful to adjust load and it will be more useful than a big complex trigger.
  7. Simple way: don't use spawn, but a deactivate/activate logic. mission begin => deactivate => group plane "in logic" => activate => group plane --------------=> timer => command (waypoint or whatever) => group plane with spawn: maybe with a command-formation or a command-cover ?
  8. Hello, Someone know what is the delay for refuel (like 100l/second or 10l/second) ? Thanks !
  9. I see no image Try to see this post
  10. You can use all objects (fixed or ai) for all players. For the map, no problem to play in a multiplayer game (not for solo). Drivable or flyable object need to have it.
  11. Example: In (proximity / checkzone / event / whatever) TL=> counter TL=> waypoint / whatever Trigger fire the first time, not the other times
  12. When i want to fire a trigger only one time (like waypoint), i use also MCU counter (whith no reset)
  13. Which airfields ? Maybe when we use "terrain editor", some "bugs" can appear. Try to delete this 2 files to see if the problem persists: In: \data\graphics\LANDSCAPE_Rheinland_wi * files surfaces.text * files surfaces.dat
  14. Re, Maye be with "Next mission translator" or "Server input translator" (from Jim manual - p.273):
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