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  1. Hello, Very interesting and huge amount of work (logbook, mission, etc..), congratulations ! We have some players interested, but we will probably not be able to be present at every mission, it's embarrassing ? Some of us have an low-medium english level, it's a problem ? can we have a specific channel for a french patrol ? Thanks !
  2. Maybe adjust team balance 40 => 60% ? Harder to spawn in group with 40% limit.
  3. Hello, Thanks for the tools. How to understandt payload files ? Example: - In log parser we found a payload_id and a weapons_mod_id for a P-40E-1: payload_id = 3 and weapon_mod_id = 7 or payload_id = 1 and weapon_mod_id = 5 - What type of payload are ? Thanks.
  4. Re, Seem that "subtitle" error is specific to not english version (player in french version have the problem, not in english version). Cheers
  5. Hi, First nice works. My comments: - ping limiter cause problem from european player - Too cloud for bomb run at altitude for the frantic mission - How to land in the begin of dday mission for red player ? Bye Genius
  6. Re, With the help of Jason, i can suggest new 3D Object "Craters" with spawn available (to close runway after bombing for example). Need JSGME to install in game. Link to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W4vkFiSW4uYfv6pvDOGKm_uj7BRnrVd6/view?usp=sharing Careful : in case of multiplayer mission, all players need this mod installed. Some screenshots:
  7. Thanks. The ideas behind my questions are too found and use some information to impact mission sequence (information that would not necessarily be published on the web statistics but which would be searchable by the game master). Like: - How many plane are lost (destroy or captured) ? - How many pilot are dead or captured ? - How many ammunition (bombs, shell, etc..) are use - Wich factory as damaged to x% or destroy ? - How many tanks or vehicules are destroy by team ? - etc... S!
  8. Hello, First thanks for all your work. Is-it possible to have a sort of resume of the mission with this data (with a specific command or other) Aircraft lost by team (Ok - already in IL2 stats) Pilot lost by team List of all objects or vehicles damaged (in %) or destroy by team Unit of bombs or ammunition used (or lost by destroy plane) during mission by team If not, what file do I have to modify to try to obtain this information? Thanks
  9. Yes, With pleasure (I have already your ts if you want). Thanks !
  10. Thanks / Merci Carleo ! (and sure Coconut for this tools) I did'nt found some docs or explanation for the tools "Sturmovik Campaign". Where can i found it ? It's possible to customize some mechanism like - planeset ? - create new group with specific logic complex (exemple: Spawn/despawn logic if inexistant) ? - etc... Bye genius
  11. Models need to be exported and converted with a 1CGS Tools (plugins)
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