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  1. Re, Some news. If you use Surface Edit / "Enable Editing" and copy+paste an airfield you can use it on modded server. For my test (with mods on) - all player (even if they don't have the mods installed) can see the new airfields => visual are server side only - Player without the mods could'nt use the new airfield => it's like ground friction, very hard to take off => friction coefficient are client side - Player with the mods can use the airfield The files for the mods are in the folder: data/graphics/LANDSCAPE_[NAME OF THE MAP]_[SEASON OF THE MAP] Files are: SurfaceTex.txt and Surface.dat Bye Genius
  2. Re, In ROF you can use it to add a ground layer below cities/factory to be more realistic. Bye Genius
  3. Hello, Does anyone can use substrate layer on Rheinlad maps (Locations (below effects) > Substrate > change index layer > Location database > generate substrate ini files) ? It's works for other maps but it seem not for Rheinland. Thanks
  4. Ar 234 ? Whith so few in operation (2 during normandy operation) ??? "The last Luftwaffe inventory, on April 10, 1945, had 38 operational personnel: 12 bombers, 24 reconnaissance planes and 2 night fighters." (Wikipedia). Hope now battle of france (Curtiss Hawk, Ms-410 - 109-E) and battle of brittain 😃 😜 Bye
  5. Re, Thanks. Can rewards be linked to a pilot vlife (if pilot dead or capture = he's loosing is rewards) actually by using custom rewards.py ? It seem to be yes, but just to be sure: class Award(models.Model): AWARD_TYPES = ( ('tour', pgettext_lazy('award_type', 'tour')), ('mission', pgettext_lazy('award_type', 'mission')), ('sortie', pgettext_lazy('award_type', 'sortie')), ('vlife', pgettext_lazy('award_type', 'vlife')), ) Bye
  6. Re, Thanks, i try all types but seem always black: A change of icons colors in current version of BOS (in your video, the text are blue) ?
  7. Hi, Thanks for the tutorial @[TWB]Sketch I have only a problem with colored text. Even if i change the color icons, the text are always black (not blue or red). Any idea ? Thanks
  8. Re, Thanks. And is it possible for users to tune html "templates" to display only what is desired ? Bye
  9. Hi @=FB=Vaal, Thanks for your works. Does it exist some option to use your statistics system for a "Dead is Dead" Campaign : - Total summary (planes shots / scores / mission succeful) are unchanged - Pilot ranking = only current live pilot statistic are displayed (dead pilot are displayed but with 0 victories / missions / etc...) - Same as above for team statistic For specific statistic pilots = Need only two change : Rank and Medals (only for current live pilots) - Other can be displayed as currently Bye Genius
  10. Hello, I see you have made a mod for PWCG campaign. Could you explain how is works (especially in multiplayer) ? Thanks
  11. Yes Block advanced = add event "on damaged" => target link to MCU "Command effect" Command effect "start" = action type "start" MCU "Command effect" => Object link to effect "city fire" (effect "city fire" need an entity) effect duration is like 5 second (you may be need to use a timer to make a constant effect) => see editor manuel p.290-291
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