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  1. Hello Jason, i just now now stumbled across this thread. I have an Oculus Rift. I also have a DOF H3 for motion. Up until now I have just been using the joystick pluggin as I had given up hope there would actually be support on your end. IL 2. Is the main reason I got my motion sim. Can you please direct me to where I can find the pluggin that will work on Sim tools? One again thank you for making this possible. now I’m really looking forward to flying tomorrow. I probably won’t be able to sleep. thank you.
  2. Can someone please tell me how I take off from Zenino,head east, cross into enemy territory and drop a 250 lb bomb on the storage facility colored red on the map and get friendly fire once I land back at Zenino and finish mission? Never once did a fire a single round. I accepted the fact that as soon as my bomb was away, the message came across that any actions from this point will not be counted then boom!!!! My bomb hits. Ok 15 minutes left let’s go put this plane down so it will be there for me tomorrow hopefully. So how gut wrenching to see an action counted for friendly fire. WTF????????? P.S. I checked my settings and have blue for friendlies and red for enemies. Now I am color blind, but I can tell the difference between blue and red. Just wanted Ted to put this out there to see if anyone else has experienced the same thing?
  3. I got Cliffs of Dover on Steam when TF had their release. I played maybe an hour. The graphics look amazing. However had to continue on in BoX. I can’t see myself opening up CoD until VR comes with it. Can’t go back. It’s somewhat akin to playing an Atari 2600 and having my PS4 available at anytime. No brainer. I’m looking forward to playing CoD but VR is a must.
  4. I am about at my wits end over here in North America. I am not understanding. How I can get behind another plane and unload everything I have upon them and they walk through a barrage unscathed. And I get hit by Two rounds because I here them hit and my plane is fucked! It gets old. I'm about to say fuck this game. Sometimes I feel I'm the only one who's not a computer geek and use whatever the game gives me and everyone else's plane could literally fly circles around me. The only other logical explanation would be a latency issue. And if so how do I correct it?
  5. I have just spent an entire evening trying to get my turret to move to the x and y axis of my joystick. Why does this have to be this difficult? I am still at a loss. I woke up this morning exited from the posts I read last night it seemed like such an easy fix. Oh no. 3 hours later and still nothing. Can anyone please send me screen shots of settings to make my headache go away? Thank you so much in advance
  6. Coconut. Great job! I want to issue an apology to all who have been flying this for a while. I am fairly new to your server and may be one of the dweebs Pike"HarryM" may be referring to. I have to admit I did not read the Campaign manual until yesterday. After reading the manual your server became Awesome. With my new knowledge and apreciation for what you have put together I will be a true team player. I am in the US mountain standard time and normally try to jump on around 9 pm my time. I will jump on discord. I fly for the Axis. Once again thank you Coconut.
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