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  1. Better Graphic, Better Spotting, Better Performance!!!!! AWESOME!!!
  2. I knew about this. and I already did this MOD. but this cannot be used in public server like Tactical Air War, Wings of Liberty, Berloga. Cause this only can be used by MOD enable. So separate clouds option is still useful IMO.
  3. Everything is perfect!!!! But only one thing frame rate is unstable now. (i7-7700k, 1080Ti, 16GB, BENQ XR 3501 144hz Monitor) (I know because 144 hz monitor feel the frame rate more sensitively.) So I want to play in Balance in Graphic option. I really wish Balanced and High in Graphic option have same clouds quality. Clouds In Balance Option (even Clouds Quality is High) are too low resolution now. Please Let us choice Cloud Quality in any graphic option. That is perfect for 144 hz Monitor user or VR user I think.
  4. Everything is very good. but Sound is something weird. When I turn my head, engine sound is too much extremely Left Right panning. this is now realistic I think. and starting game I can hear some noise continuously.
  5. I bought Bodenplatte 1min ago! xD Spitfire IXe is awesome!!!
  6. I know~! I'm just happy with beautiful Stalingrad map actually I can see and feel. This is so amazing stuff which they said long time ago. but when I fly the new map, I'm feel like flying a new world literally.
  7. I totally agree with this. Bf 109 has nothing. Too heavy pitch up over 400km. (I think over 500km is right in historically.) Bf 109 can't do barrel roll with this slow roll rate. and Yak has too much good climb to Bf 109 does. Bf 109 can't zoom. R.I.P Bf 109
  8. I don't want a cheat or weird thing. I just want to see like old IL-2 1946 or IL-2 Clod. Spotting in 3~4km is too short to prepare to engage in WW2 air simulation (Airplane of Rise of Flight of WW1 are slow, so very different story.) but airplane of WW2 is much more fast. so I think reasonable and realistic spotting range is 7~8km at least. Isn't it right?
  9. Im actually doing like you talking. and I have Benq XR3501. so there are many option to control monitor. (Black eQualizer, Color Vibrance, Dynamic Contrast) but they bring different images. in game lower gamma option is much better to spot planes. Usually lower gamma can see planes at 7~8km. but darker monitor result to difficult to spot airplane from terrain. that is just darker image.
  10. According to map I have to change gamma amount everytime. I usually 0.5 gamma for Stalingrad and Moscow map. but Kuban map has different terrain color. so I have to change 0.8 gamma for spotting. (Usually high gamma amount is too difficult to spot enemy in Stalingrad and Moscow maps.) When I play in Berloga, I have to change gamma 0.8. (Server playing Kuban.) but when I play in Wings of Liberty or Tactical Air War, I have to change gamma 0.5. (Server playing Moscow and Stalingrad) So I have to exit to playing IL-2, and edit gamma amount in Startup.cfg. This is so inconvenience. so can we have more lower gamma amount in game option? :D Please~!!
  11. Jens*

    New FM

    Can German Fighter do Snap Roll? I wonder can we do snap roll like old IL-2 1946.
  12. Yesterday I played RALLY Dirt in a long time. Frame Drop occasionally happened and Stutter happened, too. That didn't happened before. so I tried to find out what causes that. Finally I found my cause of Stuttering. That is Force Feedback issue. (I don't know what update involved in Force Feedback) Plug out my MS FFB2, Frame rate went to normal, and stuttering is gone. So I tested in IL-2 BOS, I turned off Force Feedback option. everything went to Normal. Very Smooth Head Tracking and there is no Stuttering any more. But no force feedback means no center springs. I considered how to center spring without force feedback option. Reading in ATAG forum, I read about ForceTest Program. So now I run ForceTest before IL-2 BOS launch. Check Spring Center and playing IL-2 BOS. (I lose gun fire and stall shaking, but I don't care about this.) This way works well and I'm very happy with this. and Here are my gear list. Windows 10. Intel i7-7700k, Samsung 16GB, Gigabyte 1070 GTX, Gigabyte B250M-D2V, Track IR 4, MS FFB2, CH Pro Throttle, CH Pro Rudder,
  13. I was very happy with performance (frame rate) of 2.009 version. There is issue in map icon, 2D display HUD. but performance is amazingly enhanced. I can have more frame rate than older version. and there is no more micro stutter and screen tearing. but after 2.009b Hot Fix. Performance went back. There is still micro stutter and screen tearing. I heard about displaying 2D is very difficult technique in 3D world. but I think 3D (flying in cockpit) very more important than 2D map scrolling. and I want more performance than icon in map. (I don't even need that.) I want performance of 2.009 version not 2.009b. Please~~ Fix this Things~! :D
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