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  1. i got my rift s today and open composite made the performance ALOT better compared to running steamVR. you should check it out!
  2. i enjoyed the new startup, but i see why some dont. if time is the limiting factor it would perhaps be better to add a clientside option to start with engines already started also in multiplayer? the autostart takes its time in most planes and if people have limited time they might want to start with engines already running? i cant see what harm it could do. maybe people then would use the time they save to taxi to the runway instead of running into things at full throttle from parking 🙂
  3. The airfield in lower right corner (south-east) of Kuban-map have a paved runway if you taxi to the right from parking. Its just about long enough for take-off/landing 🙂
  4. Really good server, i liked it alot!
  5. starting the takeoff run with full right rudder and gradually release it as needed/as speed picks up also helps.
  6. Correct. I know how i would set mixture if i can look at exhaustflames and also the smoke/fuelstream. But from inside the cockpit i have no clue. I cant say that im missing out on power, but im not sure. The only thing i see happening when i change the mixture is that the engine runs hotter/colder depending on the setting, and of course the visuals of smoke/flames. In other civilian flightsims you often have a fuelflowmeter you can use when setting mixture, but not in russian fighters of ww2. Im just curious if anybody have some info on how the did it in real life?
  7. I have been flying the russian planes a bit more lately, so naturally i have been wondering about mixture. I cant see any feedback from the engine to tell me mix is correct. If i poke my head out of the open canopy i can see the color of the exhaustflames and smoke from the engine, but is there any other way to tell if the mixture is good? edit: i know how mixture and engines generally work 🙂
  8. i have been flying online without any tech-chat for some months now and i dont do any worse, but it would be nice to fly against players with the same difficulty settings. it only takes a couple of hours to get used to not having techchat, but its worth it. i feel more like i fly the aircraft when i have to look at the instruments rather than % and icons in the techchat. as for expert mode, this should at least get rid of the damage indicators, engine mode and overheat warnings, so server admins can choose for themselves. its also more exciting to watch the streaming fluid to see if its fuel or coolant. its like the gps-icon, some servers still use even if you can turn it off, techchat should be the same.
  9. the marks is for degrees of flaps. each mark is 10degrees. so mark 2 for example is 20degrees which is good for take off.
  10. British test of 30mm minengeschoß against spitfire mk2 https://youtu.be/ZoLLDi-M3fk seems kind of one hit - one kill to me
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