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  1. Updated first post topics with the rules and answers to common questions
  2. Update: 1. All destroyed in mission is added to the player during the sortie. 2.The points are counted in the player, but the team shall be added only after a successful landing, when the aircraft not to fly home, points are not added to the team. Bonuses of the target closing will be added immediately. 3. Supply is now counted resource points, not planes, HE and Pe - 350 points 110 - 250 points 4. When a player acquires 500 and more points, he added 1 plane, but no more than 3. 5. If successful intercepts bombers or ground attack plane, interceptor is assigned a reward in the form of cost bomber x 10, but only if plane not worked over the target. 6. Autoban system designed for theirs equipment destruction. Ban for 24 h. 7. Removed penalty for disconnection, as he now does not make sense. In the near future tonnage limit would be developed Bombs over 1000kg inclusive are banned for bombers and bombs over 51kg will be banned for a fighter, forgive and understand. Soon it will be removed limit of 2 aircraft per session. There is private garage for all missions as there are aircraft in hangar so much and be in the game. Also to be added Supply aircraft, points for Supply and aircraft with combat points are not final and will be further reviewed
  3. New bonus reward 1. One Rear Warehause: If it will be destroyed are given 750 points. 2. Three Field Storage: If it will be destroyed are given 250 points, summary 750 points. 3. Three Artillery Positions: If it will be destroyed are given 150 points, summary 450 points. 4. Enemy airfield (any) : If it will be destroyed or closed for 20 min, are given 1000 points. 5. Two Convoys: If it will be destroyed are given 250 points, summary 500 points Convoy is a moving target 6. One Armored convoy: If it will be destroyed are given 300 points. Convoy is a moving target 7. Enemy Train: If it will be destroyed are given 100 points. After destroing, respawn in 20 min. Train is a moving target. Or (if season of map allowed) Group of Enemy Wessels: If it will be destroyed are given 200 points. But not respawn. 8. Two Bridge: If it will be destroyed are given 70 points, summary 140 points 9. Successful tank attack with the territorial occupation: 200 points. 10. One Target discovery: 25 points.
  4. After today's restart is a different scoring system: The team will be scored all destroyed units, all buildings, AAA, planes. If you close the target is also bonus points. Reduced winning percentage is now 55%. Bonus points (temporary) 400 - Airfield 350 - Rear wareHause 150 - Field storage 125 - Artillery 95 - Train 150 - Convoys 75 - Target discovery 200 - Successful tank attack with the Territorial occupation 300 - Armored Convoy 100 - Bridge 200 - Ship
  5. A small table with values. For every destroyed equipment.
  6. @kOepi It is planned in the future the opportunity to fully close the airfield. It will only be possible if destroyed airfield runway and destroyed all land equipment.
  7. At the moment there are no plans to revise the limits. maybe in the future This is not possible because the game mechanics that does not allow it. And it can lead to some unfair game. I'll take 3 He, full fuel, destroy. The fields are blocked! If you close the two aerodromes, what will a third, little hell?
  8. If you have replay, you can send to me?! I try to explain where the problem lies, but I need replay.
  9. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/13908-map-stalingrad-web-browser/?p=219481
  10. AAA at the target is in normal mode AAA at the airfield is HARD mode Attacking ground target, it is important to take anti AAA maneuvers and after bomb drop is immediately leave the target area, as if trying to fly over or around the target, it ends at a hangar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glvZA9vqy50
  11. -DED- works together with 72AG to achieve better results and to develop server. Server name is changed to 72AG-DED- Random -Expert- Beta- We do not stop on achieved, only forward.
  12. AAA is now changed, they are killers. It is much harder vulching.
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