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  1. haha VLADI, obviously you've never been there. Actually there are 2 seasons: Winter and a nice but short and crisp summer where all the girls drop most of their cloths. (They do this in winter as well but cover themselves with nice fury coats)
  2. Brilliant Music selection and video capturing/editing! I am stunned.
  3. The name thing, well, what if you fly with the guys on the same server. Them having their "custom" skin selected, you, refusing to download it. What the result is, is that nobody sees their skin online! I think skins autoswitch to the generic official and thats it. I would prefer to have all possible skins in my folder but aggre to the proposal I read about the naming. Stick some character in front of it so the skins which are "custom" drop to the end of the list. This way you can easily leave them out during you skin selection before the mission and have the full MP experience with all personalized skins. We definitley need some rules set up eveybody needs to follow. The question is who decides this and how to control it. And I have no answer to this question.
  4. I understand but Bearcat, when he opened the post, proposed to collect them and make all in one packages. The way skins are handled at the moment is, how should I phrase it, a provisional.
  5. So is there a dropbox or not? I cant keep track with all the skins uploaded, maintained ....
  6. I think bombsight shows altitude above sealevel, gauge and hud show altitude above ground.
  7. Have the same issue with my second saitek quad but with axis x and y only. Axis z works without issues. I have the suspicion the problem has something to do with the ids of the USB devices. I use a Warthog, Simped pedals and 1 and 1/3 rd of the two quads at the moment. I'll try to reassign my controls tomorrow again but I don't think this solves the problem.
  8. Il2 still working on Windows 7. I see No reason why not on 8.
  9. Which totally makes sense due to the torque effect.
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