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  1. I'm looking to join an active flight sim squadron, mainly for playing IL2 BoS and CLoD. I used to play a ton of IL2 1946 in a squadron called Vulture's Row, not sure if anyone remembers it. I'm most interested in flying German planes, but I don't mind flying a few missions for either side. I live in Maine, so EST is preferred. I have TS3 w/ headset, joystick/throttle, and TrackIR. I have been flying in Wings of Liberty (BoS) and also the ATAG (CLoD) server. Flying solo online isn't all that fun, so I'd like to have some wingmen to watch my back and have me watch theirs! Also, the AI wingmen in the campaign are basically useless, so not much fun there. I also play a ton of other games across various genres.
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