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  1. http://taw-server.de/pilot_all.php?name==FSB=Man-Yac
  2. Then you have it: one side is "For the USSR" and the other goes "For the CPSU(b)"
  3. I think you mean "за ВКП(б)!" which afaik translates into "for the Communist Party of the Soviet Union!" (All-Russian Communist Party of the Bolsheviks). Are you painting Ivan Lakeev's I-16 ?
  4. Same here, been having this issue regularly and very often while flying the yak-7b. I hope there will be a real solution soon.
  5. There was a proposal by Tumu some time ago in the same lines you're talking about, which was IMHO very interesting:
  6. I'd also like to see the pilots' names while playing tracks. Is there any option that has to be toggled?
  7. Totally agree, it will fit perfectly in the first/middle stages of war and it will even a little the payload that the soviet side can deliver
  8. Finally the template came out, so here goes the doombringer in our squad's colors. Not much motion blur to add😅
  9. Patrolling with the great @ECV56_Chimango at WoL means intense action...
  10. You know, the germans added the gunpods only for aesthetic purposes....
  11. I have the Logitech G940 and the same problem happens with several planes, especially the P-39 and the U-2. In the particular case of the P-39 I just assumed it's unflyable. The U-2 reminds me the global RoF behaviour in which you ended with a nice pain in the wrist until the individual axis curve adjustment was released.
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