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  1. HR_Tofolo

    Tactical Air War

    Reds have Il-2 without 23mm nor 37mm, I-16 without Shvak, less aircraft in the hangar than blues (including Ju-87D-3 with 37mm at the first map), and can't air capture (as if this was something with little impact...). I don't get the argument "reds have p-40 and pe-2". P-40 is an engine-management nightmare and Pe-2 has half of any blue bomber payload, in fact I'd say that the Pe-2 is more similar to the 110. And let's not enter into the aircraft fragility stuff which belong to another thread... Regarding weird stats, there goes a 5-turret 110: http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=8431&name=1./JG42flesch
  2. HR_Tofolo

    TS hispano parlante

    Tumu lo ha resumido perfectamente.
  3. HR_Tofolo

    [MOD] PBP-1 HD Gunsight

    Very nice Grajo!
  4. Yesterday the last of the Spanish republican air force pilot, Miguel Ángel Sanz "Vallecas", passed away at the age of 100 in Marbella, Spain. He was the last commander of the most famous fighter unit, "la tercera escuadrilla" flying the I-16s (there's one official skin ingame from his fellow pilot José María Bravo) and later was president of the ADAR (Asociación de Aviadores de la República - Republican Aviators Association). Now the Tercera will is complete in the eternal heavens, glory to all those brave pilots. Further reading: https://www.iberlibro.com/Memorias-chico-Vallecas-piloto-caza-República/22795759933/bd https://www.elsaltodiario.com/los-nombres-de-la-memoria/muere-el-ultimo-piloto-de-la-gloriosa-aviacion-de-la-republica https://elpais.com/cultura/2018/08/14/actualidad/1534250622_199009.html
  5. HR_Tofolo

    [MOD] Pilot in cockpit

    Many thanks @LizLemon for this outstanding job, it's a very nice mod. I think you have to put them into the folder "\data\graphics\characters" However it seems that the Lagg-3 does not work.
  6. HR_Tofolo

    Tactical Air War

    Aparently either the translator didn't work well or you don't seem to understand what you are reading (or both). The OP of that thread was questioning the system and if you do a further reading you will see that none of the users that reply not even the OP are ok with using the ban system. Tumu even replied here but again you ignored him. It's not very nice to extract partial information from a thread and even worse without knowing the language in which it was written. It's worse if used with hazardous purposes. And it's even worse if considering that the debate (of the ban system, the parachute shooting it's a never-ending topic) was from april and was already closed.
  7. HR_Tofolo

    Elevators issue

    Totally agree with Vasilij, most of the red planes are rendered almost uncontrollable (or directly go into an unrecoverable spin) whenever they lose one of their elevators. The 109s however can keep on turning with almost the same ability (although they lose the stabilizer trim control).
  8. HR_Tofolo

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    White Cat, Black Cat, Red Falcon...
  9. HR_Tofolo

    Tactical Air War

    The request is perfectly reasonable and very well presented (less points for the lack of bikinis), but I thought that the TAW ADN was about forcing teamwork (say counting on a friendly to distract the flak) rather than encouraging these lone attackers' strikes. Also I find funny that it's always said that the IL-2 is the unbalancing tool for the VVS while it's been proven with these very well done videos that -once more- the advantage is on the side that carries the more bombs, but this is another debate I wouldn't like to get in atm. So regarding HvB request, I'd go for the replacement of some of the guns for quicker ones in order to force teamplay and cooperation rather than exploiting game engine limitations.
  10. Contacta con Haash (@SYN_Haashashin) que es el moderador en el subforo español y probablemente te podrá orientar sobre los pasos a seguir. De todos modos te recomiendo que para próximas veces escribe en el foro en castellano o usa el traductor de google. Contact Haash, he's the moderator in the spanish subforum, he'll tell you the steps to follow. Suerte!
  11. HR_Tofolo

    Tactical Air War

    @Norz I don't see how will affect how many times I've flown the ju-52 to the fact that red cannot air capture any bases so please don't step into personal issues if you don't have any real argument. What I'm trying to expose is that I don't mind flying or escorting transports to air-capture AFs, I'd just like to have a counterpart on the red side. And while we don't get one it's completely unfair. @StG77_Kondor ask the finns how many AFs did they conquer on the last edition... and I'm sure a lot of people played their part on the air-captures. and regarding the planeset, I did not enter into detail, we fight with what we have, but it shocks some of us the fact that we are not getting any shvaks in the first missions nor VYas but there are plenty of Bk-37s and gunpods for the blue side (except italian 20mm gunpods *only* on the first map). Fine. Anyway, check out the pilot's ratio: the war is ours comrades!
  12. HR_Tofolo

    Tactical Air War

    Well the Stukas are stubborn planes and can still carry a good payload (and in the past editions had one of the deadliest gunners in the game) and the ju-52s can supply more than any other aircraft in a single flight or capture enemy airfields which is a feature that unbalances the campaign. This is not an army-related strength, it's a clear single side advantage. Not to mention that this campaing will have a clear pilot number unbalance in favor of the blues, at the moment the numbers are 2:1. Anyway, it's your work and I think most red players will, as always, fight until the last man regardless of the conditions.
  13. HR_Tofolo

    Tactical Air War

    First of all, thanks for the upcoming edition. I would like to remark two things that perhaps should be looked at: First is the hangar capacity: Map#1: Red Max Planes: 11 (3 "+1s") Blue Max Planes: 13 (4 "+1s") Map#2: Red Max Planes: 12 Blue Max Planes: 15 Map#3: Red Max Planes: 13 Blue Max Planes: 16 Map#4: Red Max Planes: 14 Blue Max Planes: 17 Map#5: Red Max Planes: 14 Blue Max Planes: 16 I think you get the idea. And second is the air capturing stuff. IMHO the blue ability to air-capture should be locked until both sides have the same features.
  14. HR_Tofolo

    Tactical Air War

    Halcones Rojos will be fighting for the VVS RKKA.