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  1. Todo lo referente a la HRCODWAR lo podéis encontrar en nuestra antigua cantina: http://halconesrojos.com/cantina/index.php?board=26.0 Como ha dicho Tumu, los principales responsables ya no están para estos menesteres pero dejaron todo posteado públicamente por si alguno quería tomar el relevo. Desconozco si la gente del SG1 o del E69 llegaron a desarrollar una nueva versión del motor de campaña.
  2. What a butthurt the OP is, trying to do on the forums what he cannot accomplish ingame. Posting an image to accuse a member who, BTW, doesn't sistematically chute shoot . If you knew more about him, you would realize that if you're shot will hanging on the chute it's because he knows who that pilot is.
  3. They all look awesome! Do you have any for soviet aircraft in your backyard?
  4. Brief description: I-16 "Bravo" spanish republican skin missing red underwing wingtips. Detailed description, conditions: The official skin is missing the red underwing wingtips. Hopefully @ICDP can fix this when updating skins. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Thanks
  5. Yes, for simplicity's sake (and because of the terrible rotaries of my G940 throttle) I have them both at the same control. Thank you, this might be the key. I haven't flown Yaks enough with the 4.006 version, will definetely look closer at it (altough i'm afraid that the Lagg still overheats too much). Sorry if I derailed the post too much
  6. I don't have any of the Yak-9s, but the 7 and the 1s (and the Lagg3 even more) get hot really fast.on max power which, as far as I know, is almost the optimal design regime. Moving them to the 2550 rpms does not help very much. Of course in winter maps you can play a little bit more and go for that 80%, maybe less if you have been a while at some conservative rate.
  7. On the Yaks?? 50% both and stop worrying?? We must be flying different sims. I only get overcooling with the P-40. All Klimovs (Lagg, Yaks, Pe2s) do get overheat pretty quickly and sometimes even with all rads at 100%.
  8. I don't think it's relevant for the yaks since for the actual FM it's useless to have the radiator less than 100% except for emergency purposes. Well, TBH sometimes you can put it to 80% in winter if you're brave enough
  9. OMG!! Thank you so very very much!! I promise I'll try to bag some huns with it Thanks mr. Bullets! Edit: It has arrived to my hangar, I'm going to polish it a bit until it is released in-game.😄😄
  10. Happy birthday mate! Here's your hurrinception, I drew two hurricanes, none of them british 😁 BTW, drawn with the trackpad *facepalm*
  11. Almost every Republican pilot memories mentions that. Go check the 4ª escuadrilla de Moscas leaded by Antonio Arias, they were called "los del chupete" because of the supplimentary oxygen system which went straight into their mouths. Or you can read any book or webpage that has information about the I-16 in spanish service. Here's a short newspaper article mentioning that, but again I'd suggest reading those memories from the pilots. You can start with Bravo ones which are the most common and easy to find. Also, here's an extract from the "polikarpov fighters in action pt2": Bear in mind that the type 10 with the M-25V (in-game we have the type 24 with the M-63) had already a top ceiling of 9.000 meters. The fact that the in-game I-16s are underperforming does not mean that they were bad planes.
  12. I-16s were already flying even at 8000m during the spanish civil war, with special equipement, to fight the early 109s.
  13. @SDV_Fin*19_ is it possible to make a donation? Большое Спасибо
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