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  1. There is an example coop mission in the coop folder, open the .list file with notepad and check the content. Then edit your PWCG coop .list file with the same structure (changing the name of course) and that sould do. AFAIK that file points to the language dependant briefings and the mission folder structure, but i ain't no ME expert. Let me take this opportunity to thank you @PatrickAWlson for your work since RoF with your campaign generator.
  2. It's because of the .list file, which is 0kb. We kinda sorted it out by manually editing the file.
  3. Los Shvak de primera generación con munición perforante no llevaban trazadoras, en efecto (Mig-3/I-16/La-5 con munición especial) 👍
  4. Or Depots, or convoys, or defenses... Anyway, I think we need to focus more on other more urgent points such as the single-side air capturing feature or the Kuban layout which is highly unbalanced for instance.
  5. The other day (about a week ago) the same was happening: we were 12 against 28 and enemy frontline airfields were active.
  6. He ditched but he did not get any combat mission. The plane he was using went into repair. He probably was coming from a +NA (+3CM) mission so as soon as he lost his plane it was replenished.
  7. Intenta forzar que el programa se ejecute con permisos de administrador.
  8. WTF??? So Tumu goes there, shoots a 109 who is firing at another VBF12 I16, and in return he gets shot? If there's anyone who always flies respecting other players (both friends and foes) it's Tumu. I think you should apologize for this message.
  9. Outstanding job, thanks for sharing
  10. http://taw-server.de/pilot_all.php?name==FSB=Man-Yac
  11. Then you have it: one side is "For the USSR" and the other goes "For the CPSU(b)"
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