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  1. Muy buenas todas las recomendaciones Yren. Como veo que te gustan las frontwomen a ver si te gustan estos grupos: Jinjer: Cripper:
  2. A great loss for the comunity, his art was among the finest. Condolences to his family and friends.
  3. Muy bueno, y los otros tutoriales de tu canal también. Gracias por compartir
  4. Nice vid and outstanding job on that skins. (although don't like that "rata" name, it was a despective name for it)
  5. Welcoming the Razorback into our squad:
  6. @ICDP I've noticed a small error in the public template regarding the right side of the fuselage in the P-47D22. I wanted to report it although it can be "easily" fixed by copying the "new ports D22" and the Anti-glare OD (if used) layers. Thanks for your work
  7. It did happen to us yesterday, like 4 out of 7 people couldn't see the rest of the squadmates right after spawning at the AF. Restarting the sim did the thing, but it's pretty worrying that this still happens today. But hey, we get player controllable AAA...
  8. We are the RED falcons. We're not the "sometimes red, sometimes blue" falcons. I understand your suggestion and it's something it won't change; in public competitions we always fly red. This does not mean that we do not fly german aircraft, we have some captured aircraft for test purposes and some NBQ suits for that occasions. Don't get me wrong, we know our enemies but we've been flying red 18 years and we'll stick to red another 18 years or more if possible. IMHO, you'd be a bad admin if you only attend complaints from one side, but ignoring someones point of view because he/she only flies one side is a completely different thing... Flying a single side does not imply bias and flying both sides does not imply neutrality, I think some of your squadmates can relate to that. That doesn't mean that one side has more advantadges than another, it means... .... ... that TAW environment is hard AF.😆 Paraphrasing some blue pilots when airfield capturing was done via bombers in the very first editions of the TAW: "b-b-but the soviet plane is much faster than the blue one!" and so airfield capturing was deleted until the Ju-52 came out, but it will be nice to have the option as C47/Li-2. Saludos
  9. The only advantadges allowed are the ones to the blue side Tumu, you should know that: paratroopers? only Blue. More A/C per pilot? only blue
  10. Compañero, volamos cualquier cosa con la que freír boches. Si hay que sacar un Tempest o un A-20, se sacan.
  11. Buenas, Actualmente creo que los Halcones Rojos somos el único escuadrón hispanohablante que vuela aliado dedicado, con predilección por la fuerza aérea soviética. Si te interesa pásate por nuestro foro si te interesa y échale un vistazo: http://www.halconesrojos.com/index.php/foro Tenemos una academia (con el parón veraniego está todo un poco patas arriba) donde podrás aprender a volar. Saludos,
  12. Todo lo referente a la HRCODWAR lo podéis encontrar en nuestra antigua cantina: http://halconesrojos.com/cantina/index.php?board=26.0 Como ha dicho Tumu, los principales responsables ya no están para estos menesteres pero dejaron todo posteado públicamente por si alguno quería tomar el relevo. Desconozco si la gente del SG1 o del E69 llegaron a desarrollar una nueva versión del motor de campaña.
  13. What a butthurt the OP is, trying to do on the forums what he cannot accomplish ingame. Posting an image to accuse a member who, BTW, doesn't sistematically chute shoot . If you knew more about him, you would realize that if you're shot will hanging on the chute it's because he knows who that pilot is.
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