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  1. Thanks muchly good sir, will test this out over coming weeks. cheers, very pleased and looking forward to spicing up the scenery in those long Moscow missions.
  2. Ah, the way it goes I suppose. will keep using it till it breaks...
  3. Been trying this out on PWCG and its fantastic, maybe missed the info but does this work for clients in mp coop servers? As the host I can see them fine.
  4. Same issue here, hoping for the fix before PWCG Rhineland map is active
  5. Looking forward to trying the new version out on the Rhineland map in a few weeks or so, been looking forward to this release a lot. Thanks Pat for all the hard work.
  6. Thanks Arrow, I understand though this is probably the best cpu we have to test it on, we have i5 3770, my i7 4770 and another with an i5 8 series... We are limited atm by hosting within the game menus, are we likely to gain better performance by using Dserver?
  7. Ok, maybe time to go look at a serious CPU upgrade... Until that time I may have to demote a squad mate to Host, pretty sure we can test an i5 8th gen. Thanks for all the replies, most helpful.
  8. Thankyou for the clarification, Tick Delay makes more sense. So the only way to fix it is by reducing aircraft numbers in the mission so the server has less work to do, lowering the tick delay as it has less to process second by second? Upgrading my HW is not going to change a damn thing? We should rename this sim to "IL2 Minor skirmishes" So much for having immersive simulations of large scale aerial battles using AI, the example mission only has 14 aircraft per side.
  9. Please explain the Tick Rate, I do not understand how this cannot be HW related? Google let me down when looking for clarification. Edited text: Tick rate Tick rate is the frequency with which the server updates the game state. This is measured in Hertz. When a server has a tick rate of 64, it means that it is capable of sending packets to clients at most 64 times per second. These packets contain updates to the game state, including things like player and object locations. The length of a tick is just its duration in milliseconds. For example, 64 tick would be 15.6ms, 20 tick would be 50ms, 10 tick 100ms, etc. Ok, so its server packets... this seems like an odd limitation for servers in IL2, unless I am missing something it seems like something that could be changed.
  10. Hello all, been experiencing a popup that states server is overloaded and plane behaviour is erratic, unsure why this is coming up as I presume it is CPU bound... as described by the below picture you can see I have plenty of room. Can anyone explain why I am experiencing this? Or is it simply horrific CPU utilization for the AI aircraft?
  11. To my knowledge there is no option to enable scambled intercept flights, PWCG is pretty powerful tool but as you mentioned there are limitations.
  12. Been looking for this info, I know its an old thread but does anyone know if using 10x Flak is possible in the Bos engine? much like PWCG Rof. This way we can use less units overall to simulate more flak over the target areas...
  13. Hello all Over the past few days a few of us have been enjoying the A-20 and learning most of the systems, what a fantastic aircraft to fly. We are interested in using the pwcg to generate more interesting missions with more diverse targets for the bombers at longer ranges and a higher levels of flak? (Just to get that real catch 22 miniseries feel to everything while approaching the target) Playing on the Kuban map we mostly have attack troops, artillery and the like. Is it possible to amend this in some way to have us target cities industrial areas or ports for instance? I have wondered about moving the "target approach" waypoint to an area we would like to bomb and cause the mission to spawn ground objects along the flight path and sort of roleplay our own mission ignoring the actual objective. Also editing the amount of aircraft in the mission to pretty much our own flight/enemy intercept flight to allow for greater numbers of ground units and enemy flak positions (though with my aging I7 4770 I don't expect miracles). I have included a map example of a generated mission below. One thing I have tried is changing parameters in advanced config so missions are at a 300,000 km range but the missions generated are pretty much the same distance, never really taking us over the front line some 60-100 ish km. It for the most part seems more like a ground attack role so far playing as bombers and would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any suggestions to help diversify this element of PWCG.
  14. Don't mind installing things to help test the coop campaigns as a pilot, liking the progress and waiting with baited breath
  15. FIXED Resolved issue by unselecting "Make available online" hosting a mission and then reselecting the checkbox, after this hosting from in-game worked like a treat.
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