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    Don't mind installing things to help test the coop campaigns as a pilot, liking the progress and waiting with baited breath
  2. FIXED Resolved issue by unselecting "Make available online" hosting a mission and then reselecting the checkbox, after this hosting from in-game worked like a treat.
  3. Hessle


    Keep up the good work Pat, your stuff is what keeps this sim alive and healthy.
  4. Hey mate Unsure about whether you can link your two accounts, contacting support will be your best bet. It is always best to stick to original purchase method, unfortunately they won't have Bodenplatte until release. Unfortunately on the website it does state that it is incompatible with Steam version, again contacting support and see what they suggest. Edit: a few words
  5. Hey all been wrestling with trying to host on my machine for a few days now. When I set up the coop server and add missions to rotation everything is working fine, every-time I click "Continue" to host the mission it reverts back to the "Cooperative/Dogfight" selection screen. Also having the same issue with ROF not being able to host either. All ports are open 28000+28100 TCP UDP, 80+443 TCP Tested on other machines and it works perfectly and unable to replicate the issue. Tested using the DServer and it has an issue when hosting the mission saying cannot connect to server. Troubleshooted everything I can find on this Guide https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=478746156 Any help would be greatly appreciated as dying to play some PWCG coop missions with some friends. Some notes: Forwarded all ports on my firewall (tried turning all AV off) Checked PortForward app to make sure all ports are open. Tried Reinstall of the game on multiple hard-drives.
  6. Nice one Pat, been a fan of your stuff for a very long time. Loving the work so far.
  7. Jason I understand your point of view but it will not change the facts. If we cant play interesting missions, whatever form they take... This game will die. *Added: On another note, instead of releasing your current campaign system, is there a reason you did not put your efforts into recreating the PWCG?
  8. I too am very interested in MP coop's, I have tried to no avail to get a campaign mission working in MP... Having tried the tricks learnt in ROF ME, I will have to give it another go.
  9. Hello everyone, I haven't been here for quite a while, just noticed the Dserver is available. Is it definitely possible to Host and play COOP's? I am playing around with converting Campaign missions to be playable with friends and squad-mates as this would actually be quite fun and immersive in this Theater Sim. ROF had some handy apps and campaign generators that allowed COOP's to be generated on the fly (PWCG and Lasers Dogfight Generator)
  10. Will send a PM, Jason is so awesome!
  11. Well done Sir, we salute you and the Unlock Hotfix Group. ~S~
  12. Thumbs Up! Just confused about one small detail... How in the world do we throw money at this? I have tried feeding notes into my BluRay drive to no avail.
  13. I too hope for good coop support.
  14. I am wondering if the QMB will have a check-box option to create Multiplayer missions?
  15. But... you have permission now... I don't understand.
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