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  1. I have a pretty good system (i7-7700K @ 5.0, GTX1080Ti w/11 Gigs VRAM, 16 Gigs 3600 RAM) and I still have a major stutter issues as I described above. I don't have this stutter problem with any other title on this rig. I don't think its just matter of insufficient hardware.
  2. I have been having stutters since a few updates ago (I don't remember exactly when it started), they are worse now though. Its hard to explain but the feel of the game is like I have a marginal FPS (say 30-35) but I actually have 100+. Its worse when I'm looking any direction except straight ahead, but it will happen then also when there is a lot going on. If I look out to the side, into a bank at the ground, there are these little "hitches" at regular intervals. When I look quickly in a new direction it there is a noticeable lag, it actual makes me a little dizzy sometimes. Another weird thing has started since yesterday, the mission will start with only 24 FPS. I have to Alt-Tab to another window then back to IL-2 to get it "unstuck". All I do any more is try to fix this issue, I haven't played a mission for enjoyment in the past few months.
  3. I'm getting constant stuttering while looking around, even when the density of the front-line activity is set low and there are only a few planes around. My FPS never drops below 100 during all this. I also noticed a stutter/pause is caused by just toggling the tags on/off with the "I" key.
  4. I'm having the same issue: i7-7700K @ 5.0, GTX1080Ti, 16 Gigs ram.
  5. I also think the idea of a method for those of us that want to donate what we can is a great idea. I'm sure there are more than a few older guys like me here that are in that part of life were that's possible. I
  6. Yeah I spoke to soon, its still there, Maybe just a bit better on my F drive. Around 100 FPS most of the time, never lower than 60. Yet stutters when there is any action. For me its like a little hitch every 2 seconds or so, just a little perceptible pause.
  7. I only play SP but I also have been having stutters since DX11 hotfix, even with frame rates around 100 FPS. I also have been messing with Steel Fury lately, I have a bunch of different installs on my machine as I play with different mod setups. I have two identical installs of the game, one on my C drive (SSD) and one on my F drive (HDD). I noticed that the one on the SSD had stutters and the same install on the HDD did not. So I copied and pasted my IL2 folder onto the HHD and gave it a try. Smooth a silk, I have no idea why. I played the same scripted missions from both installs several times tonight, SSD stutters and the HDD does not.
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