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  1. I have the same issue on wings of liberty. But i don't have a fix for that. Would be great if anyone has an idea.
  2. I jumped in yesterday for the first time. Iam from germany but ping was quite okay for that. So this is really an alternative when i want to play with gps. Thumbs up.
  3. Thanks for the update and good luck in your new job.
  4. Input lag is for me not a deal on il2. In racing games the input lag is horrible. Fly sims are absolutely okay with that short delay for me.
  5. They have radar nearby the airfields. Outside the circles are no icons.
  6. I didnt find it on the webpage to but you get a chat message when you start the engine on the server. First message shows you your number of available light and heavy aircraft. Second message gives you the number of available mods.
  7. I saw the video a few days ago. Very interesting stuff.
  8. Did anybody know where i can get a new password for the stats page? I forgot mine. I couldnt find anything on the website to give me a new one.
  9. Could be....in different planes...we wanted to make sure that you hit your record button. We get wrecked hard from VVS but anyways it was fun. I hope the ZG15 guys aren`t to angry with their escort guys.
  10. Ah dankeschön. Das probiere ich mal aus. Ich hab es nicht so mit Computern. Hehe Danke nochmals Gruß Jan
  11. Guten Morgen zusammen, Ich bin ziemlich neu im Spiel und habe mir ein Track IR 5 gekauft. Ich bastel jetzt schon einige Zeit an einem Profil herum weil mir das Standardprofil für BOS nicht gefällt. Ich habe allerdings das Problem das meine Windows Taste irgendwie nicht funktioniert. Das heisst das ich für jede Änderung im Tracker Setup das Spiel komplett beenden und danach neustarten muss. Das nervt mich ganz schön auf Dauer. Haben Sie/Ihr vielleicht einen Tipp wie ich aus dem Spiel heraus in den Desktop komme? Sorry für die doofe Frage aber ich kriege das einfach nicht hin. Gruß Jan
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