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  1. Repair is automatic - you need turn off an engine and open the hatch. And repair will start.
  2. B17/B24 would be fine ๐Ÿ™‚ Honestly - I want more Arado Ar234 โ™ฅ๏ธ
  3. Yes Albatros is ready to fly. Also S.E.5a.
  4. No, you are wrong. Schwalbe is damn capable fighter - but he is really different from prop planes, you will need some treaning with 262. I can not say more, you will see very soon. P.S. In my personal opinion it is the most beautifull plane in Great Battles, with accurate flight model and many more. Not only in Me-262a1 version, but in Me-262a2 as well.
  5. No, they will not. When they will see new Me 262 they will forgot to the Mustang. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. Even though I understand you, I do not agree. You do not take into account one of the fundamental things of development - finance. It's nice if you design a free technique, but then the question is what to pay for developers. In addition, AI units do not even reach the quality of tanks such as Tiger, KV1, Pz.IIIM and Sherman. I personally do not think it would be a benefit to the game, rather the opposite. 777 maintains a very high standard in all three products (IL2GB, CoP and FC). If they did what you were suggesting, the perception of the game series by players would be less positive, and they would call for AI units to be controlled. What would ultimately unnecessarily dampen even the limited resources available to developers.
  7. IMO im sure that Devs will finish all three sims to the end of year. They are working very hard on them and IL2 serie is better and better. When i see how small is this team, it is admirable that quality is already high in the early access phase and is higher with every patch. This does not only apply to aircraft and tanks, but also to overall physics and the formation of flight atmospheres. I do not know any other simulator where I would have so enjoyed it during the fighting, and in no other simulator did I fly alone on the maps just for pleasure. For this reason the team has a deep compliment. I personally wish Jason and the team to fulfill their dream and cover the whole of WW2 as before the BoS release, Jason said in an interview. Meanwhile, they've got a great deal to do. I also think they managed to create a great community. In fact, I look forward to the next aircraft and tanks, and I am more and more impatiently awaiting the announcement of the next series scenario.
  8. I lost speech... Well done ๐Ÿ‘
  9. Fully understanding to you. In my personal opinion would be great if Devteam make in future IL2: Battle of France 1940. This area of warfare is very interesting and very important becouse it means a breakthrough in the conduct of aerial combat - side by side with modern machines like Spitfire, Bf-109, D. 520 fought planes with biplane philosophy like Fiat CR. 42 Falco, Gloster Gladiator and others. The battle for France has never been officially processed before, despite of enormous possibilities. For example planes. Allied defended France and countries of Benelux with Morane Saulnier MS. 406, Curtiss H75, Dewoitine D. 520, Bloch MB. 152, Cauldron CR. 714, Hawker Hurricane Mk. I, Spitfire Mk. I, Baulton-Paul Defiant, Fokker D. XXI, Gloster Gladiator, and many other types from divebombers (Blackburn Skua, Nieuport...) to medium bombers (Wellington, Leo, tec etc etc). And what planes for Axis? The same possibilities - Bf-109C, Bf-109D, Bf-109E-1, Bf-109E-3, Bf109E-4, Bf-110C, Fiat G. 50, Macchi Mc200, Fiat Cr. 42, JU-87B, Do-17, Ju-88A-1, He-111, S. M. 79 and many others. This types I wrote from memory only. As I wrote above, this area have big possibilities. Maybe we will have one time this battlefields. This area offers enormous possibilities and, moreover, would also be useful for disembarking at Dieppe (1942) and Normandy (1944).
  10. Cassi nepochlebuj ๐Ÿ˜ Ale inak skvelรฝ guncam. ๐Ÿ‘
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