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  1. Thanks for info. Let me note that the Me210 was not as tragedy as it is usually written, and Hungarian pilots liked to fly the Me210 (and successfully). Whether it concerns the Me410, I don't think it was primarily intended for fighter combat against fighters, but for combat with bombers, namely four-engine. As far as I know, they did well in this task both during the day and at night. The fact is that at that time, the Allies already had a large air superiority - but even they do not claim that the Me410 was an easy target, quite the contrary. Another thing that disadvantaged the Me410 was fa
  2. Early version with car door have the WarThunder. But WT is not simulator - it's arcade with very few elements of the simulation.
  3. Honestly - I will very happy if Jason's team will create an Mediterranean battlefield. Not only Malta - but Sicily and main Italy peninsula as well. Yeah in this area are beautiful planes from both sides - for example MC. 200, MC. 205, Cr.42, Fiats, Reggiane, Bredas, S.M.... etc. From other side - A36 Apache, P-40s, P-38F-G, P-47C, Seahurricane, Seafire, Gladiator, Swordfishes, D. 520... Oh yeah... Sorry for offtopic. P. S. I will in extasy when we will have - maybe, one time in far future - Battle of France 1940. 2nd sorry fot offtopic.
  4. Jesus Mary Joseph ... Me-410 and Arado ... I just passed out
  5. Yeah you was not alone sir. I was young and beautiful when i was flying over this map. I'm just beautiful now only.
  6. Wow... WOW!!! ... what can I say more? Well done!
  7. Sorry i was reading your post just now. Ofcourse you can upload this skins. Well done
  8. I dare to disagree - in the book by E. Mombeek about JG1 there are photos with the engine cover, which was not black and white but red or yellow-black. I don't remember exactly, but I remember that photo very well. EDIT: Sevenless was faster like me ☺️
  9. Unfortunately the Devs time before said that Typhoon with car door will not.
  10. Its ok - Chuck is immortal. Only Chuck Norris can fix a tank defect. 😁 ...aaaaand
  11. Well, such a Junkers J. 1 would also be nice 🤗
  12. Boys - I couldn't wish for a nicer Christmas present! PREORDERED OF COURSE! ...and FC3 and potentionaly FC4?
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