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  1. I'd rather see the entire Mediterranean battlefield 😉
  2. I basically agree. It would be nice to put the pilot in the cockpit as an option.
  3. Nightwitches! I just fell in love💕
  4. In France maybe? 🙂 For example in the museum L´Air et de L´Espace as first? 😉
  5. If will not PTO (I fully understand the reasons given in the podcast) it would be nice for the next part of the Great Battles to be the Battle of France
  6. Well, after the podcast... My hope to the new Pacific theatre ♥️, FC 2 ♥️♥️♥️ and maybe new TC for Normandy is still alive. And if we will have B25, B26 and C47 for players... Mmmm it will be the Nirvana. Ofcourse we need to wait - and I will wait. Only two my cents - for me is not very important if will the Midway (or PTO in general) in the same engine like fantastic Great Battle series or modified or new. Im damn sure that the quality of the Pacific will be excellent like in IL2:GB series. Well im waiting - and i will wait.
  7. I using MSAA + maximum AA together. Works without problems. Have 1080Ti.
  8. Yes plus - minus. Damage decals will improve later.
  9. New features have not any hit on game performance. IL2 is running very smoothly 😉
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