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  1. New features have not any hit on game performance. IL2 is running very smoothly πŸ˜‰
  2. Im bloody sure that answer is Yes.
  3. Wellington bomber yet as well and we can do battle of western Europe 1941 - 1945 😁
  4. I'm sure that later we'll have the Ju188 as CP. I'm really nosy to Typhoon - will version with car door as well? Anyway I like planeset and choice of the map - we can do battles over the Canal from 1941. Really good choice.
  5. Normandy... Normandy? NORMANDY!!! HELL YEAH!!!!! Preordered of course 😍
  6. Absolutely agree - Battle of Italian peninsula would be perfect for ETO (Sicily + Malta included). Not only German and beautiful Italian planes, but many interesting allied planes as well - Apache, P47C, Cobras, P40s, P38E-G and of course two engines planes. Well, Battle of Mediterranean would be perfect choice.
  7. Nothing is wrong. Use keys to correct position of head - del, ins, page up, page down etc. Save that by F10 key.
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