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  1. Great thread, I am just riding around admiring the manifold pressure gauge. Got to remind myself to look out the window for Bf109s ! I have a lot to learn about how to use this new manual turbo mechanism. Thanks for the manual pages. I would never have used the interlinked throttle and turbo lever if I hadn't read it in the manual to do that. I thought it was just a game thing... I was fighting the AI at high alt and there was a Bf109 on my six so I revved up the turbo for a short time to dangerous levels (25K rpm) and it seemed the boost went even higher and that big 10 000 pound plane climbed away from a controlling bf109 ! Wow quite a sight. I think I love this thing. I had no idea we would get to control the turbo manually and be able to push it harder in moments of danger at risk of breaking the engine. These time limits are strange though. I would have thought the WEP engine time limits were usually due to overheating. But the timer just breaks the engine even if it is not overheating. Wiki page on WEP says: "Like other boost techniques, MW 50 was restricted by capacity and engine temperatures and could only be used for a limited time" It's a shame all our engines break on a time limit instead of overheating... kinda gamey and unnecessary, if they just made over heating the limitation and we were looking at our temp gauges instead of our technochat time warning... Oh well.
  2. Wow this server is the new high water mark for me. You have extended the limits of awesome with this. Thank you for your efforts. The server is down now apparently... I get an error message saying "unable to write file" or something like that. PS I join whichever team has the least players. Is that frowned upon? I just play to the best of my ability whichever side I am on.
  3. Yak 7b is like an ugly girlfriend who is the best sex you ever had! I wasn't even interested in flying it but the campaign for Yak1b included Yak7b in your squadron and boy was I surprised to fly it. Straight away the feeling from the controls through my FFB stick were VERY light. Much lighter than the Yak1b feels. Especially light in elevator. I love how ugly it is and how it was discovered by accident that it is superior to the combat yaks it was designed to train pilots for. I was earlier flying P39 practice Quick battle ... starting with my flight of 4 P39 with an altitude advantage and practicing diving on 8 German fighters. 4 bf109 and 4 FW109. P39 is a little tricky in a high speed dive . After a dozen attempts I had not very much success. I thought I would try one more time but reverse the situation. I was now in a flight of 4 Yak7b and 8 Ace German fighter planes diving on us. We shot them all down with ease. I now agree that the Yak 7b is actually the BEST Russian fighter we have when flying defensively at low altitude.
  4. I love the A-20. The first time I flew it was on a cold winter map and my flight accelerated at tree tops to top speed with full internal loadout of 1600kg... I couldn't believe it was indicating 300 m/h. I was blinking and wondering did the Russian convert this plane to metric? ...No we were doing 500 km/h with a full internal bomb load at tree tops .. wow ! That's impressive.
  5. Hi I just found this server a couple of days ago. Great Server ! I get very bored of very quickly of Wings of Liberty and TAW is not running so now I found this I am very happy. The instructions seem to say that loadouts are unrestricted but I can't put any bombs ona stuka at all. Is this right? I can put 4x 250 kg bombs on a Ju 88 or 16x 50 kg bombs on a He 111 but no bombs on a stuka?! I am actually happy that the giant bombs are restricted and prefer servers to have typical historical loadouts . I imagine Stuka would typically carry a 250kg and 50kgs on the wings ? How can I load this ? Can I load this?
  6. I'm still getting 60 fps but terrible stuttering. unplayable offline or on. Tried lowering resolution and settings but it makes no difference. At first I thought it was the return of the FFB plus trackIR stutter problem but when I turned off FFB it made no difference. Boy am I disappointed right now. I5 3.7 gighz 16 gig ram GTX 770 8gig It was running solid 60 fps with no stutter before in highest settings.
  7. The server went down a few hours ago and I had to leave server because finish flight was not available. I just tried to join again and I can't join. I see that on the TAW website it still says I am connected. Obviously I am not still connected. Hopefully it will disconnect me when the mpa rolls and then I can join again. DirtyRotnFlieger
  8. I'm just updating to 2.009 and while I wait for he DL I thought I would check this thread to see if the Stutter issue was solved... I guess not yet but it is good to see Jason's reply.Thanks . I wish I could fly. Been months, and my fly buddies need me to clear their sixes Hope a fix can be found . Good luck.
  9. Downloading he update and disappointed to see this bug is still not fixed. The smoothing is no solution. It just add a huge delay so I turn my head and then nothing happens for a second and then it moves. It is nothing to do with supersampling or any graphic settings. I get 60fps steady and stutter. The stutter goes away completely if I turn off FFB or track IR... Ill try the camera but i don't expect it to fix the problem because the problem is Trackir and FFB combined Thanks for the suggestion. Game is still unplayable for me.
  10. Thought some of you would like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sRoer4gMVc
  11. This is great news. I play both CLOD and BOS/M and enjoy them both. I've brought in quite a few new players to both too. I couldn't believe it when my friend told me about this news. I had to read Jasons post myself. I agree with what he says. Goodwill and collaboration is a better option than stubbornness and bitter rivalry. Congrats to everyone involved. As long as the theatres and plane sets are different then both series will have something to offer and both have different strengths and weaknesses. I think anyone with an open mind and a love of combat flight sims would fly both and be richer for it. Merry Christmas
  12. Plus 1 Stutters terribly at 60fps with both Track IR and FFB enabled. With the new patch and DX11 I turn off FFB and stutters are gone. Track IR 5 and MSFFB2. Tried putting camera smoothing to 100% and it does improve the stutter but replaces it with input lag for track IR. Head turns a moment after track IR . Makes my head movements feel sloppy and delayed. Game is unplayable
  13. I have noticed stuttering before the last patch . I getting 60 fps but still see stuttering when I turn my head with trackIR. I turned up the smoothing in the camera options but it doesn't get rid of all of it and causes slight delay in tracking also. I turned off FFB and the stuttering is completely gone but I I can play other sims with working trackIR and FFB. Track IR and FFB are THE best things about flight sim IMHO.
  14. I've been enjoying the challenge of flying the P40 online. It has the highest dive speed in the game at 860km/h. So a bf109 who expects to dive away from a Lagg or Yak turns around at the end of the dive and sees my P40 right there on his tail... Thats been my experience. So far on this round of TAW I have flown a dozen P40 sortes and got 6 air kills for no loses. It dives good. So I just take the time to climb to 20K ft over friendly airfield and then set off looking for enemy to dive on. One or two zoom and boom passes and then dive away into the clouds and extend away to friendly airspace to climb again. Just like the histories describe this plane was used... The sustained turn isn't that bad. A bf109 will get around on you if he is prepared to give up all his speed and risk my wingman diving on him now he is slow and low. A pair of P40 flown well can be very successful. You guys might be doing it wrong The engine limitations are another problem and the german planes suffer from the same. In real life the engine would not break 10 seconds after exceeding the 5min limit but would have a lower service life so pilots didn't run their engines maxed out. BUt how to get a PC gamer to worry about engine service life that doesn't exist in game? Unless we were given one plane of each type and flew it over and over each and each missions wear and tear carried over to the next. Then we might have an incentive to go easier on our engine so it doesn't break tomorrow. At first these design decisions annoyed me but now I play online, I find that everybody wants to fly to best planes and as I join the team with less players I am always outnumbered on Russian side. 20 bf109 against half a dozen of us flying laggs and yak and P40... I can only imagine how much more annoying it would be to fly Russian side if the Bf109F4 was able to run at 1.4 ata till fuel ran out.... It would kill multiplayer if german engines were not limited. The devs can never admit balancing the multiplayer like this for obvious reasons... I love multiplayer and I havn't got a better idea so .... play on.
  15. WooHoo ! the server is running the the new TAW campaign. I'm still kinda new to this TAW campaign thing and I still unsure how it works. I notice that I got a few kills last night in game and they were on the scoreboard but when I checked the TAW stats pages they didn't count and 1 of them I shot down a bf109E7 flown by a human but it said I killed a bot and anyway I didn't get a kill on TAW for the other humans I shot down? I'm not complaining, just trying to understand the rules. Maybe nobody gets shared kills? I don't know. They show up in the mission log but not in the stats . Can somebody explain or point to a page that does please ?
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